Millennials Agree It's Time To Leave Afghanistan, Alabama And Mississippi Undecided, And Everything You Need to Know This Morning

Update From The Deep South – Today, voters in Alabama and Mississippi decide the future of the Republican presidential primaries. Latest polls show that both races are too close to call. Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich all have a chance at winning. By winning both races today, Romney could finally secure the nomination. If either Santorum or Gingrich wins, he will be able to make a compelling case to stay in the race and force the other to bow out. We’ll be following the event live all day here.

Millennials Agree – Time to leave Afghanistan. Period. Uproar is sweeping the country and the Afghanistan Parliament is calling for a local trial for the gunman. According to the NYT, the administration is considering further accelerating the pullout.

Top Stories – A Euro Perspective on American Election 2012 Folly (William Bauer)– Let’s get this straight, America. Most Europeans like President Obama. I mean, most of us Europeans seriously like President Obama.

What is the Future of Journalism?
(Selma Al-Samarrai) – Declining print revenue, expanding social media use, and the mass availability of information online is quickly proving what everyone expected — that the definition of journalism has changed.

Restricting Abortion is Un-American
 (Carmen Paun) ­– Abortion should not be a matter of debate in a country like the United States, given its image as a stalwart supporter and enforcer of human rights and democratic values in the world.

Will the Divestment Movement in Israel-Palestine Succeed?
Jeff Mendelman & Audrey Farber debate. Jeff argues that the non-violent movement is international, multicultural, and growing. Audrey counters that the movement is fatally limited by the fact the state of Israel is a non-rational actor, therefore restricting the possibilities for success.

What We’re Reading – All banks should be partnerships (The Atlantic); How Obama betrayed his ideals on Israel (Newsweek); Super–PACs account for 91% of GOP ad spending (Bloomberg).

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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