Kony 2012, Harry Potter Teaches Social Justice Lessons, and Top 10 Stories to Read on Your Lunch Break

From Harry Potter to KONY 2012, here are the top 10 stories from across the web that you should be reading on your lunch break: 

(1) Mitt Romney may have won six out of ten primary contests last night, but Rick Santorum had a Super Tuesday of his own. According to David Gregory on NBC's "Meet the Press," "Make no mistake, Rick Santorum had a SUPER Tuesday night. ... If you look in to the exit poll here, you see that Mitt Romney did not expand his coalition of support, whether it's lower-income voters, whether it's evangelical voters, extremely conservative voters, tea party voters. ... Santorum has every reason to keep going ... There's a lot for Mitt Romney to be concerned about."

(2) But, Washington Post's Karen Tumulty suggests the opposite, that Romney's rivals have scant hope of closing the delegate gap. "Though Mitt Romney’s opponents continue to insist there is a road to the Republican presidential nomination for them after the Super Tuesday contests, the arithmetic suggests otherwise." She says it is almost impossible for Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich to get the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination.

(3) Apple will unveil the iPad 3 at 1:00PM today, rumored to be called the "iPad HD." Rumors have been flying around about what the tablet will look like, and The Atlantic has a great summary here: 


(4) What can Harry Potter teach us about social justiceAlbus Dumbledore, the headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have cultivated an independent and powerful youth community. Dumbledore served as a role model for millions of millennials in the real world, and his influence is now becoming clear as youth movements like Gay-Straight Alliances storm plazas and demand justice. Dumbledore is an exemplar of social justice leadership.

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(5) Kony 2012a film produced by the charity Invisible Children raising awareness about the child soldiers of Uganda, has taken over the internet. Since it was released on YouTube on March 5th, it's been viewed several million times. But the charity and video has not come without detractors. See the summary of criticisms here.

(6) Dennis Kucinich, one of the most liberal members of Congress, suffered a primary defeat last night against Rep. Marcy Kaptur in a landslide. A redistricting fight forced the Ohio Democrats into a fierce primary fight. Kaptur is the longest-serving woman in Congress. The fight between Kucinich and Kaptur is the first of a dozen contests that will match House incumbents against each other due to redistricting in states that include Illinois, Missouri and Arizona. It is unclear what's next for Kucinich. He has spoken of possibly moving to Washington state to run in a Democratic-leaning district. 

(7) Iran will be holding a national election this weekend, and all signs indicate that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is on his way out. The Atlantic reports: "As increasingly crippling sanctions and the threat of an Israeli or U.S. military strike lead the Iranian regime to dig in, Tehran's leaders appear more paranoid, more entrenched, and less willing to tolerate dissent than ever. This means locking up dissidents, bloggers, and activists, but it also means winding down Iran's more democratic elements and unifying the government into something that more closely resembles a dictatorship. And it's not just Ahmadinejad who's being shut out (few analysts believe he will survive in the government beyond 2013, when his current term ends, if he even makes it that long). The entire office of the Iranian presidency could be scrapped."

(8) Why don't more men in favor of birth control speak up? In the aftermath of the Rush Limbaugh controversy, why aren't we hearing publicly from husbands who are not ready to have children they would have to support? Or from boyfriends who do not have the means to support a child? Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Laura Sessions Stepp writes, "The truth is, many men of the baby boom generation would prefer not to talk about pregnancy. Fetuses are not exactly what they chat about with the mechanic who's fixing their car." Will millennial men be any different?

(9) The Economist's must-read editorial on the U.S. and Israel relationship, entitled "Auschwitz complex." "The American-Israeli relationship now resembles the sort of crazy co-dependency one sometimes finds in doomed marriages, where the more stubborn and unstable partner drags the other into increasingly delusional and dangerous projects whose disastrous results seem only to legitimate their paranoid outlook."

(10) In case you missed it, we may be seeing a lot more of Sarah Palin in 2016. "Anything is possible."

Extra: Photo of the Day – PolicyMic's editorial team hard at work last night during Super Tuesday. Courtesy of Duncan Wolfe.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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