50 Shades of Grey Movie: Even Emma Watson As Anastasia Steel Will Not Get Men to Watch

Heartthrob Emma Watson is rumored to play Anastasia Steele in the new 50 Shades of Grey movie, nude scenes and all. Still, don't expect men to catch Grey fever.

Nashville TV Show Premiere Review: Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere Make Country Music Mainstream

Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere star in the new ABC series "Nashville." In a time when cross-overs like Taylor Swift are abandoning their country roots, "Nashville" stays true.

Warren Brown Debate: Mass Senate Debate Recap and Analysis

Debate Live-Stream. Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren meet for their third debate in Springfield, Massachusetts in their highly-contested race for U.S. Senate.

The Walmart Strike Spreading to Your Area: Here Are 9 Reasons it Matters

While presidential candidates are fighting over accurate jobs numbers, Wal-Mart's associates are striving to address income inequality and depraved working conditions. They must be heard.

Affirmative Action Supreme Court Case: How SCOTUS May Rule on Fisher vs University of Texas

Wednesday sees oral arguments for Fisher v. University of Texas, an affirmative action case that could completely change college admissions.

Vote Gary Johnson: Because it is Only a 1 in 10 Million Chance That Your Vote For Obama or Romney Would Even Matter

For most voters, voting for a third-party candidate like Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or Virgil Goode is the best way to be heard in this election.

Lupe Fiasco Bitch Bad: Sexist Single Makes Hip Hop Women Look Bad

In Lupe Fiasco's "Bitch Bad" the once-promising rapper's attempt to fight hip hop's objectification of women ends up committing that very same sin.

Who Won the Brown Warren Debate: Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown Recap and Results

Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown to go head-to-head in what will be their third debate Wednesday night, just 27 days before election day.

Warren Brown Debate: Latest Presidential Polls Surge By Romney Also Helps Scott Brown Ahead of Next Debate

Warren and Brown square off for the third time tonight ... she invigorated by an outpouring of support from Massachusetts unions, he riding high off of his game-changing rise in the polls.

Latest Swing State Polls: Virginia Senate Race and Latest Presidential Polls Bring Good News for Democrats

The U.S. Senate race in Virginia between Tim Kaine and George Allen is one of the most closely watched, as Democrats try to hold on to the seat being left vacant by the retiring Jim Webb.

Fisher vs University of Texas: SCOTUS Set to Strike Down Affirmative Action

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that may spell the doom of affirmative action admissions policies in higher education.

Looper Movie Review: the Ethical Dilemmas of the New Joseph Gordon Levitt Movie

The sci-fi noir flick Looper, starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt, poses some interesting and difficult ethical questions. Is your future set in stone? (Warning: spoilers

Who Won the Brown Warren Debate: Elizabeth Warren Wins In a Landslide

In Wednesday's Warren vs. Brown debate, it's time for the candidates to define two different paths in the U.S. Senate, not just two different sets of attack ads.

Ann Romney on Good Morning America: Michelle Obama Might be Next Up

On Wednesday morning, Mitt Romney's wife Ann will join the "Good Morning America" team to co-host the program. Her morning show cameo is yet another battle in the ongoing war to humanize Mitt.

Obama vs Romney: Why Americans Should Reassess the Two Party System

We are a nation divided along party lines, defined by a dual-party political system. Yet, should we let our two-party tradition triumph over the clear disadvantages that come along with it?

Obama Second Term: Expect More Government Spending, Less Economic Growth

Herbert Hoover greatly increased government spending and raised taxes on higher earners. Obama plans to follow the same blue print in a second term.

Todd Akin and Paul Broun: If Elected President, the Biggest Threat Romney Will Have Will Come From His Own Party

One of the largest problems facing the Republican Party today is that its leadership is beyond lacking. Will Mitt Romney be up to the task to fix this problem should he be elected in November?

Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode: The Two Candidates Who Could Cost Mitt Romney Virginia, and the Election

Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode could end up siphoning votes from Romney, but whether or not that matters depends on how close this election is.

Mass Senate Debate Recap: Brown Warren Debate Analysis

Recap and analysis of Wednesday night's U.S. Senate debate in Massachusetts between Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

iPad Mini Release Date: Apple Rumors May Contribute to Much Needed Sales in October

Apple's new iPad mini, which will supposedly be released in October, is rumored to be all about less, not more. But can it do more to boost the company's earnings?

Hugo Chavez Bolivarian Revolution Might Be Bruised After Venezuela Elections 2012, But Will Continue

Hugo Chavez's recent presidential victory, while largely overlooked by the global community, means important things for Venezuela as a country and for the Americas region.

Why Obama Should Be Investigated By Congress For the Attacks in Benghazi and Christopher Stevens Death

With new information about prior reports of security threats in Libya Congress needs to investigate the Obama Administration. What did you know, when did you know it and what did you do with it?

Obamacare Abandons Children of Immigrants With Legal Status

Restrictions on government health care subsidies under PPACA may be deleterious to the health of the children of immigrants in America, leading to further problems for us all.

Romney Abortion Comment: Why Mitt Romney Will Be a Pro Life President

Despite recent claims that Mitt Romney has "shifted to the center," when it comes to abortion, the GOP candidate still plans to be a pro-life president.

VP Debate 2012: Schedule, Time, and Livestream

The low-down on the next presidential and vice presidential debates. Schedule, times, locations, and topics for Biden vs. Ryan and Obama vs. Romney.

Chris Lighty, Kanye West Steal the Show at BET Awards 2012

The BET Hip-Hop Awards air tonight! Here's who should, and who will, win each award.

Jerry Sandusky Sentence: Penn State Students and Civic Institutions Face Turning Point

Although serial child abuser Jerry Sandusky was sentenced Tuesday, students, journalists and advocates are among the groups facing challenges in remaking the civic culture of Penn State.