Drudge Report Features PolicyMic, Jesus and Mohammed Hypocrisy, and What You Should Read This Morning

Highlights this week – Here are some of PolicyMic's most exciting moments this week:

(1) Cameron English's story on Red Meat got linked on RealClearScience and shared close to 100 times on Facebook and Twitter! Helen Brosnan's profile of the 5 female journalists advancing women got Tweeted by a number of notable journalists, including a senior writer for Newsweek and The Daily Beast.


(2) We launched our beta mobile site, an easy way to read, comment, and Mic on PolicyMic from your iPhone or Android anytime. The site is clean, fast, and simple, allowing you to stay up to date on all the latest articles and debates from anywhere. More here.

(3) Two of PolicyMic's Kansas and Wyoming election stories got linked on the Drudge Report, leading to the biggest weekend surge of traffic we've ever had!

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Experts – Republican Crusade Against Birth Control is an (Unconstitutional) Exercise in Denial – Earlier this week, the Republican-controlled Arizona senate judiciary committee fast-tracked a law that would make it legal for employers to examine their employee’s medical records for proof they are using birth control pills for non-contraceptive purposes. Legal expert Mark Kogan says this flies in the face of patient protections set forth in a variety of federal laws.


Top Stories – Will Millennials Vote for Barack Obama Again in November 2012 (Mike Hais and Morley Winograd) – Debate of the morning – Millennials will either come out in for Barack Obama in the same numbers as 2008, or not vote at all. Whichever alternative occurs will very likely determine whether Obama or his eventual Republican opponent is inaugurated as president on January 20, 2013.

Millennials Are Unemployed, But Remain Hopeful About Their Future (Samantha Peters) – Even though millennials have suffered disproportionately from the recession, a new study finds they are highly optimistic about their economic prospects.

How Could a Woman Support the Republican Party? (Amy Sterling Casil) – I am a single mother, a survivor of sexual assault, and I stand with Nikki Haley, Michele Bachmann, and Republican women who have dedicated their lives to public service.


What We’re Reading – Bank of America: too crooked to fail? (Rolling Stone); One rule for Jesus, another for Mohammed? (The Guardian); Obama's 2012 campaign is watching you (Politico); Santorum needs Gingrich in the race (Washington Post).

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