Tim Tebow Philippines Charity Work and the Flawed Way Americans View the World

The coverage of Tebow's missionary work in the Philippines ignores the long history of American imperialism in the country.

The Flutie Effect: Why LSU & Alabama Football Are the Best University Ambassadors

The benefit provided by successful college sports programs is vital to the academic goals of a university.

What's the Difference Between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul Foreign Policy?

The Iowa results are in, and New Hampshire’s around the bend. The world is taking notice of who could replace Obama, and what it might mean for them.

Government Should Continue To Fund Scientific Research

Research into the basic questions of science must be funded by the government to advance the field.

As Haiti Develops, Marriott and Digicell Can Create Hotel Tourism That Builds Communities

Haiti can use new hotel projects to create a new and less polarizing method of integrating private investment and city planning.

SATs Are Cheating Students, Not the Other Way Around

The SATs can't sum up a student's academic intelligence, and the best option is to eliminate them.

Kazakhstan Shows Western Human Rights Interventions Remain Hypocritical

As is evident when considering the case of Kazakhstan, the West does not care about human rights in the developing world.

Individual Health Insurance Mandate is Not a Difficult Constitutional Question

The libertarian argument that the government cannot order private citizens into a healthcare insurance contract with a third-party is a legal nonstarter.

It's Free Market Time For Science, Cut Publicly Funded Science

The costs of publicly funded science outweigh the benefits. It's time to eliminate it.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Stir Up War With Israel

A referendum by the Muslim Brotherhood on the Egypt-Israel peace treaty might be the best way to realize the necessity of peace between the two nations.

Will Barack Obama and Congress Listen to Citizens in 2012? This Petition Could Help

Americans are fed up with government, as many polls show. Here's a way we can solve some of the pressing issues our counttry faces.

New Year's Resolutions for Barack Obama, Goodluck Jonathan, OWS & Global Political Actors

Here are some New Year's resolutions for several political actors that would promote security and stability.

The Health Care Law is Constitutional

The Court should and will uphold the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act as a valid exercise of Congress’s commerce clause power.

Why the Health Care Law is Unconstitutional

Giving the government the power to mandate that we buy health insurance effectively removes all limits on federal power.

Buddy Roemer is Running for President, BTW

Buddy Roemer is a successful businessperson, former member of Congress, and served as governor of Louisiana. Yet, Roemer gets no attention from the political elite or the media.