Lower the Drinking Age to 18

In an effort to decrease DUIs and sexual assaults among young people, we should lower the drinking age and up the penalties.

How The Government Has Caused America's Obesity Problem

The federal government provides poor dietary advice, including putting a false emphasis on low-fat, calorie-restricted meals.

Compared to the Rest of the World Americans Are All the 1%

From the standpoint of the rest of the world, the 99% is actually the 14%, and they share the same advantages as the 1%. The OWS protesters could use a dose of global perspective.

Green Bay Packers Prove That Public Ownership of Organizations is Economical

The Packers, a publicly traded corporation owned and operated by their fans, stand in sharp contrast to NFL, NBA and MLB owners who have turned their franchises into elaborate slush funds.

India's Food Security Bill Will Hurt the Poor

India's new Food Security Bill may be politically beneficial for India’s ruling party, but will prove detrimental to the country’s poor, for whom it was designed.

Hydrofracking Poses Serious Risks to Human Health

A new EPA report proves that hydraulic fracturing contaminates groundwater, but will that revelation be enough to put the brakes on fracking?

Instead of Natural Gas Fracking, We Should Use Solar Power

Hydraulic fracturing is a dangerous, environmentally irresponsible activity that should be substituted with other energy producers like solar.

From Jay-Z to Kanye West: Does Rap Music Promote Bad Values?

Rap music itself does not promote bad values; rather, mainstream rap music reflects what sells crossed with the experience of America's underprivileged.

Law School vs. Business School? Or How to Get the Best Returns on Your $150K Tuition

Deciding between law school and business school? Consider the long-term value of those degrees before turning in your applications.

Iran Hijacks U.S. Drone, a Troubling Sign of Cyber Warfare

Iran's ability to take down a U.S. drone paints a troubling picture of the American military's cyber defenses.

E-Cigarette Bans Are Absurd

E-cigarettes could save thousands of lives, and the anti-smoking lobby is standing in the way without a shred of evidence to support their cause.

Iranian Drone Hacking Presents Dire Prospects for U.S. Military Influence in Middle East

As America withdraws from the Middle East, other states like Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan look set to fill the void.

Ron Paul is the Real Threat to Obama in 2012

Unlike other GOP candidates, Paul's economic and foreign policy ideas make him a unique candidate and a foil to President Obama.

Your Brand Name in Porn: .XXX and the New Internet Frontier Hides A Naked Truth

Virtually any brand can now become a pornographic site with the new .xxx domain name — and that could tarnish major organizations.

TOMS Shoes One Step Ahead in Success, One Step Behind in Aid

Despite its success and vision, TOMS falls short in fighting systemic global poverty.

Ban On Using Cell Phones While Driving Is Uncalled For

Cellphone bans don't make the road safer, but that isn't stopping the government from jumping on the banning bandwagon.

Is There A Media Bias Against Ron Paul?

The libertarian rock star will have to ride Twitter to an upset victory in the Iowa caucuses as the traditional media continues to ignore him.

Internet Piracy is Not the Problem: It's Time To Eliminate Intellectual Property

Intellectual property harms consumers and stifles innovation, so let's get rid of it.

Is the United States Still a Global Superpower?

Has America's reign as world leader come to an end? Are we in the midst of a "new world disorder" with America on the decline?

Blame Farm Subsidies, Not Nutritionists, For America's Obesity Problem

Federal subsidies to wheat, corn, and cattle growers contribute to the obesity epidemic by facilitating overproduction. Will the next farm bill tighten our waistlines?

Time Banking: New Economic Model for Those Tired With Capitalism

Our current economic model simply does not work. An alternative is needed that benefits everyone, and more importantly, improves our relationships with each other and our environment.

Mass Sale of European Battle Tanks Highlights Potential Defense Weakness

European militaries are rapidly decreasing their armored vehicle fleets, a necessary cost saving measure, but with some risks.

Why Ron Paul Unfortunately Can't Win the Presidency: America's Poor Elections Process

The instant-runoff voting system would immensely benefit U.S. elections, and give popular candidates like Paul a real shot.

Germany's Angela Merkel Should Reap More Praise For Her Leadership

Merkel hasn't had half the praise she deserves in her handling of the current EU debt crisis.

Top Five Reasons Obama Will Win in 2012

Despite a first term that didn't live up to expectations, Obama will secure a second term.

Why Affirmative Action Is So Important

The Obama administration correctly chose to support the right of universities to incorporate race into their admissions decisions.

Why You Should Not "Support the Troops"

"Support the Troops" has become a phrase used so frequently in the American political discourse it has lost all sense of meaning.

'In God We Trust' Motto Weakens the Constitution And Religion

“In God We Trust” simultaneously corrupts the Constitution and demeans religious values.

Raising Taxes Won't Solve America's Debt Problem

Raising taxes couldn't even cover 2012's projected spending levels, let alone our debt. Real spending reform is what's needed.

Americans Elect Wins If Donald Trump Runs For President

Donald Trump recently revived rumors of a possible run for the presidency, this time as an independent candidate for the Americans Elect website. He can't win, but he's promoting a good cause.

The Kindle Fire in an Age of Distraction

We probably won’t use Amazon’s popular new tablet to read more, but, in an age of distraction, there will be serious consequences if we don’t.

Help! I Moved to a New City: 5 Tips for Settling In and Making New Friends

Moving to a new city, particularly from somewhere you're comfortable, can be discombobulating and surprisingly difficult. Here are a few ways to make the transition easier.

Occupy Wall Street’s Leaderless, Socialist Agenda

Occupy Wall Street claims to be a "leaderless" movement, but the facts reveal a socialist agenda promoted by Adbusters.

Is Vladimir Putin a Gay Icon? Hardly

With Putin's party set to retain power on Sunday, it is vital to accept the threat posed by this supposed "gay icon" to LGBT rights.

Ontario Mega Quarry Brings Out Foodie, Environmental, and Farm Activists

A broad coalition of activists — farmers, Toronto chefs, urban locavores, and environmentalists — has mobilized against a proposed mega quarry in Ontario, Canada.

Lowe's Pulls Ads From "All American Muslim" Reality TV Show

The controversy over "All American Muslim" raises questions about freedom of speech and religion.

Billionaire Paul Allen and the Privatization of Space Will Take Us to the Final Frontier

If space-bound companies follow safety standards and are well-managed, then they may usher in a new wave of space exploration and innovation.

Rick Perry Religion Ad Is Tactless, But Tactically Brilliant

Perry swings far to the right in his new video, proclaiming his fight against President Obama's "war on religion."

The Value of Space Exploration

With every discovery in astronomy, questions arise about the value and significance of space exploration. The benefits of studying the cosmos are immense, in both tangible and intangible ways.

Russian Democracy Protests Will Profoundly Change Country

Saturday's Russian protests in the country and around the world will transform politics in the country for decades.

Online Dating in the Age of Discovery

Online dating sites like Nerve and How About We are signs that the Internet-at-large is in the midst of a sea change, from an era dominated by search to one that prizes discovery.

2012 National Defense Authorization Act: How Cloud Computing Will Up Costs and Security Risks

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act directs the Department of Defense (DoD) to transition to cloud computing and migrate its data services to the private sector. This increases costs, delays, and security risks for the DoD.

U.S. War With Iran Seems Increasingly Likely

U.S. government officials' statements about Iran are eerily similar to the rhetoric used to built support for the Iraq War in 2003. Is military action on the horizon?

As Hu Jintao Steps Down, Predictions For China in 2012

China's 2011 didn't produce too many fireworks but 2012 has the makings to compensate for this lack of dissonance.

New Mexico's Susan Martinez Among Possible GOP Vice Presidential Candidates

The strengths and weaknesses of four potential GOP candidates.

Can We Trust School Honor Codes to Prevent Cheating?

Honor codes are intended to teach responsibility, self-respect, and ultimately, integrity. Is placing the regulation of cheating in students' hands an effective practice?

The Federal Reserve Should Be Abolished

The Fed should be abolished because it inflates the money supply, destroys the purchasing power of our economy, and allows the government to expand without taxing the American people.

Brazil Pres. Dilma Rousseff a Model of Leadership U.S. Politicians Should Follow

U.S. presidential candidates should take a note from the direct style and tough decision-making exemplified by Rousseff, who represents a policy of action over rhetoric.

Elections Against Democracy?

Elections are too often seen as a positive step forward to democracy, but many African examples question the idea that elections should be encouraged at any price.

The Five Most Important Middle East Events of 2011

2011 has been a tumultuous time for the region, and not just because of the Arab Spring.

Payroll Tax: Yet Another Example Of Political Gridlock in 2011

Washington truly is grinding to a halt. Congress this year passed just 62 bills, the lowest number since the Congressional Record began keeping count in 1947.

High Taxes In Illinois Pushing Out Businesses, Jobs, and Residents

A new report shows a mass exodus of residents out of Illinois as the state loses businesses and jobs due to its high taxes and over-controlling state government.

Why It Is Important To Understand Investment Banking

An efficient operating banking industry is beneficial to every American and business.

Russia Seeking to Flex Political Might on the World Stage

Russia is looking to increase its status and power on the world stage.

War On Christmas Based in Consumerism

Christians have nothing to fear about Christmas going away. Its added meanings of consumerism and humanism solidify the holiday in pantheon of December holidays.

The Most Important Environmental Events in 2011

Reasons for environmental hope and despair in 2011, from Japan to the White House.

Zach Wahls' Trending Iowa Gay Marriage Video Fails to Appeal to Naysayers

The number of shares on a video, while impressive, does not necessarily indicate progress for the gay movement.

French Election 2012: Americans Should Pay Attention

With French elections upcoming in 2012, now is the time for Americans to dust off their apathy and delve into French electoral politics, as it may prove highly relevant.

It's No Surprise More Teens Are Getting High, Not Drunk

That less teenagers view marijuana as a harmful drug doesn’t come as a surprise.

Ron Paul Newsletter Scandal Could Spell End For GOP Candidate's 2012 Campaign

Now with his own scandal, Ron Paul will be on the defense for the remainder of his campaign for president. As questions arise in regards to alleged racism, Paul may never recover.

Video Report: The Evolution of Occupy Wall Street

Deanna Gillen's special report from Zuccotti Park. Please feel free to ask her any questions about her experience at Occupy Wall Street for the past month.

Top 5 Twitter Accounts Worth Following

When it comes to politics, there are some key people to follow. @BarackObama, @CNN, and @Mashable round out the top five.

Iraqi Prime Minister Orders Arrest Warrant for Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi

Iraq's PM Nouri al-Maliki has issued an arrest warrant for Sunni Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, and sectarian divisions are growing more hostile than ever.

Why College Rankings Are Harmful

College rankings are over-simplistic and have a negative influence on higher education.

Problems With Over-Eating on the Holidays

American over-indulgence for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween is alarming.

Why Rocky Anderson and Other Third Party Candidates Will Fail in 2012

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson will make a run for president as a third party candidate. Too bad he will not get very far.

Collapsing Syrian Economy Will Be Downfall of Bashar al-Assad

Assad has so far been able to crush protests, but he may not be able to save Syria's collapsing economy.

The Legacy of Political Families

Political families are not a new concept to the U.S., existing because of namesake alone, they have given us the mindset of being natural politicians, as successors to their ancestral elites.

Social Media Sites Need to Focus on Security

In order for social media sites to keep growing, they must focus on making sites secure from hacking.

Explaining America's New Foreign Policy Interest in Asia

America is taking deliberate and very visible steps in Asia to keep China's power at bay.

Herman Cain Leaves GOP Race, Proves He's the Man He Claimed to Be

Cain has rightly chosen to step down and deal with the media firestorm coming down on him — it's an honorable decision.

In Defense of Snooki Polizzi and the "Jersey Shore"

MTV's Jersey Shore is an abominable show, but has many social insights and merits.

Christmas Gift Giving is Inefficient

Giving unwanted gifts drag down the economy.

Pandora Radio is Proof Millennials Are Shaping Tomorrow's Top Companies

Internet companies like Pandora have pandered to millennial consumers — and profited.

Happy Holidays Google Doodle

Happy Holidays Google Doodle is now live! Google's famous search bar is kicking off the Christmas weekend with a Doodle playing the song Jingle Bells.

Prospect For Democracy In Egypt Is Dim

The elections in Egypt are more of a distraction than a solution to the problem.

USPS Cuts Means Snail Mail is Only Getting Slower

The USPS’s financial solvency lies within the hands of Congress, but congressional action during an election year is most-likely not going to happen.

Video Wars: New Mitt Romney Ad Attacks Newt Gingrich's Integrity

The Romney campaign's latest TV spot is a direct jab at Gingrich's personal and public ethics. You can tell they're getting worried.

“Pool It or Lose It:” Europeans to Share Military Equipment

European militaries are moving slowly towards meaningful pooling and sharing of military equipment. This could radically boost Europe's military effectiveness.

In America, Corporate Interests Should Not Come First

Corporate interests now supersede the interests of the American people, it's time to re-evaluate our politics and our culture.

Stop the Tar Sands

Extracting oil from Alberta's tar sands poses a terrible risk to life and land and must be halted at all costs.

Disaster Would Strike If U.S. Cuts Pakistan Aid

If Pakistan's economic situation continues to get worse, the country will become a major security threat to the U.S.

Obama Sitting Pretty in 2012: Mitt Romney Biggest GOP Threat, Ron Paul Not So Much

While Obama's disapproval numbers are high, he still leads the top four Republican contenders.

Kim Jong Il's Death From China's Perspective

China is worried about possible security and migration concerns in the wake of the North Korean leader's death.

Ron Paul Newsletter Wrongly Painting Him As Racist

A racist Ron Paul exists only in the minds of his critics.

Democracy Failing in Congo: Joseph Kabila and Etienne Tshisekedi Both Claim Presidency

The international community needs to pay attention and respect the will of the Congolese people.

FDI in Indian Retail: Policy or Politics?

The Indian parliament is in paralysis and the government is once again facing a crisis, but this time it is an issue of politics more than policy.

UN Moment of Silence Tribute to Kim Jong Il Defies Commitment to Human Rights

Those who really deserve a moment of silence are the dictator's many victims.

Wider Plan B Ban Is Political, Not Health-Related

The recent government ban on Plan B seems to be yet another case of women's bodies being used as the battlefield for political, moral, and religious forces.

As Moscow Protests Continue, Russia in 2012 Will Integrate More With the World

In 2011, Russian trade and politics were increasingly bound up with the rest of the world, but the events of 2012 will set new trends of their own.

Taiwan Could Hold the Key to Fixing Human Rights in China

The U.S. could use its economic advantage with Taiwan to persuade it to become part of China in exchange for deeper democratic changes within the government.

Santa's Elves Start Occupy North Pole Protest

One has to wonder how Santa Claus would deal with today's regulatory and legal environment.

Newt Gingrich’s Deliberate Distortion of Israel-Palestine is Wrong and Cheap

Gingrich's recent comments about the Palestinian people show a shallow understanding of history.

As Tension Between Iran and the West Escalates, Keep Oman in Mind

As problems with Iran continue to mount, Oman looks to be one of the few remaining interlocutors for Western countries to rely on.

Will Millennials Ever Achieve the American Dream?

Faced with high debt and unemployment, millennials could be the first generation in American history that is worse off than the previous generation.

Predator Drones Wrongly Being Used To Spy On Americans

While drones should be allowed in law enforcement, drone surveillance needs to have an issued warrant instead of simply being used at the discretion of police.

Why Independent Bookstores Must Win the Fight Against

Amazon's "Price Check" stunt is the corporation's latest attack against the big box stores, but it won't snuff out the independent bookstores of America.

Parents Television Council Wrongly Attacks Howard Stern and NBC

Conservative activists are unhappy with NBC for hiring Howard Stern for America's Got Talent. But they should mind their own business.

Was 2011 the Best Year Ever For Facebook?

2011 proved to be a pivotal year in Facebook's young history. What's next for the social media giant?

In Spite of Threats, Iran Will Not Close Strait of Hormuz

Iran's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz rings hollow, as the consequences of such an action would do more damage to Iran than anyone else.

What Is the End Game For Iran? Increased Diplomacy

What does Iran want from the global community? Will they temper their hawkish rhetoric?

Why Mitt Romney's 2012 Chances Are Stellar

Perry, Cain, and now Gingrich are shielding Romney from the eroding scrutiny he'd have to endure as a lone front-runner.

To Protect Western Civilization, Iran Must Be Stopped

Now is the time to stop Iran. Not just for our own selfish interests but for the very survival of western religion, culture, and civilization.

No Time For Excessive Military Spending

The real blow to our national security is not the triggered Defense Department spending cuts, but rather cuts to the State Department and USAID.

On the Third Annual Universe Day, What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Today, people around the world will be designing their own events to solve our planet's problems with a new universe evolutionary worldview.

An Egyptian Woman's Nude Revolution

While the Arab Spring seeks to promote liberty, these values are being denied to women.

Apply to Be PolicyMic’s Campus Rep

PolicyMic’s Campus Rep program is designed to allow you to bring PolicyMic to your campus. Are you ready for the challenge?

Reducing Inequality Necessary for Our Democracy

Income inequality not only threatens our economic stability, it also undermines the legitimacy of American democracy. Public policy interventions are required to mitigate its harmful influence.

The Problems With Sending African Leaders To The Hague

The more African countries continue to send their war criminals and those accused of crimes against humanity to the ICC, the lesser the sense of justice transmitted to African citizens.

The Next Steps for Occupy Wall Street

As Occupy Wall Street contemplates its next move, here are some suggestions for tactics, goals, and presentation.

Can Newt Gingrich Keep His Momentum?

Gingrich’s controversial past and business dealings could give conservative activists pause before they decide to throw their support behind a candidate who might not be as strong as Romney.

Politicians Await Friday's Job Data

Politicians prepare to spin Friday's job numbers.

Photo of the Day – Rosana Palazyan

Photo of the Day – Artist Rosana Palazyan, "... on that day I thought to stop, but I can't..." (2000)

How Egypt's Leaderless Revolution Hurt the Liberals

After a resounding defeat in elections, youth groups and liberal movements must find and rally behind a strong leader.

Will New Unemployment Numbers Help Obama?

How do you think the new jobs report will impact President Barack Obama’s chances for reelection?

Britain’s Embassy Closure Means a Long Diplomatic Winter for Iran

After the closure of the British Embassy in Tehran, it looks like it will be a cold diplomatic winter for Anglo-Iranian relations.

Why Government Should Focus on the Cyber Threat

It's time for the government to step up its focus on protecting national infrastructure from cyberattacks.

Newt Gingrich's Rise Threatens Mitt Romney's Chances

Newt Gingrich could be the perfect candidate to corner Mitt Romney and threaten his GOP 2012 candidacy.

Beware of Fear-Mongering On Iran

Arguments supporting war with Iran are unfounded.

Reckless Self-Interest Stalls New Climate Talks

At Durban's climate talks, developing nations have joined forces with rich nations in an attempt to stall climate talks until 2015 at the earliest.

To Sell Climate Change, Talk Energy Security

The best way to gather political momentum for climate change is to promote it alongside energy security concerns.

Herman Cain Suspends Campaign: What Does It Mean For GOP in 2012?

Join the debate: Where will Cain's supporters now turn?

FAMU Death is a Sign School Officials Must Do More to Curb Hazing

The hazing death of a marching band student should be a wake-up call to school officials.

Was Media Scrutiny Fair to Herman Cain?

Cain has suspended his campaign because of unnecessary media scrutiny.

Breaking News: Highly-Publicized Book Tour Placed On Hiatus

Harman Cain, author of "This is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House," announced today that he will be suspending his book tour.

Don't Worry, Romney is Still the Inevitable Republican Nominee

Romney's campaign strategy will assure his victory over Gingrich's weak campaign.

Senate Attacks Due Process Rights With National Defense Act

The Senate is poised to vote on a national defense bill which includes a provision that would allow the military to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without trial.