Tim Tebow Reactions on Twitter, Tiger Woods Is Back, and Everything You Should Read Today

Today's Word – This week, the Supreme Court hears three days of oral arguments on the constitutionality of the individual mandate and the Affordable Care Act, President Obama's signature health care bill passed in 2010. Today, PolicyMic is hosting a prime-time legal debate featuring six legal experts across the country: Founding dean of UC Irvine law school Erwin Chemerinsky, Northwestern legal historian Stephen Presser, Cato legal expert Trevor Burrus, Demos democracy fellow Anthony Kammer, Northwestern professor and Federalist Society co-founder Steven Calabresi, and our very own Gary Patterson. Join in the fun here. Live video and audio from the Court here.


Election re-cap – Rick Santorum easily won the Louisiana Republican presidential primary on Saturday, but still trails Mitt Romney by a wide margin in the national delegate count for the party nomination. The results: Santorum 91,305 votes (49%) ... Romney 49,749 votes (26.7%) ... Gingrich 29,655 votes (15.9%) ... Paul 11,460 votes (6.1%). Full live recap here.

Experts – Mohamed Merah: Accepting the Reality of Intelligence Failures – National security and counter-terrorism expert Laura Hughes says that while French security services should be thoroughly reviewed for their handling of the threat posed by Mohamed Merah, sometimes intelligence breakdowns are inevitable.

Top Stories  What Would You Do if Your Boss Asked For Your Facebook Password? (Selma Al-Samarrai) – 95% of employers search for their applicants online during the recruiting process, and in recent years, employers have started asking applicants for their Facebook passwords. Should this be illegal?

Malnourished Models Banned From Working in Israel (Tascha Alvarez) – Israel has introduced legislation banning the use of underweight models in advertising and on the catwalk in an effort to regulate the fashion industry and its impact on eating disorders.


5 Women Who Are Leading the Republican Party (Jesse Merkel) – War on women? More like the party of women. These 5 women leaders are showing that the Republican party represents women's interests.

The Video That's Going Viral – More like the weirdest video of the day. Herman Cain released a video of a rabbit that is shot by a rifle after being launched into the air. See it here.

Millennials Special – Talk about sex to engage millennials (Politico); Millennials carry an average of 45K of debt (Business Insider).

Monday Fun – 15 best Twitter reactions to Tim Tebow's Broncos Exit (BuzzFeed); He's back, back again ... Tiger Woods' weekend comeback (The Daily Beast). 

What We're Reading – Brutal murder of Iraqi woman in California motivated by hate (Common Dreams); Larry Summers: Promoting the rebound (Washington Post); Obama gets tough on North Korea (NY Times).

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