The Underlying Message Behind Jeb Bush’s Neutrality in the 2012 Republican Florida Primary

A possible endorsement of a losing candidate would be a smear on the former governor’s record as he preps for a future presidential run.

Watchmen, Persepolis, and Maus: An Unofficial List of My Favorite Graphic Novels

Gone are the days of capped crusaders dominating the comic-book pages. Here are some of my favorite graphic novel authors.

Why I Chose to Work in Thailand (And Why Millennials Should Work Abroad Too!)

For millennials, working abroad is a must-do and an invaluable way to gain modern professional skills.

Ron Paul Will Lose in Florida, But He Wins the War of Ideas in 2012

Ron Paul is the only candidate who embraces the idea of using ideas for social change.

Stephen Colbert Super PAC Raises Over $1 Million, Positively Influences the 2012 Election

Stephen Colbert's super PAC, Americans For A Better Tomorrow, reported Tuesday that it has raised $1,023,121. Colbert's involvement in the 2012 campaign is a good thing for the Republican Party.

Are Private Equity and Venture Capital Good or Bad for the Economy?

Because of Romney's successful career in private equity as the head of Bain Capital, this election has raised the question: Are private equity and venture capital firms bad for the economy?

In Tar Sands Battle, Canada Chooses Economic Interests Over the Environment

Evidence has surfaced showing Canada is not only promoting the gutting of greenhouse gas regulation and the destruction of an entire region, but also actively campaigning against any opponents.

Haiti President Michel Martelly's Global Campaign to ‘Build a Better Haiti’ Looks Promising

Martelly remains firm in his belief that Haiti must take the lead in its own development, and can no longer be crippled by letting external entities decide its fate.

Led By Tokyo University, Japanese Universities Consider Academic Calendar Shift

Japanese universities are considering a new September start date in hopes of easing study-abroad for Japanese students and attracting international students.

Four Reasons Mitt Romney Swept the Florida Primary

Plunging housing values, high unemployment, unique demographics, and whirlwind debates have all played a role in determining tonight’s winner-take-all Florida primary.

Who Won the Florida GOP Primary? Mitt Romney Wins Big, Newt Gingrich Distant Second, Ron Paul Dead Last

With 51% of the polls reporting, Romney holds 49% of the votes, Gingrich has 31%, Santorum has 13%, and Paul has 7%

Is Occupy Wall Street Influencing the 2012 Election on Economic Issues?

OWS speaks to the American people, and the GOP presidential candidates and President Obama are finally learning to speak the same language.

Will the Facebook IPO Be a Hit?

As many recent tech IPOs have fallen flat, all eyes are on the highly anticipated move from Facebook, which will have one of the biggest debuts this spring.

After a Major Defeat in the Florida Primary, Where Does Newt Gingrich Go From Here?

What is next for Newt Gingrich? The former speaker will look to march on.

The Republican Florida Primary Was the Most Negative Ever in Terms of Ads

95% of Gingrich’s TV spots were negative, as were 99% of Romney’s.

The Importance of Florida For the GOP In 2012: Mitt Romney's 14-Point Win is Just the Start

Mitt Romney’s win tonight highlights the critical importance of Florida for the Republican Party in both the White House race and it’s bid to regain control of the Senate.

Fred Armisen’s 'Portlandia' is Changing TV

IFC's new comedey show 'Portlandia' is an Indie breath of fresh air in a sea of cliche television.

In Florida Primary, A $15.3 Million Ad Push Helps Mitt Romney Surge Over Newt Gingrich

Why is Mitt Romney surging in Florida? His $15.3 million advertisement blitz puts Newt Gingrich and his own $3.3 million-worth of ads to shame.

Tahrir 2.0: A Look At Social Media in the Aftermath of the Egyptian #Jan25 Revolution

Social media's heavy usage in the recent parliamentary elections suggests that its impact on Egyptian politics and society will continue to grow in the years to come.

Mitt Romney’s Mormon Values Are His Strongest Point

Voters should use Romney’s religiosity as a predictor for the values and the character he will bring with him to the White House.

Biting Feuds Between Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich in GOP Primaries Aren't That Bad For the Country

Is all this political vitriol hurting the GOP and even the country? Hardly.

What it Means to Be a Modern Evangelical

It may be easier to define Evangelicals by what we think they are against — abortion, evolution, gay marriage — than what they are for. That's a shame.

GDP is the Wrong Measure of Well-Being for Millennials

Millennials are shifting their priorities from achieving material wealth to having a greater sense of personal fulfillment, but GDP does not accurately depict this transition.

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich Fight for the Airwaves in the Florida Primary

The battle the Sunshine State will be decided by airtime, and Mitt Romney has an expensive leg up.

City Governments Turn to SamaSource, Crowd4all, and Crowdflower to Help Fight Poverty

Known as "microwork," these companies have been successful in the context of international development. Can these schemes also provide a ticket to the American middle class?

Heavy-Handed Policies Will Not Stop Rising Crime and Youth Violence in Central America

Sweeping crime initiatives that jail small time crooks put individual rights on the backburner, waste resources, and show no evidence of working.

Hawaii Legislation Highlights How E-Cigarette Taxes Are Anything But Productive

Hawaii's effort to restrict e-cigarette use is based on bad science loaded with unintended consequences.

After Loss in Florida Primary, Newt Gingrich Should Stop Whining

Newt's complaining might have been justified, but he has only himself to blame for failing to raise money while he was the frontrunner.