Corey Booker is a Baller, Ann Romney is a Rockstar Mom, and What You Should Read on Friday

Best of the Week – It's Friday, so it's time for PolicyMic's highlights of the week: 

  • Our conservative expert pundit Jesse Merkel wrote an article debunking the Obama administration's unemployment claims, which got distributed by the RNC across its entire internal listserv.
  • Ohio-based pundit James Velasquez published a record-high 5 articles this week, on everything from President Obama's "social darwinism" comment to the start of the George Zimmerman trial.
  • Jieun Baek's revealing interview offering a rare glimpse inside North Korea's secret regime was shared widely on Facebook and Twitter, including by Director of Google Ideas and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations Jared Cohen. Annie Ferrer's cultural story "David Guetta Meets Wall Street" continues to rack up Facebook shares and tweets.

Feedback – The editing team is planning several high-profile debates for next week, and we want to know: 1) What are the most important topics you would like to see debated on PolicyMic? and 2) Who should we invite to participate in these discussions? Let us know in the comments!

Going Absolutely Viral – Kristian Davis Bailey's emotional piece, "The Weight of Being Black" is blowing up on Facebook. He writes, "There have been few other times in my life when I’ve felt the gravity of what could happen to me by nature of my race and gender. Today, I feel the weight of my race." SHARE the article here.

#Baller – Newark Mayor Cory Booker is amazing. Last night, Booker saved the life of his neighbor's daughter during a fire in New Jersey. Read the details here.


Poll of the Day – A new Fox News poll shows Romney slightly ahead of President Obama 46%-44% if the election were held today. More here.

Hot Today – The Ann Romney – Hilary Rosen blowup was more popular yesterday than Justin Bieber on Twitter.

Happening Now – President Obama and Vice President Biden will release their income tax returns today and called for Mitt Romney to do the same in a statement. http://nyti.ms/J4DwSt

Top Stories – We Are All George Zimmerman (Ed Williams) – The Trayvon Martin case is merely an example of a societal epidemic. The killing of young, black men is systemic and we as a society are to blame.

No, Hilary Rosen: Ann Romney is a Rockstar Mom Who Works Every Day of Her Life (Susan Fox) – Hilary Rosen gets it wrong: good parenting is hard work for women every single day, whether mothers choose to stay home or not.

Women's Self-Esteem Should Not Hinge on Being a Size 2 (Danielle Bianculli) – Our culture's obsession with physical beauty is harmful and degrading for both men and women.

5 Reasons Why Journalism Is Not the Worst Job in the World (Rajneesh Bhandari) – According to a new study, journalism is among the ten worst jobs in the world. But, I feel that no other profession could be so exciting. Here's why.

Friday Fun – Alcohol makes you better at solving brain teasers (Medical Daily); What recruiters see when they look at your resume (Life Hacker); Corruption is responsible for 80% of your phone bill (Republic Report); Are elections too much like musical chairs? (NY Times).


What We're Reading – When a hazing goes very wrong (NY Times); Student loan debt a looming disaster (Chicago Tribune); The fate of Republicans who supported gay marriage (NY Times).


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