Should Ozzie Guillen Be Fired From Miami Marlins?, NOM Endorses Mitt Romney, and What You Should Read on Wednesday

From the National Marriage Organization's endorsement of Mitt Romney to Ozzie Guillen's fate with the Miami Marlins, here's what you should be reading on Wednesday:

Top Talker – A massive earthquake 8.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Indonesia earlier today. The 8.6 magnitude earthquake was followed by a second 8.3 magnitude quake. There have been no reports of damage yet, although a Thai government official reported a large wave hitting Koh Miang island, off Phang Nga. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) has released a tsunami alert across the Indian Ocean. However, experts said that today's earthquake was geologically different than 2004, which led to the fatal tsunami. Live updates from @Editorial Board here


Breaking – The National Organization for Marriage endorsed Mitt Romney this morning. ThinkProgress reports Romney has secretly given the group $10,000 to advocate for Proposition 8 in 2008 and signed on to the group's pledge to strongly oppose the advancement of LGBT equality.

Santorum's Exit – Alex Marin bids adieu to Rick Santorum with the Top 5 WFT Moments of Santorum's Presidential Run (+Video).

What the Experts Are Saying – On her new Tech Savvy column, social media guru Belinda Moreira says Facebook's purchase of Instagram is another smart move by the company to squash its competitors, but the quality of the beloved photo sharing service may tank. More here.

Top Stories Tulsa Shooting Shows Hate Crimes Against African Americans on the Rise (Tracey Bark) – According to hate crime statistics published by the FBI, crimes based on an anti-black racial bias have increased as a proportion to the number of racial hate crimes committed.

Buffett Rule Set to Fail in Senate
(Basil Halperin) – Because of gross manipulation of the rules, the Senate will soon reject a bill that would enact the Buffett rule mandating that Americans with a million dollars or more in income pay a minimum of 30% in taxes.

Are the U.S. and China Getting Closer to Cold War 2.0?
(Thomas Cuffe) – As the U.S. sends its Navy and Marines to Asia, the South China Sea may be the next flashpoint in global conflict.


America's Schools Bleach Out Minorities and Fail to Teach Multiculturalism (Felicia Reid) – In recent years, school districts have muffled the voices of marginalized groups and forbid schools from teaching America's racial and ethnic truths.

Fun Links – Everything you wanted to know about Jewish matzoh (NY Times); Americans walk less than anyone else (Washington Post); The world's quietest place (Daily Mail); UFC fighting vs. Math (Boston Globe); UCLA sends 900 fake acceptance emails (The Atlantic).


What We’re Reading – The racial Cold War is heating up (TIME); The case against gyms (GOOD); Can Obama be beaten? (The New Yorker); Who really rules the internet (TNR)? Ozzie Guillen brings big trouble to Little Havana (The Nation).


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