How Mandatory Voting Hurts Democracy

Mandatory voting only encourages uneducated and misinformed voters, causing more harm than good.

Why Do Palestinian Deaths Outnumber Israeli Deaths?

A closer look at the death toll in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals that Israel is the target of unjustified criticism.

"That Government Is Best Which Governs Least"

If the role of government were truly limited to the powers enumerated in the Constitution, we would all be better off.

Ron Paul Should Be An Independent Candidate in 2012

Given his popularity and that his views don't align with traditional Republican voter, Ron Paul should enter the 2012 race as an independent.

Sharad Pawar's Slap Heard 'Round India

A slap has made headlines across India. The event seems laughably trite but could lead to severe repercussions across the country.

Parents Are Responsible, Accountable for Child Obesity

An overweight child in Ohio was put into foster care and his parents appropriately charged with neglect, since they are responsible for his food habits and well being.

5 Reasons Why Kenya's Invasion of Somalia is a Mistake

Five reasons why Kenya's invasion of Somalia in pursuit of Al-Shabaab could turn out to be a huge mistake.

WSJ Columnist Peggy Noonan Pushes Myth Of a Divided America

WSJ's Noonan would have you believe that Americans are politically polarized and further apart than ever before. In reality, the culture war is nothing but a myth.

Why AIPAC is Becoming Israel’s Own Worst Enemy

AIPAC's dangerous and unprecedented "War with Iran bill" is another provocation that could set the stage for an attack on Iran, a move that could throw the region into further turmoil.

NATO Intervention Will Harm Syria and Region

A NATO intervention in Syria would damage NATO's credibility and lead to instability in Syria and the entire region.

Gulf Countries Must Improve Dismal Labor Conditions

Migrant workers in wealthy Gulf states are denied basic rights and must endure awful working conditions.

Ron Paul Gets It Right With Sensible Libertarian Foreign Policy

Most GOP candidates have shown enthusiasm for the use of torture, which is a symptom of a counterproductive and costly interventionist foreign policy.

Congress Got it Wrong: Pizza is Not a Vegetable

Congress was wrong to shoot down a USDA proposal that had the health of our kids in mind.

Dear PETA: Give Up Your Tasteless Ad Campaigns

PETA's latest Thanksgiving vegan scare campaign directed at children shows why the organization needs to change its campaign tactics.

Lookism: Should We Ban Discrimination Based on Bad Looks?

The real battlefront for the struggle against appearance-based discrimination lies within our culture and ourselves.

Space Exploration Is Best In Hands of NASA, Not Private Sector

Virgin Galactic might make it tempting to think that space is best in the hands of private companies, but NASA is still the best option.

Celebrities and Charities Don't Always Mix

It is great publicity for a charity when a celebrity gets involved. But sometimes a celebrity can do more harm than good.

Patent Monopoly Hurts Innovation, Consumers

Mobile technology companies currently face a high level of uncertainty in the legal climate, and they are responding by increasing their demand for intellectual property protection.

To Promote Diversity, Schools Should Make Students Sit Together

Schools should enforce intermingling and cross-ethnic communication in order to channel the positive influences from diversity in America's public schools.

Privatization of Prisons is No Solution for Overcrowding

For-profit prisons are incompatible with the goals of the U.S. justice system.

The Online Gender Gap: Why Don't More Women Participate in Online Forums?

Why do women contribute less often than men to public websites’ editing and comments sections?

Parents Are the Key to Success

Education reform proposals focusing on changing schools, but not on changing parents and households. Public policy must address parents' role in educational outcomes.

Due to Finning, Shark Species Face Global Extinction

Shark species face extinction worldwide, an outcome which will harm the oceanic ecosystem and the global economy.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Borrows And Spends To Secure Reelection In 2012

Despite the country's rampant crime and inflation, Chavez is likely to secure a third term by handing out Chinese-made appliances to the poor in exchange for votes.

An Individual Mandate for Collective Well-Being

Challenges to the Affordable Care Act target only nine pages out of a 906 page bill. Those nine pages are constitutional, and even if they weren't, the bill still stands without them.

The Language of War: Does Jargon Conceal the True Nature of Conflict?

Some argue that contemporary language to describe war is a form of "spin" used to hide a gruesome reality. Yet war has always involved a distinct and sometimes complex specialist vocabulary.

Kim Kardashian's Divorce: For Millennials, Weddings More Important Than Marriage

As Kim Kardashian's divorce suggests, marriage isn't what it used to be. A recent Pew poll confirms that only 30% of young people consider marriage to be important.

The ACA is Well Intentioned, but Unconstitutional

The ACA is an unprecedented use of congressional power, which the Supreme Court must find to be unconstitutional.

Geoengineering the Ozone Layer Hole: A Rising Necessity

Geoengineering the ozone layer to close depleted parts may be important in some years if depletion causes unbearable threats to man and the environment.

End Student Loans: A Case For Free Market Education

Government should end its college loans and subsidies programs, which encourage debt. Instead, a free market system where people attended more trade schools would fix education debt problems.

Ann Coulter's "Our Blacks Are Better" Shows Why She's A Hypocrite

An unapologetic Ann Coulter stirs up controversy by claiming to be on the side of "better blacks," in a hypocritical defense of Herman Cain's sex scandal.

Greece's Debt Crisis A True Tragedy

A Greek journalist reflects on the Greek debt crisis and Greek society.

Despite State Immigration Reforms, We Still Need a Federal DREAM Act

State legislatures are increasingly passing their versions of immigration reform, but these measures are not nearly as effective as a federal DREAM Act.

Would Saddam Hussein Have Survived the Arab Spring?

Should the United States have waited for the Iraqi people to rise up against their tyrant rather than invading the country?

Newt Gingrich Goes Against GOP, Favors DREAM Act

Will Newt Gingrich's support of controversial immigration policies like the Dream Act help or hurt the GOP candidate heading into the primaries?

Will America's New Hypersonic Weapon Cause a Global Arms Race?

Hypersonic weapons present a challenge to military planners and will cause a reshuffle in global strategic balances.

Despite What Herman Cain Says, Racism Still a Critical Issue in 2012

Most black voters are not willing to fall for Cain’s rhetoric that “Racism if not a thing of the past, is of marginal importance in the 21st century.”

Ohio Repeals Anti-Union Law: Why Unions Are Needed to Bridge Education Gap

A decline in education unions would make teaching a substantially less attractive profession for talented individuals.

America and Iran: Compromise, Don't Go to War

If the U.S. and its allies don't rethink their Iran strategy soon, everyone will lose.

Paterno Fired And Penn State Imploding, But Will Sports Get in The Way of Justice?

In light of Paterno's firing, questions should be raised: Has this become more about football than the victims? Do schools have a sports problem?

Obama Should Replace Biden with Cuomo or Clinton

With the presidential election nearing, Obama should consider taking on Hillary Clinton or Andrew Cuomo as a VP on his 2012 ticket.

Zuccotti Park is a Model Privately Owned Public Space

While land-use critics have scrutinized Privately-Owned Public Spaces, the Occupy Wall Street protest proves the inherent potential in these contentious real estate agreements.

Could India Help the U.S. Stabilize Afghanistan?

On November 18, Indian Prime Minister Singh and U.S. President Obama will meet to evaluate bilateral progress from this past year and discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Dear Protesters: End Occupy Wall Street Now

OWS does not represent the 99%. Protesters should turn to the political process and present real solutions to our politicians in Washington.

Why Are Today's GOP Candidates So Darn Radical?

In the past, being a conservative meant being cautious and careful. Today, the GOP has been taken over by radicals bent on cutting government to the extreme.

On Foreign Policy, Ron Paul & Jon Huntsman The Only Sane GOP Candidates

Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman were the clear winners of Saturday's GOP debate. Other GOP candidates only highlight bizarre policies.

Why Biden Is The Ideal VP for Obama 2012

Obama 2012 will be helped by Biden because he has supported the president and been a rallying voice for his progressive policies.

The Unconstitutionality of Obamacare

Obama's landmark health care law doesn't stand a chance in the conservative-leaning Supreme Court.

Zuccotti Park Crumbles: Police Raid Occupy Wall Street

Police raid OWS's New York City encampment at Zuccotti Park.

Why We Need Tax Reform

As the Super Committee meets to reduce future deficits, reforming our tax system should be a national priority.

Are EU Leaders Forcing Undemocratic Change on Italy, Greece?

With Berlusconi and Papandreou stepping down last week, Brussels has installed unelected technocrats in their place in an undemocratic move to plug the EU debt crisis.

Mitt Romney's Immoral Acceptance of Torture

Romney must take a stand against torture and prove his dedication to human rights in American foreign policy.

The GOP Attacks Net Neutrality

Net neutrality survived a GOP attack last week, as the Senate rejected a proposal to overturn FCC rules that prevent internet service providers from discriminating in favor of content partners.

Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Students, But Protesters Claim Victory

UC Davis police acted shamefully when they used tear gas on nonviolent student protesters. But, this could prove to be a galvanizing moment for the Occupy campus movement.

Cuba Needs to Focus on Human Rights More Than Economic Freedoms

Economic liberalization does not lead to civil and political freedoms as the case of Cuba proves.

What Is the Dream GOP Presidential/ Vice Presidential Ticket?

Weigh in: What is the GOP's "dream ticket" to defeat Obama in 2012?

Vote for the Libertarians

Libertarians have the best chance of getting our country back on track in the 2012 presidential election.

Obama Still Represents Hope and Change

Giving Obama a second term remains our best hope for prosperity through this young decade.

Top 10 Off-Campus Adventures For Georgetown Students

Looking for a fun weekend activity to escape Georgetown campus? Here are 10 options, and add your own.

Defunding UNESCO is America's "Least-Bad" Option

By defunding UNESCO, the United States has provided the "least-bad" response to Palestinian membership, maintaining its stance on Palestine without seriously jeopardizing the UN's vital work.

America Wrong to Target UNESCO

The U.S. acted too harshly as UNESCO granted the Palestinian Authority its first victory in the diplomatic battle for statehood.

To Reduce Partisanship, Follow England and Implement Question Time

No Labels unveils its second congressional rules reform proposal to reduce partisanship in Washington. This one calls for implementing Question Time in Washington. Join the debate!

U.S.-China Relations Will Become Strained Over Rare Earth Metals

While Congress, the president, and presidential contenders worry about the Chinese currency issue, we lose sight of a pressing matter, protectionist policies regarding rare earth metals.

Finding 21st Century Strategies for 21st Century War

The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya provide lessons for a 21st century war strategy, one built on precise strikes, multilateralism, and limited engagement.

Bank of America's Debit Card Fees Didn't Really Go Anywhere

BoA may have dropped their proposed debit card fees, but they will only find other, more hidden ways to charge customers in order to increase their bottom line.

With the Death of Crown Prince Sultan, A Less Progressive Path for Saudi Arabia

With the death of the Saudi Crown Prince, the new Crown Prince Nayef ushers in a more conservative future for Saudi Arabia.

Is Switzerland Losing Its Status As an International Tax Haven?

Amid international pressure and global efforts to crack down on tax evasion, Switzerland is being forced to reexamine the future of its age-old practice of banking privacy.

No Delays, Confirm in 90 Days

No Labels unveils its third congressional reform proposal. Here, Jonathan Miller calls for an easier path for Senate confirmation of presidential nominations. Weigh in!

How Can Obama Woo Young People in 2012?

What do you think: What should Obama be doing to motivate millennials to join his 2012 campaign?

The Multi-Functional Future of Agriculture in Africa

The Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Program conference in Ethiopia provides an opportunity to bring agriculture's multiple developmental uses to the forefront.

Vatican's Plan to Stabilize the Global Financial System Is Unrealistic

The Vatican's proposal for a new global financial system is ambitious and admirable. However, its recommendations are unrealistic at this time.

7 Billion Humans? Don't Panic Yet

As the population hits 7 billion, concerns are being raised about how to control the population and facilitate equitable and stable development.

Carl Mayer Speaks at Zuccotti Park, Says OWS Can Be Third Party

Mayer, a third party advocate, said there would one day be an "Occupy Party."

Condoleezza Rice Tell-All Book a Better Read Than Dick Cheney's Tell-Nothing Memoir

Compared to Cheney's pointless memoir, Rice's "No Higher Honor" provides a critical examination of the Bush administration and complex workings of international relations.

Turkey Flexes Its Political Muscle in the Middle East

A move towards radical Islam is not to blame for Turkey's recent bouts of aggression towards the Middle East. Rather, a reemerging imperial attitude is.

Campus Security Threatens Free Speech

More universities are censoring free speech in the name of preserving "safety" on campus. Worse, they're using the shooting tragedies at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois to justify it.

How Hactivists Can Help Fight Crime

If hacktivists want to make a serious political statement against criminal organizations, they have to target those criminal groups' sources of funding.

We Need A Fiscal State of the Union

For today's No Labels congressional reform, former Comptroller General Dave Walker offers his proposals for how to improve the country's financial literacy and the government's accountability.

Condoleezza Rice's "No Higher Honor" is the Only Credible Bush-Era Memoir

Unlike Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney's memoirs, the former Secretary of State's new book is a serious read with revealing analysis and a surprising recognition of her mistakes.

Herman Cain's Foreign Policy Problem

Cain's complete disregard for foreign policy issues should disqualify him from running for president.

Using Partisanship As a Weapon: What Obama Can Learn From Clinton, Nixon

Obama must learn from past presidents who actually exploited partisanship in order to promote their agendas.

Congress: Abandon Partisan Seating to Work Together

Co-founder of Third Way Jim Kessler writes why the House and Senate should abandon partisan seating and sit together in Congress in order to better work together. Will his proposal work?

The Case for Government

Yes it's big and bureaucratic, but the government is a net positive and the free market can't solve everything.

Why the FCC's $4.5 Billion Rural Broadband Plan is Good For America

The FCC has just released a comprehensive plan to expand America's broadband infrastructure to rural areas, a plan that should be hailed by Democrats and Republicans.

U.S. Leads From Behind At G20 Summit

Obama's recent performance at the G20 Summit in France means Europe won't be saved on American taxpayers' dime. It also means American global financial leadership is officially over.

The Hepatitis C Campaign in Harlem: Taking it to the Streets

The "big yellow C" campaign, featuring sculptured c's placed throughout NYC is part of a grassroots effort promote hepatitis C awareness.

Harvard Students Rebel: Why They Don't Have An Effective Protest

Harvard students who walked out of Greg Mankiw's Economics 10 class, while trying to make a point, only succeeded in halting dialogue about important issues.

Daylight Savings Time: Not Worth Saving

Though Daylight Savings Time has become an out-dated, unnecessary inconvenience and should no longer be practiced.

The Auschwitz Files: Why to Prosecute Lower-Level Officials

Reopening the investigation into crimes committed at Auschwitz will set important precedent into holding lower level and lower-ranking officials accountable for the war crimes they committed.

The "Model Minority" Myth: Asian Americans and Stereotyping

Popular national discourse on inequality and race has often overlooked the fastest growing race group: Asian Americans.

Maritime Disputes a Likely Source of Future Conflict

Due to increasing economic competition and climate change, a source of future conflict will be for control over the seas.

India and U.S. Must Foster Stronger Education Ties

The first ever U.S.-India Higher Education Summit underscored a significant opportunity for enhanced bilateral cooperation in education.

Philosophers Can't Guide Government

Nations should defer less to academic opinions and more to the practicality of political strategy.

Initiative 26 in Mississippi Endangers Women

The so-called "personhood" amendment on the ballot in Mississippi is endangering women's lives and their right to choose.

Social Media Is Trending In India

Social media is a "way of life"now for many tech savvy individuals in densely populated India, even as infrastructure issues linger.

Why America Won't Really Leave Iraq

America will still be heavily involved in the future of Iraq, despite a planned U.S. pullout of troops at the end of the year.

Do Herman Cain's Sex Allegations Matter?

Weigh in: Should Herman Cain's sexual harassment allegations be a major issue in the GOP primaries?

Huntsman Daughters Bring Much Needed Media Attention to Campaign

Jon Huntsman's three oldest daughters, with their parody videos and controversial tweets, are bringing a lot of attention to their father's campaign.

Prologue to 2012: Nov. 8 State Ballot Recap

A look at yesterday's state elections and initiatives, and what they could mean for 2012.

Slow Job Growth Unrelated to Government Policies

Low demand, not government policy, is to blame for slow job growth.

Herman Cain’s Political Hopes Are Over

Cain's sex scandal has ruined his family-loving, hard-working persona.

Obama Must Avoid War With Iran, Even With IAEA Warnings

The IAEA's report on Iran's nuclear capability must not be seen as definitive proof to attack Iran.

With Ohio Vote, Analyzing the Rights and Economics of Unions

We should have the freedom to unionize, but no law should hinder the government from going against unions and their platforms.

Let Iran Build Nukes To End the 32 Year Stalemate

Despite the IAEA's latest findings on Iran's nuclear program, the West should remember that Iran is a rational actor and should not overreact to the news.

Initiative 26, Dangerous Personhood Amendment, Fails in Mississippi

By a massive 130,000 vote margin, Mississippi residents rejected Initiative 26, a constitutional amendment that would have banned abortion and birth control in practice.

We Need More Smart Women Running in 2012

We not only need more women in elections, we need more qualified women running. This is the only way to fight political sexism.

The Pentagon Is Engaging in Total War

The Pentagon's tourism and its decoration of 9/11 victims shows the extent "total war" has come, causing cause for concern.

Romney Is the Best GOP Candidate

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney provides the best chance for the Republican Party to regain the White House in 2012.

Ron Paul Must Be The GOP Candidate

Given his economic and foreign policy, Texas Representative Ron Paul is the GOP's best candidate for the 2012 presidential race.

Occupy the NBA: How the Lockout is Like OWS

The actions of the NBA's owners in the lockout have mirrored those of Wall Street in the Great Recession.

The LGBT Movement Must Look Past Gay Marriage

The LGBT community needs to draw attention to issues other than gay marriage in order to take bigger steps toward equality.

Birth Control Battleground: Mississippi Rejects Controversial Personhood Initiative

Republicans must adopt a more cogent stance on individual rights and focus on the economy and other issues of national concern.

Where Should Government Invest? How About Early Education

High-quality, intensive early childhood education can return $7 to $14 on every $1 invested.

The Growth and Benefits of Libertarian Youth Activism

Students for Liberty and other student organizations around the country are helping to change public debate on libertarian issues.

Is Perry's Presidential Campaign Over?

Rick Perry's debate blunder, "Commerce, Education and the uh ... the third agency of government I would do away with ... Education, the, uh, Commerce, and ... I can't. The third one, I can't. Sorry."

GOP Debate Just a Formality: Romney Will Be The Nominee

Mitt Romney may not be the ideal candidate, but he's the only option left.

Your Inside Guide Into The Super Committee

With less than two weeks remaining for the Super Committee to come to an agreement on how to reduce the deficit, it is important for voters to understand how the committee plans to do it.

#Occupy Hits The Highway: Protestors on the Move to D.C.

OWS goes on a road trip in an effort to push the Super Committee to incorporate the demands of the OWS movement as they vote on a plan for deficit reduction.

New Google Updates Don't Mean Much For Average User

Google rolled out a fleet of changes to its products this week, but the tech giant missed a crucial element in its batch release – its clients.

An Uncertain Future for EU Humanitarian Assistance?

The EU is traditionally a generous humanitarian aid donor, but as its new diplomatic service gets up and running, aid agencies may discover an uncomfortable conflict of interests.

Helping Our Female Veterans

NWVU represents more than 1,840,380 women veterans and specializes on women veteran issues of homelessness, Military Sexual Trauma, and PTSD.