Jet Blue Crazy Pilot Forcefully Subdued, Supreme Court Weighs in On Severability, and Everything You Should Read This Morning

Today's Word – With the media focused on Trayvon Martin, another religious and racially-motivated murder has fallen under the radar. Iraqi-born Shaima Alwali, a 32-year-old mother of five, was brutally beaten with a tire iron and was left laying in her blood in California. She was found by her daughter and a note that read: “Go back to your country, you terrorist." She was pronounced dead. But, Shaima’s death has still not been regarded as a hate crime. Muslim-American writer Nadia S.B. asks, "What land of the free if Shaima could not sit in her own home without the threat of being murdered for being a Muslim? What land of the free if Trayvon could not buy Skittles without being a suspect, and gunned to death for his skin color?" In a heart-wrenching, personal account, she writes: "As an American-Muslim, I stood alongside millions of Muslims around the world to condemn the merciless killings perpetrated by Bin Laden. And today, as an American-Muslim, I still stand with a message: Peace and justice for us, no matter what the color, religion, or creed." Shaima's death needs to be national news, please help by sharing her story here.


SCOTUS – Today, the Supreme Court will hear the third day of arguments on Obamacare. Today's argument will focus on "severability," or how much of the health care law should be struck down if the Court decides the individual mandate is unconstitutional. Yesterday, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin left the Court calling the day a "trainwreck for the Obama administration." He said it "looks like it's going to be struck down." Justice Kennedy, considered to be the important swing vote gave both sides something to be hopeful about. PolicyMic's legal expert Mark Kogan is following the Court's proceedings live, see his great re-cap here.

Poll of the day – The majority of Americans (60%) now want Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul to drop out of the Republican race.

Experts Pink Slime Still Safe, Despite Exaggerated Media Coverage – Beef Products Incorporated has announced it is suspending production of its beef amidst the pink slime controversy, but science expert Cameron English says the facts about pink slime haven't changed: Pink slime is not harmful.

Pink Slime

Top Stories Rick Santorum's Epic Meltdown: Is This His Howard Dean Moment? (Jesse Merkel) – GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum let his temper get the best of him when talking with a New York Times reporter, leading some to believe the final nail has been driven into the coffin.


There is No War on Women in the U.S. (Liz Thatcher) – In some countries around the world, women aren’t allowed to drive, vote, get a job, or walk outside unattended by a man. There is a war on women in the world, but it is not happening in the United States

Trayvon Martin and the Criminalization of African American Youth (Shanoor Seervai) – Trayvon Martin’s past school suspension is irrelevant to the case; paying any attention to it perpetuates racism and the criminalization of black youth.

Competition – GBCHealth, a coalition of companies worldwide to tackle HIV/AIDS and global public health challenges, is hosting a Conference and Awards Dinner. They are currently accepting applications for a Social Media Corps program giving you the chance to "use a variety of social media platforms to report on the conference in real time and interview some of the global health and business leaders at the conference." Find out more and apply here.

What We’re Reading – Crazy Jet Blue pilot gets subdued on flight (USA Today); Why more Americans are living alone (PBS); Health care reform is good for women (Feministing); Cost of not going to college (The Atlantic).

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