NDAA Another Broken Promise by President Barack Obama and an Attack on Civil Liberties

By signing the 2012 NDAA into law, President Obama has struck a heavy blow against civil liberties.

4 Lies Barack Obama Has Told the American People

Obama has not lived up to his promises.

Rethinking U.S. Housing Policy: How to Make Sure the Housing Bubble Doesn't Pop Again

Americans need to rethink the housing market and home ownership in order to help us more quickly overcome the Great Recession.

War With a Desperate Iran Would Be a U.S. Policy Disaster

There is one growing provocation that the U.S. would be wise to tune out: Iran threats in the Persian Gulf.

Should African-Americans Criticize Barack Obama? Absolutely

Should black Democrats criticize President Obama? Of course. Should non-black Democrats criticize the President? Without a doubt.

Is Football a Worthwhile American Pastime?

Join the debate: Should public money be spent on promoting and facilitating such a violent game?

Ken Starr: “Can I vote for a Mormon?”

In an Op-Ed published yesterday, Ken Starr asked, “Can I vote for a Mormon?” Starr argued yes, the tradition of American constitutional democracy welcomes religious tolerance.

Poor Governance Putting End to India’s Growth

Lack of reforms, inefficient policies, and paralysis in parliamentary procedures have compelled global markets to shift their focus away from India.

Will Solar Power Survive in the Free Market? We'll See As Germany Cuts Its Solar Subsidies

Germany's solar power model has made it the world leader in the field. With infrastructure in place and demand falling, subsidies are being cut. This could provide insights on the U.S. market.

The U.S. Education System Wrongly Penalizes Good Teachers, Won't Fire Bad Teachers

We are compelled by federal, state, and local government to pay to subsidize an inefficient education system.

Lessons From Wisconsin Budget Protests: Fiscal Common Sense in 2012 and Beyond

In 2012, leaders should emulate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker by standing firm in the face of opposition and insisting on making necessary cuts to bring long-term viability to the economic system.

At Dartmouth College, Excitement Lacking For New Hampshire GOP Primary

Though New Hampshire is a key primary, many students at Dartmouth College seem unenthusiastic, especially in comparison to past elections.