Who Really Benefited From the Bush Tax Cuts?

The poor and middle class have benefited more from tax cuts over the past 30 years than their wealthy counterparts.

Four Millennial Eating Habits That Are Changing the Way We Eat

Millennials are diverse and demanding, and are helping to revolutionize the food system.

Barack Obama Google+ Hangout Fails to Answer Most Popular Questions From Users

Obama participated in his first-ever Google+ Hangout. Over 227,000 people posted 133,000+ questions – but the president failed to answer the most popular questions.

Ron Paul Foreign Policy Would Cut Military Excess and Preserve Liberty

Libertarian foreign policy would enhance international peace and harmony, not threaten it.

Memo to Millennials: Be Fiscal Conservatives

Millennial voters should elect politicians who will promise less in government services, but will be good stewards of the nation’s finances.

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich Anti-Immigration Rhetoric in Florida Primary Will Be Costly Come November

Romney and Gingrich are in for a rude awakening if they believe pandering to a dwindling number of conservative Hispanics in Florida will help secure a GOP presidential win in November.

As the U.S. Economy Slugs Along, Government Spending Still Runs Amok

America's economy creeps forward while government spending is an unsustainable, potentially un-reformable money pit.

LIVE Stream: Barack Obama Google+ Hangout Answers Voters Concerns

In the follow-up to last week’s State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama today is participating in a Google+ hangout.

Newt Gingrich is Playing the Politics of Desperation

Republican primary voters: Do we want a nominee who will have an entertaining debate against President Obama? Or do we want a nominee who can possibly defeat Obama?

Will a Republican President Be Disastrous For U.S. Foreign Policy?

Could choosing a Republican president in 2012 lead to U.S. foreign policy disaster?

Should Liberals Support Ron Paul?

While liberals disagree with his life-long crusade to destroy the social safety net and empower corporations, we have found his anti-war stances useful. What should we make of Ron Paul?

On the Anniversary of Gandhi's Assassination, Fighting Terrorism in India-Pakistan A Major Concern

With aid from other countries and a stronger police force, India will quell terrorism and return to its former state of peace under Gandhi.

China Must Decide Whether to Sanction Iran

China’s demand for oil will likely overcome any concerns Beijing may have over the consequences of maintaining or increasing imports from Iran.

Super Bowl Sunday Basics: Practical Preparation for the Non-Football Fan

Don't know who Tom Brady is? Forget how many points a field goal's worth? If you've been tuning out football in favor of the news cycle, fear not. Here's what you need to know.

"Axis of Evil" Ten Years Later: Where Are Iran, Iraq, and North Korea Now?

Ten years ago, President George W. Bush named Iran, Iraq, and North Korea to his "Axis of Evil." What has become of the isolated regimes since?

If Newt Gingrich Wins Florida, GOP Leaders Need to Step In and Back Someone Like Rob Portman

Republicans remain divided even with their lackluster candidates. If the damaging primary continues, the GOP needs to nominate someone better in order to stand a chance in the general election.