The Casual Vacancy Review: JK Rowling Has Not Mastered Life Without Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling defined a generation of readers with her "Harry Potter" series. Rowling is desperate to write an adult novel, but "The Casual Vacancy" only succeeds at being a little creepy.

Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Winning in Key Swing States as Romney Steps Up Spending

Obama is maintaining his lead amongst likely woman voters, while the decline in the unemployment rate bolsters his chances of winning the key battleground states.

Community Season Premiere: Delay Starts Cancellation Rumors for the Beloved Show

The fourth season premiere of the comedy show Community was set to air on Friday night, but NBC has announced that this date will be postponed indefinitely. What's a Greendale Human Being to do?

Latest Presidential Polls 2012: Obama is Still Winning Big Among Women

For all the brouhaha about Romney making inroads among female voters, a new NBC/WSJ/Marist polls shows the gender gap between Obama and his challenger is alive and well.

Al Smith Dinner: The Top 10 Best One Liners in This Comedic Obama vs Romney Debate

Romney's speech at the 67th annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner was surprisingly funny and had the audience floored. Here are the top 10 lines with GIFs, videos, and cartoons.

McCaskill Akin Polls: Akin Still in Running to Win Missouri Senate Race, a Win Which Would Hurt Republicans

Republicans' gradual re-acceptance of Todd Akin reveals fundamental hypocrisies and the prevalence of extremist positions.

Latest Presidential Polls: Abortion is an Issue For Only 17 Percent of Voters

As voters weigh in more heavily on gender specific issues, the social issue of abortion should bear more weight. Abortion is an issue of humanity, which is not isolated to a specific gender.

Miami University of Ohio Rape Flyer: Why Do We Continue to Make Rape Jokes

A new flyer circulated earlier this week at Miami University of Ohio encourages college men to rape while they can; college officials say it was intended as a joke. Are we laughing, and why?

Mitt Romney As President: Why He is the Best Choice to Lead America

A quick glance at Romney's background is the only proof we need that he is the best man for the job.

George McGovern Near Death: Honoring An American Hero and Vietnam War Pacifist

As George McGovern nears the end of his exceptional life, we pay homage to an American hero whose indelible influence on the American character asks of us to answer his call to "come home."

Jill Stein vs Obama: As a Presidential Candidate, Obama is Not the Lesser of Two Evils

While many believe that Obama is the lesser of two evils, Obama's record on several key issues, including our civil liberties and drone strikes abroad, should make voters consider Jill Stein.

Roger Goodell and the NFL Dodge 9 Billion in Taxes: What the Tom Coburn Report Tells Us About Government Waste

Senator Tom Coburn unveiled mountains of waste in government, including favors like making the NFL a "non-profit" organization.

CIA Drone Strikes: Why the CIA Wants More Drones, and Why It Should Have None

How our aggressive drone strike campaigns are inhumane, fiscally irresponsible and damaging to our diplomatic relations.

More Predator Drones in Pakistan: The CIA Wish List For More Drone Warfare Comes at a Significant Cost

The CIA wants to add capacity to its already controversial drone program in Pakistan, but what is the end game?

President Obama on The Daily Show: The Stakes in This Election Are Really Big

Obama defends his record, his VP's choice of attire, and assures us that the deaths of four Americans "is not optimal."

George McGovern Dying: South Dakota Remembers a Cherished Politician

Statesman George McGovern of South Dakota remains unresponsive in hospice care. A look at the life of one man who gave a new vision for ending world hunger worldwide.

Hugo Chavez Victory in Venezuela: Democracy Wins, But Proves the Middle Class is As Oppressed as Ever

Chávez won again, even when Capriles offered his hand to the poor. The result was democratic, and it proves a point: the Venezuelan middle class is an oppressed and disenfranchised minority.

Presidential Polls: Democrats Panic as Romney Opens 7 Point Lead

Gallup's seven-day tracking poll of likely voters shows Mitt Romney leading President Obama by 7 percentage points, 52% to 45%.

Jon Stewart Obama Interview: A Not Optimal Libya Gaffe (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama sat with Comedy Central's Jon Stewart for the sixth time to give Republican challenger Mitt Romney more ammunition on the Libya attack.

Women in Election 2012: How We Can Go Beyond Binders

This week, Photoshopped stock images of binders abounded after Romney's debate comment, Obama and Romney seek the elusive women's vote, and the role that sex and gender identity play in voting.

Rick Perry Abortion Rules: New Bans on Clinics Affect Reproductive Rights in Texas

Governor Rick Perry's legislative measures when it comes to reproductive rights in Texas have been criticized for allegedly forcing women seeking abortions out of the Lone Star State.

Barack Obama Interview The Daily Show: Watch Jon Stewart Try to Humanize the President

On Thursday night, Barack Obama joined Jon Stewart for an interview on "The Daily Show." The moral of the story? Politicians should not try to humanize themselves.

41 Percent of Young Latinos Voted in 2008, and More Latinos in College May Explain Why

As Florida demonstrates, colleges and universities are providing plenty of opportunities for civic engagement to their growing ranks of Hispanic/Latino students.

Defense of Marriage Act Struck Down: DOMA Rejected by New York Federal Appeals Court

For the second time in federal court, the Defense of Marriage Act is struck down. Conservatives may want to reassess their approach, and target their efforts at the state level.

Radio Unnameable Documentary: Discovering Bob Fass, the Most Dangerous Man on the Radio

"Radio Unnamebale," the new documentary explores the career of Bob Fass, the legendary DJ who pioneered late-night radio in the 1960s. Fass interviewed legends like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.