Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Ahead Says Real Clear Politics Polls, Obama Ahead Says New York Times

With 23 days to go until America votes and make a choice between Romney and Obama, the polling numbers continue to be the crystal ball for the American people. Who's ahead? Depends who you ask.

SNL VP Debate Video: Saturday Night Live Does It Again With Biden Ryan Impersonations

Jason Sudeikis, as Joe Biden, and Taran Killam, as Paul Ryan killed it last night on Saturday Night Live. Usain Bolt topped it off with a surprise appearance.

Saturday Night Live Vice Presidential Debate Skit: SNL Biden and Ryan Were Funny, But Not Palin Funny

Last night's VP debate sketch was a spot-on, with skillful lampooning of Biden and Ryan, but this year's race simply does not lend itself to the gleeful mockery of 2008's. Thank god.

Felix Baumgartner Jump LIVE: Skydiving Leap From Space Will Be a Death Defying Record Breaker

Felix Baumgartner will be jumping from 120,000 feet in the air over Roswell New Mexico this Sunday.

Presidential Polls 2012: Race is a Statistical Tie and It Will Be Until Election Day

Unless Obama gives a repeat performance during the second debate, which would be catastrophic for the president.

Freedom to Choose: The Other Side of Choice in the World of Abortion

We often hear about "choice" in decisions affecting abortion. But, we do not all experience the full extent of choice or freedom in this societal institution.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer, and the 8 Shows You Must Watch This Week

"Nashville," "Arrow," "Gossip Girl," "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Season premieres continue this week. Here are the 8 shows that you just can't miss.

The Walking Dead TV Show Premiere: Why Zombie Apocalypse Gets Human Beings Excited About Life

Thriller fads come and go, but zombies persist. "The Walking Dead" is set to start its third season. After years of groaning and brain-nomming, why is the zombie genre still so popular?

Obama vs Romney Presidential Debate: Next Debate Must Focus on Immigration

Immigration has been the missing topic in this year's debates. Tuesday, October 16, in the second of three debates between Obama and Romney, immigration should be a major topic covered in detail.

Taylor Swift New Song, Obama Jon Stewart Interview, Felix Baumgartner Jump and the Top Culture Stories This Week

The top PolicyMic culture stories from this week. Taylor Swift's pop sound, Picasso goes black-and-white and "The Walking Dead" lives on.

How Third Party Presidential Candidate Virgil Goode Could Snatch Virginia From Romney

Virgil Goode, the Virginian candidate running on the independent label thinks he can win the presidential election. He won't, but he could do some damage while attempting it.

When is the Second Presidential Debate: Where to Watch the Obama vs Romney CNN Hofstra University Rematch

On Tuesday, Obama and Romney will rematch at a town hall-style CNN debate from Hofstra University, in New York, moderated by Candy Crowley. Follow it here at PolicyMic.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere: Spoilers for Episode 1, The Seed

AMC premiere of the hit series "The Walking Dead" brings a new season of dramatic story lines amongst the living and the walkers. Spoiler alert.

Stephen Colbert Meet the Press Interview and Sunday Political Recap

On Sunday’s "Meet the Press," little was said about the candidates that hasn’t been said yet this far in the election season. But Stephen Colbert said it best.

Obama vs Romney Energy Policy: Why the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit Must Be Renewed ASAP

The American Wind Energy Association estimates allowing the wind PTC to expire will cost 37,000 jobs, while extending it will save 54,000 jobs.

Stephen Colbert Meet the Press Interview Video: Colbert Hopes Obama and Romney Are Not a Big Cruel Joke

The Comedy Central host sat with David Gregory to talk about Romney, Obama, Super PACs and to promote his new book "America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t.”

Would Obama or Romney Torture You?

Stanley Milgram's famous 1961 experiment which found that 79% would shock a "learner" to death during a word test has been updated. How would Obama or Romney perform on the new test of evil?

How Huawei and ZTE are Allowed in the US but Google and Facebook are Blocked in China

The Chinese Government has weighed in forcefully on the subject of Huawei and ZTE. Now is a perfect opportunity for the U.S. to demand answers from China.

After Ironically Winning the Nobel Peace Prize, EU Delegation Seeks to Do Business With Iran

Several people were hanged in public during the last trip by a European parliamentary delegation to Iran in 2007.

Bruce Springsteen and Bill Clinton Will Host Epic Obama Rally in Ohio Ahead of Second Debate

Bruce and Bill will bring some Democratic enthusiasm to The Buckeye State.

As Austerity and Riots Ravage Europe, the EU Wins the 2012 Nobel Peace Price

Saying that the Nobel committee's decision came as a surprise would be an understatement.

Why Wall Street Bonuses Are Fair Game

If a firm earns large profits, it rewards its employees with bonuses. There is nothing sinister or conspiratorial about the system.

Gordon Parks Crossroads Photography Exhibit Review: Fighting With a Camera Instead of a Gun

“I picked up a camera because it was my choice of weapons against what I hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty."

ABC This Week Martha Raddatz Interview: Do Presidential Debates Really Matter

Martha Raddatz impressed the public with her steady hand moderating Thursday night's Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden VP debate. Sunday morning, Raddatz discussed the debate on ABC's "This Week."