Translating Energy into Climate Legislation

Although the new conservative Congress is unlikely to pass climate change legislation, lawmakers can find common ground on an energy bill in 2011.

Why Ecuador Holds the Key to South America

The standoff between the Ecuadorian police and President Rafael Correa may have read like a political thriller, but the implications for America and U.S. business in South America are very real.

Political Discourse 2.0

Our generation has an opportunity to leverage Internet 2.0 and social media into an asset for democracy.

The North Korean Hot Potato

Should the U.S. and South Korea respond forcefully to North Korea's threats, or will diplomacy and economic incentives stave off another war on the Korean peninsula?

A Midterm November to Remember

President Obama does not face an easy road in the wake of the midterm election. As the president creates a more Republican-friendly agend, he will incur enormous opposition from both parties.

Deal or No Deal: Why Russia Cancelled Arms Shipments to Iran

The Obama administration has worked hard to "reset" the U.S.-Russia relationship. Russia's recent decision to cancel arms shipments to Iran shows that Obama's efforts are bearing fruit.

How Obama's Tax Bill Could Have Spurred Economic Growth

Tax breaks for the favored few do more harm than good for the economy.

Don't Use Polar Bears to Push Climate Change Regulation

The status of polar bears should be left as is, and not co-opted for another environmental agenda — or else the government risks doing more harm than good.

Obama, Settlements, & the Missing Leverage

President Obama was right to confront Netanyahu over Israeli settlements, but he simply did not go far enough in leveraging U.S. influence over Israel to advance his objectives.