Warren Brown Debate Schedule: Where to Watch Massachusetts Senate Debate

Follow along live as Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown debate one another in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Gary Johnson Will Debate October 23 in Chicago, Though Obama and Romney Declined

President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney were also invited to the FEEF forum which purports to debate "the issues that unite us as opposed to the ones that divide us."

Presidential Polls 2012: Even if There is a Liberal Bias in the Election, Obama is Still Up By 3

With Romney behind in every major national poll, Republicans are crying foul play. Are they right?

Brown Warren Debate Schedule: LIVE Massachusetts Senate Debate Updates

New polls put Elizabeth Warren up over Scott Brown. Follow along for live coverage of the Massachusetts Senate debate.

Brown Warren Debate Schedule: LIVE Massachusetts Senate Debate Preview

Can Scott Brown stick to the issues during his second debate with Elizabeth Warren, or will he continue to attack his opponent's Native American heritage?

NASA Curiosity Rover on the Verge of Potentially Historic Discovery: Water on Mars

Curiosity's mission is expected to be about two years. Was Mars once habitable? We don't know yet. Finding conclusive evidence of water is the first big step toward that discovery.

The Mentalist Season 5 Premiere: Back On the Hunt for Red John

The Mentalist returns for season 5, but doesn't give fans enough of Simon Baker and Robin Tunney.

Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown Debate LIVE: Who Won Massachusetts Senate Debate

Follow along with live updates from the second Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown debate in Massachusetts.

DOMA and Gay Marriage: Supreme Court Path to LGBT Equality is Long, Complex

Despite the start of the Supreme Court's new term on Monday, the eight cases about marriage equality on the docket will not yield quick results when it comes to LGBT rights in America.

DOMA at the Supreme Court: Why the Conservative Court May Punt on this Huge Issue

Gay marriage, voting rights and affirmative actions are just some of the issues the SCOTUS could tackle this fall effectively shaking up the race between Romney and Obama.

Obama vs Romney: On Student Loans, Both Candidates Have Inadequate Solutions

The cost of college makes radical political or economic change an impossibility. In the great hall of ideas, student loans silence some of the best voices before they even get a chance to speak.

Latest Brown vs Warren Polls: Ahead of Big Debate, Warren Up By Two Points

Senator Scott Brown trails Elizabeth Warren in another poll in the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts. The two candidates square off in their second debate on Monday in Lowell.

Revolution TV Show Episode 3: Highest Rated Drama on TV Keeps on Winning

"Revolution" has taken TV ratings by storm. The third episode, airing Monday night on NBC, will be a telling episode for the future of this post-apocalyptic drama.

Latest Presidential Polls Show Obama Leads Romney When It Comes to Women

While a number of women who worked for Mitt Romney are now taking to the trail to praise him for "working with women," polls show that Obama still has the lead when it comes to women. Why?

Red Dawn 2012 Movie: New Chris Hemsworth Film Thinks All Asians Are Out to Get Us

The original "Red Dawn" used Russia as the villain during the Cold War. The remake apparently thinks all Asians are interchangeable and out to get the U.S.

Presidential Debate 2012: Date, Prediction and 5 Things to Watch For in the Obama vs Romney Match

A memo this weak sought to lower Romney's debate expectations, but what do the candidates really face in this first battle royale?

Hugo Chavez Endorses President Barack Obama for Reelection

The Venezuelan strongman also said that if Obama were Venezuelan he'd vote to prolong Chavez's 14-year old rule against pro-business challenger Henrique Capriles.

Chris Christie Meet the Press Interview: NJ Governor Tries to Rescue Romney on National TV

With Romney sinking in the polls, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and VP nominee Paul Ryan are being deployed to try to revive the GOP ticket on the Sunday morning political talk shows.

Obama vs Romney Debate Schedule: Preview As Candidates Prepare to Face Off

Pressure mounts for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as the upcoming debates will likely decide the victor of a close race.

Homeland Season 2 Review: 5 Reasons to Watch

The high-stakes, Emmy-winning drama "Homeland" has its second season premiere this Sunday on Showtime. Where will Claire Danes and Damian Lewis take us next?

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Edge Among Seniors Proves Paul Ryan is a Liability for Romney

Recent Polls have shown that Paul Ryan has become a political liability to the Romney campaign. That is why he has been muzzled.

Scott Brown vs Elizabeth Warren Debate Schedule: Both Campaigns Look For An Edge in Monday Debate

The U.S. Senate race heats up in the Bay State as debate number 2 between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren airs tonight.

US vs China: China Could Create 400K American Jobs by 2020, Says Study

With more than $1 trillion from Chinese outbound foreign investments expected to flow into the global economy by 2020, the staggering American economy would do well to be on the receiving end.

Homeland Season 2 Premiere Review: Carrie Mathison, Sleeping With the Terrorist

What makes Carrie Mathison such a fascinating character is that her authentic identity is inherently tied up in her facility with duplicity: her authenticity is rooted in deception.

Youth Vote Enthusiasm in Election 2012 Plummeting: Time to Teach Civics in School Again

Civics will promote stronger sense of “community,” in order to help rebuild political enthusiasm and engagement among the young.

Obama vs Romney Swing State Polls Show Romney Must Win the Presidential Debate

Defying expectations, President Obama's convention bounce has not faded away. Romney has mere days to turn this situation around.

666 Park Avenue: Sell Your Soul to the Devil for Manhattan High End Real Estate

From the creators of "Gossip Girl," "The Vampire Diaries" and "Pretty Little Liars," and just in time for Halloween, comes this new series that is scarier than looking for an apartment in NYC.

Arnold Schwarzenegger New Book, Looper Movie Review, and Top Culture Stories This Week

The top PolicyMic culture stories from this week. Stephen Colbert and Arnold Schwarzenegger have new books, and Ai Wei Wei still can't leave China.

SB 1172: Gay Rights Win Big in California With Jerry Brown Conversion Therapy Ban for Homosexuals

California has become the first state to outlaw efforts to “pray the gay away,” and other states should follow suit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger New Book Review: From Terminator to Governator to Womanator

"Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story" is the controversial new biography of the former governor of California and our childhood action film hero.

666 Park Avenue Review: Not the Horror Story It Is Made Out to Be, But It is Still Good TV

The pilot episode sets the stage for bigger things to come.

George Soros Finally Donates to Super PAC, Hopes to Counter the Koch Brothers

George Soros has thrown down the gauntlet and donated $1M to Obama. Strategists believe it is a signal that Soros is not going to allow the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson to buy this election.

Whom is Just the Fancy Who: Notes on the English Langue from Someone Who Practically Speaks It

The English language is malleable, ever-changing. But in America today, Justin Bieber holds the same power over the language as lexicographer Bryan Garner ... and that ain't right.

The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere: A Hyped Up Start that Falls Short of Expectations

The prospect of a premiere equally exciting to its spring finale had us riled up, but it'll take more than Kristin Chenoweth and Nathan Lane to redeem this show from its tired start.

Obama vs Romney: Election 2012 Will Be Decided by Sound Bytes, Not Facts

In the era of post-truth politics, strong arguments matter more than facts. Discourse is about framing not facts, so the most popular song will always win.

Dexter Season 7 Premiere Recap: The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag, Thank God

The moment that we have been painfully waiting for in Dexter has finally arrived, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Glee is Hardly Pussy Riot: The Myth of the Left Wing Conspiracy on Television

To think that a growing acceptance of LGBT Americans is a direct result of seeing them represented favorably on TV is to mistake correlation for causation.

Youth Vote 2012: Millennials Lose Faith in National Politics, Turn to Local Solutions

If we cared about and put nearly as much thought and attention towards local politics we would change the world in an immediate way that would have noticeable and lasting effects.

Brown vs Warren Debate Schedule: Where to Watch Live, On TV and Online

Information on where to watch the debate in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

PolicyMic Editors' Blog: 4 Principles to Keep the Highest Quality Discussion on the Web

Here at PolicyMic, our community comes first — which is why we hold ourselves and our writers to high standards when it comes to both writing articles and responding to them.

76 Reasons I Would Not Want to Be Obama or Romney in Election 2012

The position of President of the United States is the most difficult job in the country. Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would want the job.

Renwick Gallery: 40 Under 40 Craft Futures Exhibit Showcases Indie Craft Culture Redefined

DC's Renwick Gallery features the exhibit "40 Under 40: Craft Futures." The exhibition highlights the work of 40 craft-centered artists under the age of 40.

Warren vs Brown Polls: Massachusetts Race Will Help Democrats Keep Control of the Senate

With Romney unable to stop his free falling in the polls, attention has turned to the Senate and whether Republicans will be able to snatch it from fired up Democrats.