Kentucky Derby to Save Horse Racing?, Facebook IPO Investor Pitch [+Video], and Everything You Should Read on Friday

Best of the Week – It's Friday, so here are the big highlights from this week: 

  • French elections expert William Bauer has been providing top-notch coverage of the presidential elections all week. He live blogged the Sarkozy vs. Hollande presidential debate and wrote six stories in advance of this weekend's election. Watch for his coverage of Sunday, when France's next president will be chosen.
  • Justin White wins Most Shared of the Week honors for his story, 29 Amazing Things You Must Do Before You Turn 30; Cameron English's insightful interview with RealClearScience editor Alex Berezow got linked on Science 2.0; and our very own editor Elena Sheppard's 8 Regrets From Real People Reflecting on Their Twenties made its way onto the frontpage of HuffPost College.
  • On behalf of the entire PolicyMic community, we wish our very best to editor Jordan Wolf, who officially leaves PolicyMic today to begin a JD/PhD program at UCLA.

Jordan's Farewell – "I came to PolicyMic in October of 2010, when it was just an idea. Since that time, PolicyMic has grown into a community of interested readers and a driven group of employees, and I've been inspired by the thoughtful voices I've encountered on the site as well as the intelligence and passion of my co-workers. The PolicyMic community is growing up, but it's still growing together. The next step for me is more school; a lot more of it. I've been offered a spot at UCLA's joint program in philosophy and law and will be pursuing a JD/PhD for roughly 7 years in LA. That's a long time, but crafting ideas is what I'm most excited to do and at this point, I have no doubt that it's also what I'm most equipped to do. On that note, please know that my interactions with everyone at PolicyMic has helped refine some of my philosophical views and and has taught me to be more collaborative and sensitive to things I would have ignored before. Thanks for that. It was an all-around pleasure."

Feedback – We're in the process of redesigning our homepage to allow us to feature more great content, and we want to hear from you: Which features about the homepage do you like the most? Which ones do you like the least? What should we consider changing or adding to make it more exciting? Tell us in the comments.

Top Talker – According to the April jobs report released today, U.S. employers added 115,000 jobs in April, fewer than economists expected, and the unemployment rate fell slightly to 8.1 percent as more people exited the workforce. Economists had expected about 165,000 new jobs to be added; April was the smallest gain in six months.

Poll of the Day – A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Mitt Romney and President Obama in a dead-tie in the all-important swing states of Florida and Ohio. In the Sunshine State, Romney has 44% support, compared to Obama's 43%. In Ohio, Obama's six-point March lead has shrunk to 44% to Romney's 42%.

* A new Reuters poll finds that Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio are the two top choices among Republican voters for VP. More here.

Video of the Day – How did Facebook raise all that money? As part of the company's road show to investors ahead of next week's IPO, Facebook released its pitch video, featuring Mark Zuckerberg and co. Watch it here.

Experts – Is fast food actually unhealthy? Does diet soda cause weight gain? Health expert Cameron English answers these questions and more with his article, 5 Healthy Eating Myths.

Top stories – The Kentucky Derby: Can the 2 Greatest Minutes in Sports Save a Dying Industry? (Carleigh Fedorka) – The Kentucky Derby has always been about big hats, pretty ponies, and mint juleps, but this years Running of the Roses will mean so much more to the multi-billion dollar horse industry.


New Facebook Organ Donor App May Lead to Illegal Organ Trafficking
 (Jacinda Chan) – Mark Zuckerberg’s dream to reduce the organ supply shortage may have come true. But, the new app could increase illegal organ donations in the process.

What We Can Learn From the Rebirth of Vinyl 
(Jon Lewis) – The reemergence of records is not just about how we listen to music. It is an example of how societies and government respond to economic change.

Modern Family or Same Old Gender Stereotypes? Strong Women on TV Are Missing
 (Anaam Butt) – It's 2012. So, how come prime-time television shows still lack successful female characters?

If You Only Listen to One Thing – Watch this full symphony orchestra play Taio Cruz' 'Dynamite' (seriously awesome): http://bit.ly/J1aaqX. (tip-off: Kevin Hsu)

Friday Fun – Shaq is graduating from college this weekend (USA Today); New etiquette for male competitive cheerleading (Slate); Bagels, toasted please (The Morning News).

What We’re Reading – 13 million Facebook users don't use privacy controls (Raw Story); Obama's not so hot date with Wall Street (NY Times); 5 myths about America's decline (Washington Post).

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