A Muslim-American Perspective On the GOP And Ron Paul

Republicans are alienating this Muslim-American, and here are some ways they can win him back.

How Government, Not Capitalism, Is Causing Income Inequality

There are many misconceptions about the causes of income inequality. The primary cause is the government and the cure is to get the government out of the way.

How Cruise Ships Like the Costa Concordia Destroy the Environment

Cruise ships produce a range of pollutants that endanger people and the environment.

Mitt Romney Booed for Mexican Roots, Shows Racism in the Ranks of the GOP

Do we really live in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Or is America the land of the bigoted and the home of the scared?

Despite COMBAT PTSD Act, Congress is Falling Short in Providing for Veterans With PTSD

While there have been some legislative successes, Congress has not done enough to provide assistance to veterans with mental-health issues.

Why Millennials Support Ron Paul

Ron Paul has captivated young people in this country in a major way. Are his politics really what American kids are really looking for these days?

A Comparative Portrait of Afghanistan and Pakistan

A historical portrait of Afghanistan and Pakistan shines light on modern day conflict between the neighbors.

Why Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have it All Wrong

Protest has become the new rage to force change in America, but a more sensible approach would be to petition Congress the old-fashioned way.

Will Mitt Romney Be the Last Republican President?

Could a Mitt Romney victory could spell the end of the GOP for years to come?

Hey Republicans, Stop Pandering to Independents and Lash Out at Barack Obama

Conservatives continue to try and win over the mainstream media and those precious independents. Instead, they should fight hard for what they believe and electrify the hardline GOP base.

Mitt Romney Must Prove He's Not a Ruthless Vulture Capitalist

Criticism of Mitt Romney's corporate record is necessary. He must prove the case that he was not a corporate raider during his time at Bain Capital.

SOPA: Why Anti-Piracy Laws Would Result In The Death Of The Internet As We Know It

SOPA only protects the interests of copyright giants, a small portion of overall internet flow, with little or no regard to the basic freedoms of the internet.

The Arab Spring One Year Later: An Opportunity for America to Build Arab Relations

In the continued chaos of the Arab Spring, America has a unique opportunity to restore its image in the Arab world through diplomacy.

For Mitt Romney, All the Marbles are in Saturday's South Carolina Primary

Mitt Romney must win in the South Carolina primary if he wants to secure the Republican nomination for president. A loss would provide enough momentum for his opponents to close the gap.

Is Income Inequality Unjust?

Is income inequality an important issue of social justice that only government can address, or is it an insignificant statistic being used to make redistribution policies more popular?

SOPA Debated: What Role Should the Government Play in Regulating Online Piracy?

[VIDEO] Should the government play a role in regulating the Internet? Are SOPA and PIPA the right ways to combat online piracy?

Does the 2012 Presidential Race Actually Matter?

Would all the money, time, and inevitable heartbreak generated by the 2012 presidential election be more productively spent elsewhere?

Is Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Dangerous?

Would a President Ron Paul invite harm to America through a naive conception of foreign affairs, or would his policies actually make the U.S. safer physically and sounder fiscally?

Associated Press Opens in North Korea, But Don’t Expect Other U.S. Firms to Join

As AP expands its bureau in North Korea, the domestic population itself will continue to have access only to state-run news, which is hardly an invitation to more foreign companies.

How Mitt Romney Can Sway Florida Hispanics And the Wider National Latino Vote

Despite what many consider harsh immigration rhetoric, Romney’s vision of growth and opportunity for all could appeal to Latino voters who are concerned about the economy and jobs.

Two Years On, Citizens United Has Destroyed America With the Rise of Super PACs

The Citizens United decision in 2010 has given us a more corrupt government, one influenced ever more by money.