The Dark Side of Anonymous: Everything You Never Knew About the Hacktivist Group

Anonymous is known for its hacktivism and altruistic goals, but behind the masks are a group of young, impulsive kids with more power than they are mature enough to handle.

Why David Frum Is Wrong About Obesity

We are capable of living healthy lives on our own, and we should be taking steps to get the government out of our personal lives.

Will the Iowa Caucus Results Matter?

Iowa has only picked a winner for the GOP twice in the last 40 years. The outcome of the caucuses tonight could determine just how legitimate Iowa still is.

Euro Crisis in No Way Can Be Compared With the Great Depression or WWII

Our world is fundamentally different from the one that was in the 1920s and 1930s, and different dynamics are at work when talking about the current economic crisis.

A Year After Their Revolution, Tunisia Still Struggles With Democracy

Tunisians still have to overcome significant political barriers before they can achieve genuine democracy.

More Millennial Women Going Back to School, Could Boost Future U.S. Economy

Large numbers of young women are choosing to go back to school instead of remaining in the workforce, making them more qualified and employable than their male counterparts.

Predict Which GOPer Will Win Iowa and Beyond

A range of candidates are being touted as the likely winners of Iowa and future primaries, yet there is no clear favorite. Join the punditry: Who do you think will win the January primaries?

After Justice Department Ruling, States Should Legalize Online Gambling

At a time when states are in dire need of additional funds, they'd be foolish not to legalize online gambling.

Millennials Love Ron Paul, But Should be Wary of His Economic Policies

Paul may have non-traditional social policies which appeal to young people, but his economic platforms could hurt our generation.

New Year's Resolution: Should I Stay at My Job or Follow My Passions?

Three R's – "reflect, risk, and reward" – are a great way to connect with your passion in the new year.