How to Celebrate Pi Day, Goldman Banker Says What We Were All Thinking, and Top Stories You Should Read Today

How it went down in the Deep South – Rick Santorum emerged with two victories last night in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries, seriously calling into question both the future of Gingrich's campaign, as well as Mitt Romney's ability to appeal to hardcore conservatives. Romney did come away with victories in Hawaii and American Samoa. The next big delegate battleground for Romney and Santorum will be Illinois. Find out how it went down in real-time in Alabama and Mississippi here.

The numbers – Mississippi -- Santorum 32.9% (93,182) ... Gingrich 31.3% (88,676) ... Romney 30.3% (85,922) ... Paul 4.4% (12,498)
Alabama -- Santorum 34.5% (212,343) ... Gingrich 29.3% (179,919) ... Romney 29.0% (178,601) ... Paul 5.0% (30,494)
Hawaii -- Romney 45.4% (4,250) ... Santorum 25.3% (2,369) ... Paul 18.3% (1,712) ... Gingrich 11% (1,034)

PolicyMic Mobile has launched! – We’re excited to announce our beta mobile site, an easy way to read, comment, and Mic on PolicyMic from your iPhone or Android anytime. The site is clean, fast, and simple allowing you to stay up to date on all the latest articles and debates from anywhere. Give us your feedback here.


Talk of the town – Goldman Sachs banker Greg Smith rattled Wall Street with a NY Times op-ed this morning lashing out against the company, explaining he is retiring because Goldman "has veered so far from the place I joined right out of college that I can no longer in good conscience say that I identify with what it stands for." The conversation is alive on PolicyMic. Pundit Ryan Gorman, himself a former Wall Streeter-turned journalism student, says Smith went out in a blaze of glory. Ali Zimmerman says the letter reveals how in our society " there is no more moral compass, [or] a sense of right and wrong, only a drive to make the most money by any means necessary. Join the debate here.

Expert – Supreme Court Will Likely Invalidate Stolen Valor Act (Mark Kogan) – With the Stolen Valor Act signed in 2006, Congress made it a crime for individuals to lie about military service, but it also made it a crime for a child to wear their parents’ t-shirt that says “I was awarded a purple heart.” The Supreme Court must strike down this Act as a violation of the First Amendment.

Top Stories – 5 Female Journalists Advancing Women in the World (Helen Brosnan) – By reporting on women's issues here and abroad, these five women have helped breakdown female stereotypes and effectively advocate for women. 


Putin, Pussy Riot, and the Future of the Russian Protest Movement (Ed Hancox) ­– The arrest of several members of a Russian feminist punk band called "Pussy Riot" places the group at the center of the anti-Putin protest movement.

Today's Fun Links – 3.14 ways you can celebrate Pi day (Washington Post); Why bother to finish books? (NY Books).


What We’re Reading – Is Romney still inevitable (Washington Post); Gingrich's devious game plan (The Daily Beast); Threats against gay Iraqis (NY Times).

Photo Credit: Mykl Roventine

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