Felix Baumgartner Jump LIVE: Watch Video of Record Breaking Skydive From Space to Earth

Live updates and footage of Felix Baumgartners's Red Bull Stratos jump; freefall from the edge of space. Watch Baumgartner break records.

Presidential Polls 2012: Real Clear Politics Shows Obama Still Winning in Ohio

Despite the surge in support for Romney after the first debate, the president still retains a lead in the critical state of Ohio.

Presidential Polls 2012: Real Clear Politics Shows Romney, Obama Tied Ahead of Next Debate

With everything all tied up, there is no doubt that Mitt Romney has put himself into excellent scoring position, and could seal the deal with the American people at tomorrow night's debate.

Latest Presidential Polls: RCP Average Says Obama and Romney Are Tied in the Electoral Map

Heading into the Hofstra debate, Obama leads in states with 201 electoral votes while Romney leads in states with 191 electoral votes. The Republican is now ahead at the national level.

Human Immortality: Singularity Summit Looks Forward to the Day That Humans Can Live Forever

Speakers at the 7th Annual Singularity Summit predict a future in which everyone lives forever and the intelligence of man and machine fuse to usher in a new "human-machine civilization."

Latest Presidential Polls: Women Help Romney Jump Ahead of Obama in Swing States

Romney now leads Obama by 4 percentage points among likely voters in the crucial battleground states, according to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll.

Paul Ryan Shirtless Appears on Paul Ryan Girl Lets Get Fiscal Video

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's muscles won him a new female fan: "Paul Ryan Girl," the conservative answer to Obama Girl. And she wants to "Get Fiscal."

Felix Jump Video: Felix Baumgartner Headcam Live Footage Shows POV Space Skydive

While you sat on your couch and ate a sandwich, Felix Baumgartner jumped 128,000 feet from space to Earth. Headcam footage here.

Fisher vs University of Texas and How Affirmative Action Has Failed Millennial Minorities

If universities want to foster diversity, affirmative action needs to go.

Pesidential Debates 2012: Why They Prove There is No Real Difference Between Obama and Romney

Things show little sign of changing regardless of who enters the White House next January.

2012 Presidential Debates: Second Presidential Debate Questions To Be Asked by Undecided Long Islanders

On Tuesday night, the elusive "undecided voters" who somehow still don't know whom they're voting for, will ask Barack Obama and Mitt Romney questions at the second presidential debate.

Presidential Polls 2012: Mitt Romney Likeability Climbs to 51 Percent

A slim majority, 51%, now views Romney favorably as a person, while 44% views him unfavorably.

Ron Paul Has Been Right All Along: We the People Need to Live According to the Constitution

There are two words I want everyone to remember: "verbatim" and "literal." In the case of the Constitution, we need to read it with the former and apply it with the latter.

Homeland Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Carrie State of Independence is Cause for Concern

While continuing to successfully plumb the depths of Carrie's broken soul, the show begins to seriously falter when it comes to Brody.

As Fiscal Cliff Approches, Congress Can No Longer Kick the Can Down the Road on Taxes and Spending

Regardless of who wins the election, Congress needs to take its job seriously during the lame duck session.

Stephen Colbert on Meet the Press: Colbert Says Romney is on a Rocket Ride to Plausible

"Meet the Press" roundtable guests discussed politics, foreign policy, and the VP debate. Stephen Colbert showed that humor may be the best way to approach the campaign season.

When is the Presidential Debate: Where to Watch, Latest Presidential Polls Have Obama and Romney in Virtual Tie

Details on Tuesday night's second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the latest polls, and the state of the presidential race overall.

The Master Movie Review: Jaoquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in a Hollywood Bromance

Jaoquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman's relationship in "The Master" is a sly comment on "bromance" from one of Hollywood's most sensitive bros, Paul Thomas Anderson.

Presidential Debates 2012: 7 Critical Reasons Why Romney and Obama Need to Talk Poverty

Increasing poverty in America is one of the riskiest threats to the country's economy.

What Time is the Debate: Obama Needs to Unmask Flip Flopper Romney to Win Debate

This Tuesday, at 9:30 p.m., Obama and Romney will rematch from Hofstra University in New York. This is what the president has to do to win.

Presidential Debates 2012: Why Romney and Obama Must Address Southeast Asia

The discussion of foreign policy in the presidential election has centered around Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Iran — but addressing increasing U.S. presence in Southeast Asia will soon be crucial.

Martha Raddatz on ABC This Week Interview, and the Sunday Political Shows Rundown

Stephen Colbert visited Meet the Press, Bissinger visited CNN, Martha Raddatz contributed to a debate panel and Univision's Al Punto covered news from across the hemisphere.

Latest Presidential Polls Offer Glimmers of Hope for Obama

42% of likely and registered voters now thin the country is going in the right direction, an improvement of 13 points since August.

Obama vs Romney: Vying for Swing Votes at Expense of the Issues in States like Alaska

In a tight presidential election, candidates are vying to win swing state voters. But what happens when it comes to important national issues in states like Alaska, which already swing one way?

The Walking Dead Season 3 Review: New Season Offers Higher Stakes For All Characters

The Walking Dead has returned for its third season. There are new pressures and heightened risks that are sure to keep you tuned in.

Romney is Rising Not Only in Latest Presidential Polls But Also in Social Media

Barack Obama enjoys an edge in the youth vote by being perceived as "cooler." He used social media masterfully in 2008, but seems to lack the same edge thus far.

Sunday News Roundup: Stephen Colbert, Martha Raddatz and Buzz Bissinger Lead Strong Lineup

Stephen Colbert visited Meet the Press, Bissinger visited CNN, Martha Raddatz contributed to a debate panel and Univision's Al Punto covered news from across the hemisphere.