Your Idea About Reforming Education Could Be Included in a TED Talk!

If you could offer one big idea to improve education in America, what would it be?

Music educator, performer, and motivational speaker Jay Berckley is delivering a TEDx talk on reforming education. Jay will deliver his talk on November 3 at TEDx Houston, on the topic of education reform. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized speeches modeled after TED talks (see the video below for more). Jay will focus his talk on how educators can go a better job of inspiring, motivating, and sparking creativity in students. We're excited to announce that he has agreed to consider, and potentially include in his talk, the most Mic'd idea in the comments below.

First, a bit about Jay: He is a passionate educator and serves as Director of Visual and Performing Arts at The Village School in Houston. As advocate, administrator, and consultant for children, he has worked in public, non-profit, and proprietary aspects of education. Developing programs at the nexus of research and practice, Jay is a proponent of utilizing research-driven data and understanding modern neuroscience. These practices frame his work for building emotional esteem within children, while simultaneously providing a foundation for academic potential. 

Jay is also an impassioned performer. As soloist, bandleader, and composer Jay has performed at venues like the NBC Studio’s Rainbow Room, The Bowery Poetry Club, B.B. Kings, Cleopatra’s Needle, The United Nations, and Galapagos Art Space. He grew up in Detroit, which taught him to understand the growing dichotomy within urban and suburban learning environments. Moreover, studying the impact of local, state, and federal policy on educational outcomes fuels his belief that education not only needs more concerted attention and resources – it needs a paradigm shift altogether.

jayFrom TEDx Houston's site: Jay Berckley is driven to help connect all students to the right mentors and methods that will shape the decision makers of tomorrow. He will bring his experience and passion to the stage this November as he shares with us his own lessons learned and how multi-disciplinary environments can play a role in truly shaping a better future for us all.

Here's how it works: Respond to the question below and Mic the best ideas in the comments. Jay will read and respond to your comments and questions, and will potentially include the most Mic'd comments in his talk.

When thinking about education reform in America, how can schools and teachers better promote student creativity? What can schools do to improve teacher-student relationships and achieve classroom success?

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