Glenn Greenwald: 2012 Election? Or American Idol Reality TV Soap Opera?

Is the race for the 2012 GOP nomination more like a reality TV show pageant than a presidential election?

Three Simple Reasons Why We Need Progressive Tax Rates

Conservatives argue for flat income and consumption taxes. But progressive tax rates are fairer, more efficient, and will lead to a happier society.

Are Ethics in Journalism Being Overlooked?

The recent re-hiring of disgraced journalist Joe Halderman shows that unethical behavior in the industry is not being severely punished.

BCS Fiasco: College Football's Bowl Non-Profit Status Fumbles

As the IRS and Congress review college football bowl games' non-profit status, the profitable post-season system may end. This could generate state revenue and fix the sport.

The Courage Campaign Wrongly Targets Kim Kardashian to Pay Higher Taxes

California's budget woes will not be fixed by demanding that celebs like Kardashian pay higher taxes. The state should reform its spending habits.

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum? What Factors Should You Use to Decide Your Vote in 2012?

Name the top three factors that you will use to select your candidate in the 2012 election.

New .XXX Domain Name Rightly Isolates Adult Content on the Internet

The public sale of .xxx domain names caused a panic for prestigious institutions and figures. However, the isolation of adult content to its own domain is beneficial for both users and owners.

Dilma Rousseff And Brazil Look Set in 2012 to Challenge U.S.Western Hemisphere Power

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has emerged from a difficult year more popular than ever. It's time she showed that there's room enough in this hemisphere for two superpowers.

Does the EU's Current Debt Crisis Mirror the Great Depression and World War II?

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde raised red flags that the international community is taking the same steps that led to the Great Depression and eventually WWII.

Ayn Rand Provides Libertarians With Selfish Economic Policy Based on Fiction

How did a mid-20th century novelist's personality and work so warp generations of American policymakers?

In Iowa Campaign Ads, GOP Candidates Market Themselves One Last Time

On the eve of the Iowa caucus, a look at some of the advertisements playing on a circuitous loop in the Hawkeye State.

Occupy Wall Street Building Their Own Facebook For the 99% to Interact

Corporate social media sites like Twitter and Facebook go against OWS' anti-big business message, so the movement is making their own social media site.

China-India Relations Marked by Political Conflict, Economic Partnership

History has shown that Sino-India relations have be fraught with border disputes and diplomatic tensions. But recently, the two are beginning to work together.

Occupy Rose Parade: OWS Risks Fumbling Its Legitimacy at Rose Bowl

OWS protesters occupied the Rose Parade in Pasadena on Monday, a move that risks diluting the movement's brand and policy platforms.