Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Holds Insurmountable Lead in the Electoral College

Despite the best efforts of Mitt Romney's campaign to close the gap, it may be impossible for the Republican challenger to overcome what has become a numbers game in the Electoral College.

Latest Presidential Polls: Real Clear Politics Now Has Romney Winning the Electoral College

Mitt Romney has opened up a wider lead among likely voters in several polls two days after the second presidential debate.

Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Gains Big With Women as Obama Slumps in the Polls

As Romney solidifies his lead among men and independents, polls show Obama's double digit lead among women is now down to 50/50. Both campaigns will be targeting women heavily in the final weeks.

Ron Paul Sound Currency Message is Resonating With Worldwide Leaders, Including China

In the meantime, the Federal Reserve Bank, Obama, Romney and their supporters brush away Paul's comments as though his warnings were gnats.

Candy Crowley Wrong: Debate Moderator Sets Female Journalists Back 30 Years

After doing an abysmal job moderating Tuesday night's presidential debate in New York, the extremely biased Candy Crowley should resign.

Electoral College Polls: Real Clear Politics Says Romney is Now Ahead

Though the president defeated Mitt Romney in the second debate, so far the performance hasn't stopped the Republican's momentum in the polls.

Gary Johnson Presidential Debate: Google Hangout Debate Between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein

Libertarian and Green party nominees Gary Johnson and Jill Stein faced off Thursday evening in an unusual third party presidential debate.

Presidential Debate Live Stream: Obama Emerges As Winner Of Second Debate

Live Obama - Romney updates from Hofstra University. Complete schedule and analysis.

Candy Crowley Wrong: Why the Candy Crowley Fact Check Controversy is Outrageous

Contrary to what many pundits — both liberal and conservative — are saying, Candy Crowley corrected both candidates on Tuesday night, not just Mitt Romney.

Presidential Polls 2012: On Two Key Issues, Young People Are Torn Between Liberal and Conservative Views

Millennials are neither conservative nor liberal on the issues of race and sexual morality, and on the issue of race, there is an unsurprising split between whites and non-whites.

Childhood Obesity Crisis: How Spending Money to Fight It Will Save Billions of Dollars

Seventeen percent of children and adolescents are obese, leading to absurdly high social costs. Our school system needs to incorporate a plan to teach them to make healthier eating decisions.

XpressWest High Speed Rail Line to Las Vegas is a Huge Taxpayer Gamble

The XpressWest high speed rail line from Victorville, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, would be funded by a $6 billion federal government loan.

American Horror Story Asylum Premiere: Season 2 Review

Believe it or not, American Horror Story: Asylum is scarier, bigger, and badder than before. Better keep the lights on for this season.

Duck Dynasty Season 2: Interesting Television If You Are a Duck

Meet the engineers of duck genocide.

The NASA Advanced Food Technology Project is On One Republican's List of Wasteful Federal Programs

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) lists one of NASA's critical space food research programs on his list of top 100 things to cut out of the federal budget.

Danny Rose Racism Scandal: Serbian Soccer Controversy is Just the Latest in Long Line of Ugly Incidents

Racism in European football again reared its virulent specter on Tuesday night in Krusevac, Serbia during a match between the Balkan nation and England’s U21 sides, with the UEFA yet to condemn.

Brown vs Warren: Scott Brown Desperately Attacks Elizabeth Brown on Asbestos in Massachusetts Senate Race

The Senate race in Massachusetts is only getting more heated as we near election day, as Warren and Sen. Brown turn to controversial asbestos case in advertisements.

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg: This is How They Helped Their Companies Succeed

Don't get hung up on doing a great looking formal business plan, unless you are going to see a bank or get a partner involved.

Presidential Election 2012: Why Nothing Will Change No Matter What the Outcome

In the absence of political coercion, total social and economic freedom creates incredible levels of material wealth and prosperity.

Obama vs Romney: Why Black Republicans Still Might Vote for Obama in Presidential Election 2012

Some black Republicans support Barack Obama to ensure his legacy of hope for the black community. Is this a legitimate reason in and of itself to support the president?

Debate Results: Obama Claims to Love Free Enterprise, But His Policies Demonstrate the Opposite

At the town hall debate, Obama claimed to be a friend of free enterprise. But his policies have done more to undermine freedom than to promote it.

Nicholas Kristof A Possibly Fatal Mistake Article: Why the Article is Wrong in Stopping Us From Being Health Insurance Slaves

The cost of health insurance can make us slaves to our current jobs, but forcing us to buy health insurance won't get us into the doctor's office or lower the cost.

Presidential Polls: Romney Leads Obama Among Independents by 5 Points

A new IBD/TIPP Daily Tracking Poll shows Obama leading Romney by just 1.5 points. The former governor has closed the gap by gaining among female, senior and independent voters.

Who Won the Debate: Obama Did, But Here are 6 Reasons Why We Should Vote for Romney

Are we trying to put the best thespian, the best orator or the best smile into the White House? Or, are we going to elect the most capable person to lead us?

Presidential Debates Show Obama and Romney Have Same Definition of Middle Class

Romney's definition of middle class surprised independents and Democrats, but is no different than Obama's. Interpretation lies in delivery and not definition.

Investing in Infrastructure: The Case for Public Transportation

Expanding infrastructure of public transportation systems in low-income urban areas will stimulate economic development and gradually dissipate wealth disparities between communities.

Women for Romney: An Interview with Romney Insider Cindy Gillespie

Cindy Gillespie and her Women Working With Mitt colleagues want to debunk the War on Women push from the Obama campaign. An interview with Gillespie gives an inside look at the real Romney.

Presidential Election 2012: Video Evidence of Romney Trying To Bully His Way Into the White House

Mitt Romney has a stellar record as a businessman, but if his debate performances against Barack Obama are any indication, Romney is a lousy boss and a condescending bully.

The Federal Reserve Bomb Plot: Why the FBI Helped a Terrorist Try to Blow Up the Fed

Why and how was the FBI involved in this terror plot? And why was the New York Federal Reserve targeted?

George McGovern No Longer Responsive: South Dakota Reflects on the Life of a Great Senator

As the great statesman, George McGovern, enters his final hours, South Dakota reflect on the life of their friend, neighbor, and esteemed representative whom they know as George.

The Truth Behind the 7.8 Percent Unemployment Rate: Bad News for Obama

It's not a conspiracy theory, like some conservatives say. It's scarier than that.

Presidential Polls Are Not as Helpful as Everyone Thinks

While it can be useful, too many people have grown dependant on polls. As a result, polling has become an overblown statistic that politicians and news sources put far too much stock in.

Bobby Jindal Calls Mitt Romney Pro Life President While Limiting Abortions in Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal recently reassured voters concerned about abortion in the presidential election that Mitt Romney is the "only pro-life candidate." Pro-life Jindal is not alone in Louisiana.

Next Presidential Debate: This Will Be the Best Reality TV on Television

Americans are fascinated with reality TV competitions. Does our focus on winners and losers of election debates and moment-to-moment polls smack more of "American Idol" than American President?

Nobel Peace Given to the European Union Could Be Illegal

According to the will of Alfred Nobel made in Paris on November 27, 1895, in setting up the trust in his own words, it is clear that only individuals were intended to be recipients of the awards.

Bound Unbound at Asia Society: Chinese Artist Lin Tianmiao Exhibit Review

Lin Tianmiao's first solo exhibition at the NYC Asia Society is bizarre, surreal and will make your imagination run wild.

Romney Ryan Tax Debate: How the Middle Class Could Actually Benefit From a Complicated Tax Code

The tax code is a mess. The common thinking is to simplify it. I think we need to complicate it, but in a way that benefits middle income earners.