Karl Rove: Romney Will Lose in 2012, Gotye's Viral "Somebody That I Used to Know," and Everything You Should Read on Friday

Best of the Week – It's Friday, so it's time to highlight some of PolicyMic's biggest successes this week:

1) Our amazing pundits: Georgetown student Daniel Solomon was invited to speak at the White House alongside Samantha Power for the launch of President Obama's new Atrocities Prevention Board; Science expert Cameron English's article on diet soda and weight gain is getting reprinted in a New Zealand high school science text book; Sarah Swong's profile of an Iraqi food truck in Chicago was circulated to all staffers at the Obama campaign's HQ; Valerie Szybala was quoted as one of the leading experts on Syria (see her story here) in the Huffington Post; In addition to finishing law school this week, legal expert Mark Kogan live blogged the Arizona immigration case at the Supreme Court, which got read by some of the country's leading legal experts (including the editors at SCOTUS blog).

* Congrats to Deanna Gillen, who got hired as a producer for Cabelvision's News 12 after her investigative video reports this summer from Occupy Wall Street.

2) Belinda Moreira racked up 20 mics and blew up on Facebook for her article, 5 Things You Should NEVER Post on Facebook to Keep Your Dignity. Scott Eastman wins the Most Viewed of the Week award (152 Facebook shares and counting!) for his Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul article.


3) On a Hot Streak: Georgi Ivanov published 5 articles this week. Marko Ceperkovic published 2 in the last 24 hours, and he's working on a third piece!

Feedback – We're getting ready to redesign Pundit profile pages to make it easier to read and keep track of their latest articles, and allow our writers to customize the look and feel of their article pages. So, we want to know: What are some of your favorite blog designs? Which blogs/sites do you find visually appealing? What features would your Pundit page ideally have?

Uh, Oh Romney – Karl Rove forecasts the election for Obama v. Romney, and it’s not looking hopeful for the GOP. Rove projects Obama will win 284 electoral votes (he only needs 270 to beat Romney). He has South Carolina and Missouri as toss-ups. See the map here.

See It Live – At noon, I'll be speaking along with @Peter Tucci of The Daily Caller and @Kevin Glass of Townhall at the Cato Institute. More details and follow it live here. (If you're in DC and plan on coming, let me know on Twitter @jacobdhorowitz).

Correction – Yesterday, @Chris Altchek incorrectly labeled Arizona's SB 1070 immigration bill. We'll wait for the Court to decide the legality of the bill before rushing to judgment. Thanks to immigration attorney @Jon Feere for the feedback.

Experts – Far right candidate Marine Le Pen surprised everyone by finishing with almost 20% of the vote in the first round of French presidential elections, and now President Sarkozy is taking a tough stance on immigration to pander to her voters. European expert Natasha Malpani reminds us that despite the tough European economy, now is not the time to turn to xenophobia and segregation. "Germany elected Hitler as it struggled with hyperinflation and a humiliating defeat in the First World War. It’s time we learned from the lessons of the past." Full story here.

Top Stories – 20 Things Every Person in Their 20's Should Totally Avoid (Catherine Skroch) – Going Viral – Just a few tips to help us emerge as wise, happy, and fulfilled 30-somethings ...


Shocking Groupon Porn Tour is New Phase of War on Women
 (Adeline Lambert) – Groupon is now offering discounts for Kink.com, the world's largest producer of fetish pornography. It is reprehensible that a site like Groupon would support sexual violence against women in this way.

Norway Fights Against Mass Killer By Singing 'Children of the Rainbow' 
(Marko Ceperkovic) – The Norway gunman blamed the song "Children of the Rainbow" for brainwashing the country's youth into supporting immigration. So, more than 40,000 people gathered outside the courthouse in Oslo under soaking rain to sing to the crazed killer.

Joel Ward NHL Twitter Controversy Raises Questions About Cyber Racism 
(Sehreen Noor Ali) – The Washington Capitals star is one of only 17 black hockey players, and he's been the target of racist and wildly offensive tweets from opposing fans after scoring the game-winning goal against the Boston Bruins. What (if anything) should the NHL do about it?

For the Political Junkies – For all you 'West Wing' fans, watch the trailer of 'Knife Fight' via Tribeca Film Festival (Caution: Political intrigue, sex scandal, and dirty politics galore).

Friday Fun – This is how you climb Mt. Everest (LIVE, National Geographic); How Samuel L. Jackson became his own genre (NY Times); Chinese artist writes like an ancient Egyptian (WSJ); How in the world did Gotye's song go viral? (ABC News).

Reading to Get You Into the Weekend – A complete guide to "Hipster Racism" (Jezebel); David Brooks: Is Our Adults Learning? (NY Times); America's best cities for transit, according to Walk Score (The Atlantic).

Dessert – Political cartoon of the day. Happy Friday!!


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