The NSA is No Laughing Matter, But This Video Parody to Protest Its Abuses is

Following Friday's revelations that the National Security Administration (NSA) violated our privacy "thousands of times each year" since 2008 — according to documents provided to The Washington Post by leaker Edward Snowden — Americans are left even more powerless in the face of the violation of our constitutional rights. And since the traditional media seems to be in bed with government, fed up citizens such as The Shorts Show have turned to pop culture and social media to produce creative political satire such as #NSABlurredLines, a parody of Robin Thicke's controversial summer hit "Blurred Lines." Check it out below, along with other 6 political parodies of the same song, and let me know what you think on Twitter. 

1. NSA

2. Bill Clinton

3. Mode Carousel (Gender-Reversed)

4. Hungry Girl (Body Issues)

5. Snapchat (Over Attached Girlfriend's Selfies)

6. Good Boy Version

7. Women's Rights (A Pro-Choice Parody)

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