How Much is Facebook Worth? Company Will IPO With a $100 Billion Valuation

Facebook's long-anticipated IPO has been announced for late May, and it is looking to raise $10 billion at a $100 billion investment. Here's why its stock may be a good investment.

Pros & Cons of Comparing Barack Obama to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR

President Obama has been held in the shadow of the accomplishments of Washington, Lincoln, and the Roosevelts, and compared to Buchanan, Hoover, and Andrew Johnson’s failures.

Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen Try to Profit Off Her Diabetes Diagnosis

Leave it to the Southern celebrity chef infamous for her Lady's Brunch Burger to turn a diagnosis of a potentially fatal disease into a lucrative sponsorship opportunity.

Was Diane Abbott's Tweet an Example of Racism, Or Are We Too Politically Correct?

The first black female British MP Diane Abbott caused a furor when she tweeted, "White people love playing ‘divide & rule.’ We must not play their game."

SOPA and PIPA Help Eliminate Online Piracy, But Dangerously Slow Innovation

Censorship is never the answer. Freedom of speech and expression are necessary cornerstones of our society, and extinguishing these would only stunt intellectual progress.

Today's GOP Has a Diversity Problem

Until the Republican Party places more of an emphasis on problems and less on rhetoric, African-Americans will continue to support the Democrats.

Costa Concordia Cruise Shipwreck Highlights Threat of Oil Spills in the Mediterranean Sea

The recent Costa Concordia shipwreck highlights the need for tighter environmental regulations of cruise ship travel in the Mediterranean.

President Obama, the GOP, and Ron Paul All Miss the Mark on Iran's Nuclear Program

Instead of focusing on last-ditch attempts to prevent Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons, the U.S. needs a long-term global strategy to limit nuclear proliferation.

Lessons Liberals in 2012 Can Learn From Martin Luther King, Jr.

From Gov. Scott Walker's potential recall in Wisconsin to influencing Obama’s second term agenda, 2012 is a fateful year for liberals and progressives that offers real political opportunity.

Nicholas Kristof Q&A: Human Rights, Female Oppression, and Global Health

Ask your best question for Nicholas Kristof about human rights, global health, and female oppression.

Barack Obama's Delay of Keystone XL Is Good for His 2012 Chances

Obama's decision to delay the groundbreaking of the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline between the U.S. and Canada until after the 2012 election is a nod in the direction of his voting base.

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Will Not Stimulate the Economy, Government Spending on Infrastructure Will

Infrastructure spending and tax cuts for low income earners, not tax breaks for the wealth, will most quickly facilitate the demand the economy needs for recovery.

Mitt Romney Shouldn't Be Villainized For Bain Capital: Buyout Businesses Are a Good Thing

When companies are under duress, many jobs may be at risk; private equity companies frequently buy assets, save jobs, and keep companies from relocating.

Wikipedia and Reddit Protests Against SOPA, PIPA Show Lobbying Power of Internet Giants

The activism of internet giants in online protests against SOPA is a peek into a potentially unbeatable lobbying power that will always want to save itself.

How Mitt Romney is Unifying the GOP in 2012, Almost By Default

He may not be charismatic or inspire devotion, but anti-Obama sentiment could make him a dangerous candidate come November.

Reddit and Wikipedia Blackout to Stop SOPA and PIPA, Twitter Stays Online

Wikipedia's blackout has begun in protest of the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act.

When Will the Media Start Reporting on GOP Candidates' Policies, Not Just Keeping Score in 2012?

The U.S. news media is obsessed with polls and the horserace of the presidential debate, but ignores any real policy implications.

Stephen Colbert's South Carolina Presidential Run Shows Democracy's Flaws

Stephen Colbert's campaign has revealed to many Americans just how broken our democracy really is.

Are Politicians Hostile to Science?

Democrats and Republicans constantly show an uncomfortable relationship with scientific facts. Is there one party more anti-science than the other?

Occupy Congress Addresses Corporate Greed on Capitol Hill

Occupy Congress gives the protesters a clearly defined target and purpose.

What Government Can Learn From Business

Until elected officials use formal problem-solving to reach solutions, the big problems our country faces won't be resolved.

Food Network Star Paula Deen Has Diabetes, But Did Not Cause America's Obesity Crisis

It is unfair to blame Paula Deen for obesity and diabetes rates in America.