Lower the Drinking Age to 18

In an effort to decrease DUIs and sexual assaults among young people, we should lower the drinking age and up the penalties.

How The Government Has Caused America's Obesity Problem

The federal government provides poor dietary advice, including putting a false emphasis on low-fat, calorie-restricted meals.

Compared to the Rest of the World Americans Are All the 1%

From the standpoint of the rest of the world, the 99% is actually the 14%, and they share the same advantages as the 1%. The OWS protesters could use a dose of global perspective.

Green Bay Packers Prove That Public Ownership of Organizations is Economical

The Packers, a publicly traded corporation owned and operated by their fans, stand in sharp contrast to NFL, NBA and MLB owners who have turned their franchises into elaborate slush funds.

America Tries its Best

There is no one-size-fits all solution for Middle East policy making; the U.S. government must balance multiple interests.

India's Food Security Bill Will Hurt the Poor

India's new Food Security Bill may be politically beneficial for India’s ruling party, but will prove detrimental to the country’s poor, for whom it was designed.

The Difference Between Chinese and American College Life

While societal differences in the two countries lead to distinct social pursuits, the fundamentals of college life in China and the U.S. remain the same.

Hydrofracking Poses Serious Risks to Human Health

A new EPA report proves that hydraulic fracturing contaminates groundwater, but will that revelation be enough to put the brakes on fracking?

The Natural Relationship Between Religion and Politics

Americans try to separate church and state in public, but religion can provide a foundation for morality which is necessary in politics, so perhaps the two should not be kept strictly separate.

Instead of Natural Gas Fracking, We Should Use Solar Power

Hydraulic fracturing is a dangerous, environmentally irresponsible activity that should be substituted with other energy producers like solar.

U.S. Remains The Only Superpower

What does it mean to be a superpower in the 21st century? Applying the term to describe any state other than the U.S. misses the mark completely.

From Jay-Z to Kanye West: Does Rap Music Promote Bad Values?

Rap music itself does not promote bad values; rather, mainstream rap music reflects what sells crossed with the experience of America's underprivileged.

Law School vs. Business School? Or How to Get the Best Returns on Your $150K Tuition

Deciding between law school and business school? Consider the long-term value of those degrees before turning in your applications.

The Drastically Different Economics of the NFL and European Soccer

The NFL promotes equality at the expense of building perfect teams, while European soccer creates super squads at the price of creating a dramatically unequal playing field.

Iran Hijacks U.S. Drone, a Troubling Sign of Cyber Warfare

Iran's ability to take down a U.S. drone paints a troubling picture of the American military's cyber defenses.

E-Cigarette Bans Are Absurd

E-cigarettes could save thousands of lives, and the anti-smoking lobby is standing in the way without a shred of evidence to support their cause.

The Impact of 9/11 In Britain

A decade after 9/11, the UK continues to feel the political and social effects of terrorism while sharing America's grief.

How Mandatory Voting Hurts Democracy

Mandatory voting only encourages uneducated and misinformed voters, causing more harm than good.

The Pros and Cons of Government-Funded Preschool

Before instituting universal preschool, let's take time to learn how to design a program that will lead to significant benefits for its participants.

For U.S. Policy, Torture is Never Acceptable

The use of torture to gain intelligence is an illegal and ineffective tool.

Adderall Shortage Hits America's Youth Hard ... Wait, What Are We Talking About?

Adderall use by college students looking to boost their grades is nothing more than a harmless pill that aids the under-motivated college experience.

Why Do Palestinian Deaths Outnumber Israeli Deaths?

A closer look at the death toll in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals that Israel is the target of unjustified criticism.

Ron Paul is the Real Threat to Obama in 2012

Unlike other GOP candidates, Paul's economic and foreign policy ideas make him a unique candidate and a foil to President Obama.

Iranian Drone Hacking Presents Dire Prospects for U.S. Military Influence in Middle East

As America withdraws from the Middle East, other states like Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan look set to fill the void.

Your Brand Name in Porn: .XXX and the New Internet Frontier Hides A Naked Truth

Virtually any brand can now become a pornographic site with the new .xxx domain name — and that could tarnish major organizations.

TOMS Shoes One Step Ahead in Success, One Step Behind in Aid

Despite its success and vision, TOMS falls short in fighting systemic global poverty.

Ban On Using Cell Phones While Driving Is Uncalled For

Cellphone bans don't make the road safer, but that isn't stopping the government from jumping on the banning bandwagon.

Rising Dems to Watch for in 2016

The 2016 presidential election cycle may seem distant, but the Democrats have a crop of promising, up-and-coming politicians to keep an eye on.

Because of Euro Crisis, Will Europe Be at War in 10 Years?

As the financial crisis deepens, some analysts have predicted it could cause war. But while social unrest will certainly increase, Europe lacks a "cost-benefit" equation for war.

Is There A Media Bias Against Ron Paul?

The libertarian rock star will have to ride Twitter to an upset victory in the Iowa caucuses as the traditional media continues to ignore him.

Internet Piracy is Not the Problem: It's Time To Eliminate Intellectual Property

Intellectual property harms consumers and stifles innovation, so let's get rid of it.

Is the United States Still a Global Superpower?

Has America's reign as world leader come to an end? Are we in the midst of a "new world disorder" with America on the decline?

Blame Farm Subsidies, Not Nutritionists, For America's Obesity Problem

Federal subsidies to wheat, corn, and cattle growers contribute to the obesity epidemic by facilitating overproduction. Will the next farm bill tighten our waistlines?

The Case For Defunding NASA

As the space shuttle Endeavour takes off on its final mission, we should wonder if American taxes are being put to good use. Would a privately-funded space program be more economically efficient?

Why Young People Don't Participate in Politics

The UN High-level Meeting of Youth attendees reflect on young people's disillusionment with today's political culture.

"That Government Is Best Which Governs Least"

If the role of government were truly limited to the powers enumerated in the Constitution, we would all be better off.

The Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

While Israelis struggle with how to appropriately remember the Holocaust, Palestinians struggle with how to appropriately forget it.

The Dangers of River Dams

Dams are a threat to the environment, human health, and our society.

Teenage Labor Isn't Worth the Minimum Wage

More young people would be able to get jobs if the minimum wage were reduced.

Time Banking: New Economic Model for Those Tired With Capitalism

Our current economic model simply does not work. An alternative is needed that benefits everyone, and more importantly, improves our relationships with each other and our environment.

An Argument Against Gay Marriage You’ve Never Heard Before

Queer arguments against gay marriage are often excluded from the debate, but some queer activists say marriage is a conservative institution in which they want no part.

The ACA's Downfall

Health care reform tried to extend coverage to our generation through subsidies and an expansion of Medicaid, but higher premiums and restricted access will only worsen the problem.

Obamacare vs. Romneycare

Tim Pawlenty's term, "Obamneycare," is a misnomer.

Colleges Are Safest With No Guns

While having guns may lower the death toll during a rare shooting, banning guns altogether would mean no death at all.

America's Plan In Uganda Is Hardly Humanitarian

President Obama’s decision to send 100 troops into Northern Uganda is about U.S. strategic interests; a true humanitarian intervention would look quite different.

English-Only Language Legislation Hurts America

With America constantly striving to stay at the apex of the world's globalization, it must begin to take multilingualism and foreign language education programs more seriously.

Obama's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Must Focus on Causes, Not Symptoms

The increasing availability of Obama’s improved Income Based Repayment plan is certainly a step in the right direction but it focuses on symptoms rather than addressing causes.

Ron Paul Should Be An Independent Candidate in 2012

Given his popularity and that his views don't align with traditional Republican voter, Ron Paul should enter the 2012 race as an independent.

Sharad Pawar's Slap Heard 'Round India

A slap has made headlines across India. The event seems laughably trite but could lead to severe repercussions across the country.

Mass Sale of European Battle Tanks Highlights Potential Defense Weakness

European militaries are rapidly decreasing their armored vehicle fleets, a necessary cost saving measure, but with some risks.

Parents Are Responsible, Accountable for Child Obesity

An overweight child in Ohio was put into foster care and his parents appropriately charged with neglect, since they are responsible for his food habits and well being.

Germany's Angela Merkel Should Reap More Praise For Her Leadership

Merkel hasn't had half the praise she deserves in her handling of the current EU debt crisis.

Why Ron Paul Unfortunately Can't Win the Presidency: America's Poor Elections Process

The instant-runoff voting system would immensely benefit U.S. elections, and give popular candidates like Paul a real shot.

Top Five Reasons Obama Will Win in 2012

Despite a first term that didn't live up to expectations, Obama will secure a second term.

Why Affirmative Action Is So Important

The Obama administration correctly chose to support the right of universities to incorporate race into their admissions decisions.

Why You Should Not "Support the Troops"

"Support the Troops" has become a phrase used so frequently in the American political discourse it has lost all sense of meaning.

Solving the Global Food Security Problem

The 2008 global food crisis has elevated agriculture on the international security agenda. Two recent high-level initiatives take a comprehensive approach toward food security.

Classism is Entrenched in British Student Social Clubs

Class-ridden social clubs at elite British universities give Harvard's and Yale's finals clubs a run for their money with their prejudices and social stratification.

'In God We Trust' Motto Weakens the Constitution And Religion

“In God We Trust” simultaneously corrupts the Constitution and demeans religious values.

Denzel Washington and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

All parties involved in the Israel-Palestine peace negotiations need to start seeing things with a fresh perspective. Denzel's Philadelphia performance shows us how.

Raising Taxes Won't Solve America's Debt Problem

Raising taxes couldn't even cover 2012's projected spending levels, let alone our debt. Real spending reform is what's needed.

A Royal Snub? King Abdullah and Queen Rania Not On Expected Guest List for Britain’s Royal Wedding

Why were Jordan's King Abdullah and Queen Rania not invited to the Royal Wedding?

5 Reasons Why Kenya's Invasion of Somalia is a Mistake

Five reasons why Kenya's invasion of Somalia in pursuit of Al-Shabaab could turn out to be a huge mistake.

Online Petitions: Slacktivism at its Best

While the Caylee's Law e-petition has become viral, e-petitions should not be seen as effective democratic tools, but rather civic laziness.

Get The Government Out Of Marriage

Privatization would preserve the legal advantages of marriage for those who prefer it, and wouldn't penalize those who don't.

Laws That Waste Time And Money Prosecuting Victimless Crimes

The role of law in society shouldn't be to prosecute for crimes which don't hurt a third party. Spending tax payer's money to prosecute against drugs and online gambling violates our freedoms.

Misrepresentations of Trade: The Short Changing of Services

The U.S. trade imbalance and concern over China's currency have been criticized over the past year, but national trade statistics do not take into account America's competitive services sector.

Fixing Obesity is One of America's Biggest Problems (Literally)

The growing fad of vegetarianism is a small part of having a healthier America. Increased health education and government subsidies for organic produce will help stop obesity.

Swedish Reforms Threaten the Welfare State

Due to welfare state reforms, there may be a decline of social egalitarianism in Sweden.

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice Win With Free Birth Control

Required insurance coverage of birth control without co-pays is a victory for our health care system.

America to Train Saudi Pilots in the U.S., Where's the Outrage, Conservatives?

Republicans were outraged over the proposed Islamic community center in New York, so it is hypocritical they haven't condemned a recent deal allowing Saudi Air Force pilots to train in the U.S.

Gulf Countries Must Improve Dismal Labor Conditions

Migrant workers in wealthy Gulf states are denied basic rights and must endure awful working conditions.

WSJ Columnist Peggy Noonan Pushes Myth Of a Divided America

WSJ's Noonan would have you believe that Americans are politically polarized and further apart than ever before. In reality, the culture war is nothing but a myth.

Why AIPAC is Becoming Israel’s Own Worst Enemy

AIPAC's dangerous and unprecedented "War with Iran bill" is another provocation that could set the stage for an attack on Iran, a move that could throw the region into further turmoil.

Ron Paul Gets It Right With Sensible Libertarian Foreign Policy

Most GOP candidates have shown enthusiasm for the use of torture, which is a symptom of a counterproductive and costly interventionist foreign policy.

Title IX Has Helped Women Maximize Their Potential

Title IX has made it possible for women to compete alongside men on both the playground and in academia.

Warren Buffett’s Chain E-Mail: Public Must Demand Economic Change

A now-viral interview of Buffett is making clear that if the American debt problem is to be solved, it must be done so through the demands of voters.

NATO Intervention Will Harm Syria and Region

A NATO intervention in Syria would damage NATO's credibility and lead to instability in Syria and the entire region.

Congress Got it Wrong: Pizza is Not a Vegetable

Congress was wrong to shoot down a USDA proposal that had the health of our kids in mind.

Optimism in Africa: Looking Beyond Poverty

Western media's portrayal of Africa has inaccurately and unfairly reduced the region to the single dimension of poverty.

How Art Reflects Dictatorships and Revolutions

The destruction of the art of dictators like Gaddafi and the accompanying creation of new, revolutionary art is a significant part of the process of political change.

College Football's No-Pay System Gets a Penalty Flag

The NCAA should treat college football players less like indentured servants and more like the business partners they are.

Scotland’s Independence May Be Closer than You Think

The realistic threat that Scotland may declare its independence from the UK within our lifetimes is a serious concern for the UK and her allies, and should not be taken lightly.

The Value of Space Exploration

With every discovery in astronomy, questions arise about the value and significance of space exploration. The benefits of studying the cosmos are immense, in both tangible and intangible ways.

Ontario Mega Quarry Brings Out Foodie, Environmental, and Farm Activists

A broad coalition of activists — farmers, Toronto chefs, urban locavores, and environmentalists — has mobilized against a proposed mega quarry in Ontario, Canada.

Help! I Moved to a New City: 5 Tips for Settling In and Making New Friends

Moving to a new city, particularly from somewhere you're comfortable, can be discombobulating and surprisingly difficult. Here are a few ways to make the transition easier.

2012 National Defense Authorization Act: How Cloud Computing Will Up Costs and Security Risks

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act directs the Department of Defense (DoD) to transition to cloud computing and migrate its data services to the private sector. This increases costs, delays, and security risks for the DoD.

U.S. War With Iran Seems Increasingly Likely

U.S. government officials' statements about Iran are eerily similar to the rhetoric used to built support for the Iraq War in 2003. Is military action on the horizon?

Dear PETA: Give Up Your Tasteless Ad Campaigns

PETA's latest Thanksgiving vegan scare campaign directed at children shows why the organization needs to change its campaign tactics.

Russian Democracy Protests Will Profoundly Change Country

Saturday's Russian protests in the country and around the world will transform politics in the country for decades.

Americans Elect Wins If Donald Trump Runs For President

Donald Trump recently revived rumors of a possible run for the presidency, this time as an independent candidate for the Americans Elect website. He can't win, but he's promoting a good cause.

New Mexico's Susan Martinez Among Possible GOP Vice Presidential Candidates

The strengths and weaknesses of four potential GOP candidates.

Online Dating in the Age of Discovery

Online dating sites like Nerve and How About We are signs that the Internet-at-large is in the midst of a sea change, from an era dominated by search to one that prizes discovery.

Billionaire Paul Allen and the Privatization of Space Will Take Us to the Final Frontier

If space-bound companies follow safety standards and are well-managed, then they may usher in a new wave of space exploration and innovation.

The Kindle Fire in an Age of Distraction

We probably won’t use Amazon’s popular new tablet to read more, but, in an age of distraction, there will be serious consequences if we don’t.

Is Vladimir Putin a Gay Icon? Hardly

With Putin's party set to retain power on Sunday, it is vital to accept the threat posed by this supposed "gay icon" to LGBT rights.

Occupy Wall Street’s Leaderless, Socialist Agenda

Occupy Wall Street claims to be a "leaderless" movement, but the facts reveal a socialist agenda promoted by Adbusters.

Rick Perry Religion Ad Is Tactless, But Tactically Brilliant

Perry swings far to the right in his new video, proclaiming his fight against President Obama's "war on religion."

Lowe's Pulls Ads From "All American Muslim" Reality TV Show

The controversy over "All American Muslim" raises questions about freedom of speech and religion.

As Hu Jintao Steps Down, Predictions For China in 2012

China's 2011 didn't produce too many fireworks but 2012 has the makings to compensate for this lack of dissonance.

Government Should Fund NOAA and Marine Research, Not NASA Space Research

Given that 95% of the underwater world remains unexplored and the space program has experienced little to no progress in recent years, government funding for space research should take a back sea

Lookism: Should We Ban Discrimination Based on Bad Looks?

The real battlefront for the struggle against appearance-based discrimination lies within our culture and ourselves.

Space Exploration Is Best In Hands of NASA, Not Private Sector

Virgin Galactic might make it tempting to think that space is best in the hands of private companies, but NASA is still the best option.

Celebrities and Charities Don't Always Mix

It is great publicity for a charity when a celebrity gets involved. But sometimes a celebrity can do more harm than good.

How Solar Can Change Your Life, And the World

Not only is it possible to build a carbon-free economy, it is necessary to start now while we still have some fossil fuels to work with in the interim. Here is an action plan.

The Two-Faced World of the "Cultural Tourism" Industry

In the tourism industry, the emphasis on preserving culture may help benefit a population economically, or may be a reason they are purposefully kept in poverty.

Patent Monopoly Hurts Innovation, Consumers

Mobile technology companies currently face a high level of uncertainty in the legal climate, and they are responding by increasing their demand for intellectual property protection.

To Promote Diversity, Schools Should Make Students Sit Together

Schools should enforce intermingling and cross-ethnic communication in order to channel the positive influences from diversity in America's public schools.

America: A Land of Immigrants With an Immigration Problem

Our government should not accommodate illegal immigrants, as it is a burden on tax payers and our social systems.

Privatization of Prisons is No Solution for Overcrowding

For-profit prisons are incompatible with the goals of the U.S. justice system.

The Nationalist Impact of Cricket in India

On April 2, the streets of India were overrun by celebratory crowds and a sense of Indian pride swelled because of one thing: cricket.

Can We Trust School Honor Codes to Prevent Cheating?

Honor codes are intended to teach responsibility, self-respect, and ultimately, integrity. Is placing the regulation of cheating in students' hands an effective practice?

Mirror-Imaging: The Problem of Bias

Too often, we let our own life experiences bias our analysis of a situation. This occurs in every field, but recent developments in the Middle East shine light on this problem.

Gov't Shouldn't Cut Art to Save Budgets

In budget cuts, arts programs are often the first to go, even though art education provides socio-economic well-being.

The Excessive Glorification of Steve Jobs

The Apple CEO was a great businessman, but not a hero.

Low Representation of Muslims in Indian Politics: Causes and Concerns

Although Muslims constitute a significant portion of the Indian population, their representation in politics is disproportionately low.

Congress Isn't Acting As the Founders Intended

Congress has too many rules that help avoid compromise, making it look like more like a flawed parliamentary system.

LOtR: A Philosophy of Questions

The Lord of the Rings describes a world of complex and varied political and social structures. It is up to the reader to judge their respective merits.

The Federal Reserve Should Be Abolished

The Fed should be abolished because it inflates the money supply, destroys the purchasing power of our economy, and allows the government to expand without taxing the American people.

Brazil Pres. Dilma Rousseff a Model of Leadership U.S. Politicians Should Follow

U.S. presidential candidates should take a note from the direct style and tough decision-making exemplified by Rousseff, who represents a policy of action over rhetoric.

Elections Against Democracy?

Elections are too often seen as a positive step forward to democracy, but many African examples question the idea that elections should be encouraged at any price.

London Riots Were Motivated by Poverty

New government statistics suggest the riots that hit British cities this August were driven by poverty, not "criminality."

The Five Most Important Middle East Events of 2011

2011 has been a tumultuous time for the region, and not just because of the Arab Spring.

Remember the Fourth Amendment?

The U.S. government keeps infringing on and restricting citizens' rights for the sake of "protection." It's time to step back and let the free market protect Americans' security.

U.S. Must Recognize International Law

American legislators, judges, and legal representatives must recognize the importance of respecting international treaties and international law.

Palestine Has Always Rejected A Two-State Solution

If the UN grants Palestine statehood it would be rewarding Palestine's long-time terrorist actions against Israel as well as its unwillingness to come to the bargaining table.

Payroll Tax: Yet Another Example Of Political Gridlock in 2011

Washington truly is grinding to a halt. Congress this year passed just 62 bills, the lowest number since the Congressional Record began keeping count in 1947.

The Issues of Population Growth and Environmental Security

The simple idea of resource scarcity via population growth adds a new fold to the socio-political dangers of climate change. Understanding this phenomenon helps to better manage it.