In the Wake of Joe Paterno's Death, Don't Heap Praise On a Vile Man

Paterno was a great coach. But he was an awful person for his involvement in the Sandusky sex scandal. In any eulogy for the former Penn State coach, this fact should trump all others.

Ron Paul and the GOP Candidates Target Planned Parenthood and Attack Women's Rights

A new Ron Paul ad criticizes Planned Parenthood and shows that the GOP candidates are not protecting women's sexual and reproductive health.

Newt Gingrich Pulls Off Major Upset Against Mitt Romney in South Carolina, Brings His Baggage into Florida

Newt Gingrich's 20-point swing in the polls in the last three days of the South Carolina primary is quite an accomplishment.

After S.C. Primary, It's a Three-Way Horse Race Between Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum

GOP presidential primary voters have turned the electoral process completely on its head by picking three different winners for the three first primaries. From here on out, it's anybody's race.

The Reason SOPA and PIPA Protests Were So Successful

The biggest lesson learned from anti-SOPA protests is that people act quickly when they realize they have something at stake.

Imagining a World Without Nuclear Weapons

America has a huge nuclear stockpile, but prohibits other countries from developing nuclear weapons. Shouldn't all nations be allowed to protect their citizens?

Top 5 Companies Doing Well While Doing Good

Here are five companies that are demonstrating how to increase revenue while addressing global, social, environmental, and health issues in 2011.

Like Charlie Sheen, Israel and the Peace Process are Entering "Tiger Blood" Phase

Unlike CBS executives and Charlie Sheen, America possesses the power and influence to push our wayward ally, Israel, into “treatment.”

Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum Lie About President Obama's Record for Political Gain in 2012

The GOP candidates have created a straw man character to attack for political gain. His name is “Barack Obama," and he is not the same man who currently sits in the Oval Office.

Into the Heart of Darkness: Why Terms Like "Child Slavery" Are Offensive and Damn Africa

CNN routinely calls Congo the "rape capital of the world" and reports on "child slaves," but the real problems in Africa are poverty and lack of development.

Ahead of the Florida GOP Primary, How President Obama Can Win the Sunshine State Again in 2012

President Obama needs to mobilize Floridians who understand why he needs this second term to fully deliver on his vision for America's future that he shared with the nation in 2004.

From Herman Cain to Rick Perry and Ron Paul, Top 5 Ways to Lose a Presidential Election

The Final Four: As the GOP field dwindles down, here are some key points for future presidential hopefuls.

Ron Paul South Carolina Primary Leaves Him With Uncertain Path Towards Nomination

Following South Carolina's disappointing results, Paul invests in delegate-rich blue states as Romney's myth of inevitability collapses.