George Zimmerman Racial Slur, Trayvon Martin Hoodie March, and Everything You Should Read This Morning

Tuesday Election Round-up – Full results from the Illinois primary: Romney 47% (428,434 votes) ... Santorum 35% (321,079) ... Paul 9% (85,464) ...Gingrich 8% (72,942). Romney will get at least 41 of the 54 delegates from Illinois. He needs 610 more to win the GOP nomination.

Delegate estimate – Romney 534 ... Santorum 218 ... Gingrich 120 ... Paul 42
What does Romney's victory mean? See Chris Altchek's 3 takeaways. Here's my live blog from the evening.


Trending this morning – Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman called Trayvon a "Fu*king Co*n" on the initial 911 call. Listen to the absolutely chilling recording here. Belinda Moreira sets the record straight: This was not an act of self-defense. Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law must be abolished. Stats show that since "Stand Your Ground" was implemented, homicide rates have jumped from an average of 12 to 33 per year in Florida.

Hoodie March for Trayvon: details here.

Trayvon Martin

Experts – France Shooting Shows Why French Politicians Must Stop Using Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric  – How could the French shooting have happened? France expert William Bauer says the incident shines light on the impact of harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric that French politicians use to win votes.

* Also read Free Market expert Christine Harbin's article explaining why Paul Ryan is right to slash corporate taxes. Join the debate!

Top Stories – Should Porn Be Illegal? Rick Santorum Sparks Debate (Kenneth Ewell) – Justification of pornography is not as simple as an appeal to the First Amendment "freedom of expression," and if we do keep porn legal, we should consider what we are sacrificing.

6 Reasons You Should Study Abroad in College
 (Lindsay Novis) – During the spring of my junior year, I studied abroad in Tunisia, and what followed was the most enriching and intellectually stimulating semester of my life. Here's why you should do the same.

Study Abroad

Karl Rove is Wrong, President Obama is Strong on Foreign Policy (DanielSullivan) – Despite critique from Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie in the March/April Foreign Policy Magazine, President Obama has led a robust foreign policy and restored America's role as a global leader.

The Viral Video People Can't Stop Talking About – Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up? (Eminem/Romney mash-up, epic)

Fun Links From Across the Web – Vive La France (The New Yorker): “I do not need a book contract to reveal that French women are superior in all matters. If a woman is obese, we simply call her American.”

James Cameron Films Movie in the Deepest Part of the Ocean (The Daily Beast): "Director James Cameron has shot plenty of film undersea, both for Hollywood films and for documentaries. Now he’s traveling as deep as it gets, seven miles down, in hopes of being the first human to make the trip solo."

Saudi Arabia May Allow Women to Compete at Olympics (New York Times): "The Summer Olympics in London could be a watershed event for international sports as every participating nation is expected to field at least one female athlete, including three Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Brunei, that have previously sent only male competitors."

What We’re Reading – UK actor punches wife for being "too intelligent"(The F Word); Paul Ryan's dangerous budget plan (Wash Po editorial); On Kony 2012, examining the White Savior Industrial Complex (The Atlantic).

Dessert  If you made it to the end of this newsletter, then here's your extra for the morning (This will absolutely shock you).

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