Why is Newt Gingrich Losing in the Florida Polls?

Tomorrow is the much-anticipated Florida primary, and the latest polls suggest Mitt Romney is pulling away, now leading Gingrich by a 40% to 30% margin.

Romney's rise in the polls represents a dramatic turn of events; just two weeks ago, Newt Gingrich handed Romney a devastating defeat in the South Carolina primary by an over ten-point margin.

Just a week ago, pundits were asking whether Gingrich could defeat President Barack Obama in a general election; now, they're wondering whether the former House speaker will capitulate post-Florida.

Analysts have suggested a number of factors to explain Gingrich's marked decline in the polls. Among the most discussed are: After his defeat in S.C., Romney and his advisers have gone on a relentless attack that has been too much for Gingrich to handle; Romney outshined Gingrich in last week's GOP debates; Romney has massively outspent Gingrich and run more ads across the state; Romney has done a better job courting Latino voters; Gingrich has not dealt well with the attacks on his lobbying days at Fannie and Freddie Mac; and Gingrich only won S.C. because it has more socially conservative and Tea Party voters.

Weigh in: Which of these factors do you find most convincing? What explains Newt Gingrich's sharp fall in the polls in Florida? Can he survive if he loses big in Florida?

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