Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Romney Because He Rightly Thinks America is a One Party System

Ron Paul refuses to support either Romney or Obama, calling for a "second party" to combat their "one party system."

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Will Be Reelected, if He Retains Lead in Ohio

Fair or not, Election 2012 will come down to The Buckeye State. No Republican has ever been elected to the White House without winning Ohio.

Presidential Polls 2012: as Romney Closes the Gap in Ohio, Do Not Discount Gary Johnson

The libertarian candidate for president is polling around the 10% mark in The Buckeye State. A small swing one way or the other could decide who will be our next president.

Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Continues to Gain in Swing States Ahead of Second Debate

As Romney and Obama prepare to face off this Tuesday at Hofstra University, the GOP challenger continues to gain ground in national and swing state polls.

Global Warming Debate: I am a Science Teacher Who Teaches Both Sides of the Issue

Other science teachers should follow my example of not giving into the propaganda that tries to sway us into an endless, meaningless albeit never ending political debate.

Stacey Dash Picks Romney Over Obama: Everyone is Entitled to His or Her Own Opinion

After all the backlash Stacey Dash received for her pro-Romney tweet, I decided to take a closer look at why blacks tend to vote Democratic as opposed to Republican.

Presidential Polls 2012: Latest Real Clear Politics Polls Show Romney Winning Florida

In Florida, polls indicate that Romney is ahead. With 29 electoral votes, the swing state would be a massive win for either candidate.

SNL Vice Presidential Debate: Christina Applegate Hosts the Joe Biden Paul Ryan Comedy Showdown

The political commentary of "Saturday Night Live" has become some of the most important of this election season. Tonight, SNL will take on Joe Biden, Paul Ryan, and the vice presidential debate.

Election 2012: Debunking the Top 10 Economic Myths From Obama

Continuing to debunk the myths Obama has perpetuated: the wealthy not paying their fair share, tax cuts leading to the recession, "Romney Hood" and pledges not to raise taxes on the middle class.

Ted Talks India: Empowering Villagers by Showing Them the Beauty of Their Own Voice

Working in the village of Bishanpur in Bihar, the poorest state in India, I'm saddened by the lack of self-esteem in the village children. Through a TED Talk format, I hope to change that.

Presidential Debates: How Body Language Reveals Who Really Wins and Loses

A renowned expert in body language says blink rate is the prime determining factor in presidential elections.

Benghazi Attacks: Did the Obama Administration Mislead the American Public?

Did the Obama administration mislead the public about the reasons that prompted the September 11, 2012, attack that killed the American ambassador in Libya?

Latest Presidential Polls: Gallup Finds Us to Be the Most Polarized Electorate Ever

We're more partisan than ever. That'd be good if real life was an action movie.

Argo Movie Review: Let This Film Entertain You, Not Deceive You

Iran is not necessarily our mortal or perpetual enemy as the film may imply.

Vagina Review: What Men Do Not Understand About Women and Feminism, Could Make Sex a Whole Lot Better

In "Vagina: A New Biography," a leading feminist author and activist explores the importance of the vagina and its role in determining a woman's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

When Economic Growth is Not Necessarily a Good Thing

Rich in minerals, Mongolia’s geology has enticed numerous mining companies. This is radically transforming the traditionally agriculture-based economy (and its people).

Sinister Movie Trailer: Ethan Hawke Delivers the Scares, But That May Not be Enough

The new horror movie "Sinister," starring Ethan Hawke, manages to be scary despite all its setbacks.

Lena Dunham Girls: The Princess of HBO Becomes a Memoir Queen

Lena Dunham's new memoir promises all of the things from "Girls" we love (or love to hate): embarrassing stories, meditations on gender, and probably some hilariously bad sex as well.

End the Fed Movement Will Agree: QE3 Will Not Jump Start the Economy

The Fed's QE3 may reduce debt, and bolster the real estate and banking sectors but can't single-handedly re-launch the stagnant American economy.

Legalize Marijuana Measures Will Be on the Ballot This November in Several States

While I personally support these measures, I will be more curious to see how the federal government responds if and when these states vote to legalize.

Lena Dunham Book Deal: Why Not That Kind of Girl is Worth 3 and a Half Million Dollars

Can’t we just be happy for a millennial’s success and not try to decide whether or not she is “worth” it?

Energy Waste: How Our Constant Online Presence Increases Our Carbon Footprint

Internet companies appear to be cutting edge, however they are a growing source of energy inefficiency and waste due to poor data storing systems and internet culture.

Minnesota Abortion Laws: November Election Brings the Abortion Issue Center Stage

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton has done a lot to protect women's health in the state of Minnesota. Pro life congressional candidate Gary Boisclar is battling Democrat Keith Ellison in November.

European Union Wins Nobel Peace Prize, and the Prize is Well Deserved

On Friday, the European Union was granted the Nobel Peace Prize. While the world continues to wonder why, there is very good reason for the choice.