DOJ to Investigate Trayvon Martin, Eminem/Romney Mashup, and the Top 10 Stories to Read on Your Lunch Break

Here are the top 10 stories to read and watch on your lunch break:

(1) The Justice Department has announced it will investigate the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American boy who was shot in Florida last week by a neighborhood watch captain with a handgun. Full details of the case here. In a late-night statement on Monday, the DOJ announced the Civil Rights Division will launch a "thorough and independent investigation of the facts and circumstances of the shooting." 

(2) Santorum's chance of victory in Illinois is slipping away. He has been outspent 7 to 1 by Romney in Illinois, and 21 to 1 in the Chicago media market. Romney's campaign has spent $1,117,704 million in Illinois, whereas Santorum spent only $312,150. Santorum looks like he'll only win less than a third of the 54 delegates that are at stake on Tuesday. If that's the case, New York Times' Nate Silver says: "it will take the political equivalent of the Bartman ball to cost [Romney] the nomination."

(3) Chairman of the House Budget Committee Paul Ryan announced the details of the GOP's 2013 budget this morning. The plan would: create two individual tax brackets at 10 and 25 percent; reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 to 25 percent; end the alternative minimum tax; and eliminate the most taxes on overseas profits. But is this bad politics for Republicans?

(4) Humor story of the day: GQ has revealed Romney's and Santorum's secret service code names. According to multiple campaign sources, Mitt Romney elected to call himself "Javelin." And Rick Santorum chose "Petrus." "Petrus" is a biblical allusion to St. Peter, while "Javelin" is a reference to the '60s muscle car made by American Motors Corporation, the company once run by George Romney.

(5) After Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell was arrested and hospitalized for public indecency, new video has surfaced shining further light on the incident, and on the organization. Here's a report by CNN: 

Also see this music video the organization filmed in 2006: 

(6) Women still pay more than men for the same health insurance coverage. The new health care law will prohibit gender rating starting in 2014. But, according to the New York Times, gaps persist in most states, and there is no evidence that insurers have done anything to reduce them.

(7) Stat of the day: Half a billion were de-friended on Facebook last year. The percentage of people unfriending other Facebook members rose from 56 percent in 2009 to 63 percent in 2011.  158 million people were unfriended in 2009, and more than a half a billion in 2011. Experts predict the trend will only increase in coming years, which could be a potential problem for Facebook’s business model.

(8) The March Madness stat you never hear about: college graduation rates.

(9) Video of the day: Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

(10) Here's a great profile of Idea Village, a haven for entrepreneurs trying to rebuild New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To date it's helped raise about $2.7 million in seed capital for more than 1,100 local entrepreneurs, creating more than 1,000 jobs and $83 million in annual revenue. WSJ reports.

ExtraAtlantic-community.org, the open think tank with over 7000 members, is running a policy workshop competition for students and young professionals. "Your Ideas, Your NATO" asks participants to submit their policy ideas in articles on some of the major topics that will be debated at this May's NATO Summit. They're still accepting submissions in the final category: Smart Defense. Submit your 600-800 word article before April 5 and you'll have a chance to win €500 and a trip to Berlin to present your policy ideas to decision makers at in May. More information here.

Photo Credit: bMethe

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