Oklahoma GOP State Convention: LIVE Ron Paul Wins Delegates

Ron Paul supporters are flocking to Norman, Oklahoma on Saturday, where they're hoping to win delegates for Paul in the state GOP convention. 

Oklahoma pledged all of their 40 delegates to Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich on Super Tuesday, when Ron Paul received less than 10% of the vote and zero delegates. But, as the state selects those individuals who will serve as delegates, Ron Paul activists are winning big. 

Paul has already received 9 of the first 15 national delegates from Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's procedures are very complicated, but in essence, here's how it works: Each congressional district is allowed to select three delegates, and Ron Paul activists won Oklahoma's district conventions (3, 4 & 5). Districts 1 and 2 selected primarily Santorum supporters. However, Ron Paul's supporters are trying to win District One by petitioning to vacate the results of that district.

After recent victories in Nevada and Maine, Ron Paul supporters are coming out in big numbers at state conventions in order to win delegates for Paul. They are hoping he may win up to 12 state conventions to support his case at the GOP convention in Tampa.

PolicyMic will be following the results of the Oklahoma convention live. For real-time updates, refresh this page.

UPDATE: Sunday 9:30 a.m. Ron Paul supports came up short in securing all of Oklahoma's national delegates on Saturday in their attempt full delegation to the national convention at a raucous state convention — hindered by fights over rules and a physical altercation between opposing delegates.

Backers of Paul booed Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a onetime 2012 GOP presidential contender, when both encouraged the approximately 1,400 delegates to support the presumed Republican Party presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

Paul supporters, who numbered about 600 and made up about 40% of the convention, used various parliamentary procedures to contest rules.

They complained the state party violated its own rules by failing to have a roll-call vote on the slate of national delegates and voted against adjourning the convention.

“Follow the rules!” they chanted.

Saturday 10:35 p.m. Rumors about Mitt Romney's supporters getting nervous with the recent developments have increased as it has been reported that a Romney supporter punched a Ron Paul one, while former presidential candidate and Romney endorser Tim Pawlenty got booed and heckled during the convention for his bragging about the supposedly presumptive nominee.  

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