'The Great Gatsby' Trailer Disappoints, FB Stock Price Poor Again, and Everything You Should Read on Wednesday

Elections 2012 Results – Mitt Romney won the two GOP primaries last night in Arkansas and Kentucky as expected, picking up 81 more delegates on his march to the 1,144 required to officially win the GOP nomination. There were two sub-plots of the night:

  • In Kentucky's 4th Congressional District, Thomas Massie defeated Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington to secure retiring GOP Rep. Geoff Davis' seat in the House. The win marks a victory for the Tea Party over the GOP establishment, as Massie had the backing of Tea Party darling Senator Rand Paul.
  • Both states also held Democratic primaries, and President Obama performed poorly in both Southern states. In Kentucky, the President only received 58% of the vote (42% voted "uncommitted"). In Arkansas, 42% of voters selected Tennessee lawyer John Wolfe over Obama.

Historic – Today, Egypt begins its historic first presidential election in its modern history. Egypt expert and pundit Mai El-Sadany is covering the vote in real-time all day, filled with Tweets, photos, multimedia, and interesting tid-bits. Follow along live.

* Congrats to Pundit Cameron English, who got linked on RealClearScience for his article, "Saturated Fat is Not Bad For Your Brain, and You've Been Lied To."

Interesting Read – Daniel Chung, a fellow passenger on the flight that brought Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng to the U.S., gives some advice to the dissident as he seeks to build a life in the U.S. Read the NY Times op-ed here

Video of the Day – 'The Great Gatsby' trailer has arrived, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kanye West's music included, but Pundit Maggie Cleary explains why it's a disappointment. Watch and respond here.

Best PolicyMic Stories – New York Legislators Propose Ban on Anonymous Online Comments (Alex Marin) – In a blow to free speech advocates, lawmakers from New York have proposed legislation that would require websites to delete anonymous comments.

Facebook Stock Price Tanking: Is the Social Media Bubble About to Burst? (Sal Bommarito) – With the disappointing debut of the Facebook IPO, many analysts are predicting that social media's days on top are numbered.

Taliban Reveal Their Human Side in a Controversial Collection of Poetry(Matty Carville) – 'Poetry of the Taliban' is a newly released collection filled with poems written by members of the Taliban. Critics of the book misunderstand the purpose of poetry.

Obama vs. the Plumber: Who Knows More About Job Creation? (Gary Patterson Jr.) – A plumber knows far more about how the economy works than Joe Biden or Barack Obama could ever hope to learn in a textbook.

For All You Nerds Out There – Grammar galore: What are the most comma mistakes? English professor Ben Yagoda tells all. (Test yourself and see if you can find the comma error in this sentence: "I went to see the movie, "Midnight in Paris" with my friend, Jesse.")

Wednesday Fun – How the paper clip was perfected (Slate); You call that innovation? (WSJ); In praise of ProPublica (The Atlantic).

Best From Across the Web – How markets crowd out morals (Boston Review); Blacks, gays, and the church: A complicated relationship (NPR); The Facebook Fallacy (Technology Review); Study: Men with stay at-home-wives are more sexist in the workplace (HBR); Would Romney be another Bill Clinton or Another George W. Bush? (NY Times).

Dessert – Some mid-week inspiration: 5 most inspiring quotes from this year's commencement speakers (Jane Lynch, Condoleezza Rice, and more!).

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