Is Kony 2012 a Hoax?, Solar Storm Strikes Earth, and Top 10 Must-Read Stories on Your Lunch Break

From Kony 2012 to this morning's solar strike, here are the top 10 stories you must read (and watch) on your lunch break:

(1) Mitt Romney is urging his GOP competitors to back out of the race, saying the delegate gap is too big. Romney's aides laid out the case that with six Super Tuesday states under his belt, it is now nearly impossible for anyone else to capture the nomination. “Super Tuesday dramatically reduced the likelihood that any of Governor Romney’s opponents can obtain the Republican nomination,” political director Rich Beeson wrote in a memo to reporters. “As Governor Romney’s opponents attempt to ignore the basic principles of math, the only person’s odds of winning they are increasing are President Obama’s.”

(2) Joseph Kony is not in Uganda and hasn't been for six years. "Kony 2012," posted by Invisible Children to raise awareness about the evil Lord's Risistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony has been viewed millions of times on Vimeo and YouTube. But Michael Wilkerson says the facts are a little more complicated than the video suggests. The LRA now numbers at most in the hundreds, and "it is unclear how millions of well-meaning but misinformed people are going to help deal with the more complicated reality." 

(3) The Justice Department has warned Apple and five other publishers that it is planning to sue them for colluding to raise the price of e-books. Apple declined to comment, but the Wall Street Journal reports that several of the publishers are considering entering into a settlement which could have wide-ranging repercussions for the industry, including potentially making e-books cheaper for consumers.

(4) Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry says Mitt Romney is wrong about Iran. In a Washington Post op-ed Kerry writes: "I have little interest in inserting myself .. into this presidential campaign season. But ... I feel compelled to respond to the ways that, in pursuit of the Republican nomination, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has put himself front and center in debates that have serious consequences. ... Romney seeks to create political division with an attack on the Obama administration’s Iran policy that is as inaccurate as it is aggressive."

(5) Are women people? On International Women's Day, Jessica Winter writes a stinging critique of the many recent examples of men trying to speak, control, and govern over women: "All my adult life, I’ve been pretty sure I’m a sentient, even semi-competent human being. I have a job and an apartment; I know how to read and vote; I make regular, mostly autonomous decisions about what to eat for lunch and which cat videos I will watch whilst eating my lunch. But in the past couple of months, certain powerful figures in media and politics have cracked open that certitude."

(6) See the trailer for David Guggenheim's (Academy Award winning director of "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Waiting for Superman") new Obama-Biden movie, "The Road We've Traveled." The film will be released one week from today. "How do we understand this president, and his time in office? Do we look at the day's headlines, or do we remember what we, as a country, have been through?"

(7) Earlier this morning, a large solar storm hit the earth. So far, the solar storm has caused no major damage and the FAA reports no major delays along airline routes this morning. Vanity Fair has a great list of excuses you can give from today's storm: "I’m late for work today --> I woke up on time and checked the news and saw a lot of people talking about astronomical news --> I assumed that meant it was Daylight Saving Time so I went back to bed for an hour."

Solar Storm

(8) Hack the change you wish to see in the world. As kids grow up with the Internet as a given part of their environment, more and more teenagers (under age 15) are becoming online hackers. In the U.S., the criminal justice system views all hackers as felons, regardless of their age, their mental condition, and whether or not they are criminally or politically motivated. But should we really be prosecuting hacktivists for supporting movements like the Arab Spring?

(9) TFA founder Wendy Kopp offers her take on whether teacher rankings should be made public, saying "making them public is counterproductive to helping teachers improve." She writes: "The release of the rankings ... is based on a misconception that "fixing" teachers is the solution to all that ails our education system." Making these rankings public "doesn't help teachers feel safe and respected, which is necessary if they are going to provide our kids with the positive energy and environment we all hope for."

(10) Fascinating case study of how infographics can bend the truth. Find out what happens when the Wall Street Journal and Mother Jones depict the same chart showing how much taxable income is made by Americans ranging from the rich to poor. More here.


Extra: Video of the Day – Camille and Haley Harris, a pair of homeschooled sisters from Tulsa perform an unsolicited campaign song for Rick Santorum.

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Photo Credit: NASA

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