Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Gains Ground in Ohio Despite Binders and Romnesia

Obama's Ohio lead over Romney shrank from 5 to 1 percentage points, 49% to 48%, according to Public Policy Polling (PPP).

Tonight's Debate Winner: Romney, Not Obama, Comes Out on Top

During the presidential debate at 9 p.m. tonight, stay tuned to this live blog to see if new questions get answered, as well as the funniest moments of Obama vs. Romney.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney and Obama All Tied Ahead of Final Debate, Despite Romnesia Comment

On issue after issue Romney has proven that he is not an ideologue. Romney's severe case of Romnesia extends all the way back to his record as governor of Massachusetts.

Saturday Night Live Video Recap: Obama and Romney Debate, Bruno Mars Hosts SNL

Bruno Mars doubled down as both the host and music guest on Saturday Night Live. Plus, Stefon is back on Weekend Update.

Latest Presidential Polls: Obama and Romney Locked at 47 Percent, But Republicans Say Momentum is on Their Side

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows the two candidates in a 47-47 tie among likely voters nationwide. Republicans, however, think the Obama campaign is "shrinking."

Sandra Fluke Draws 10 People in Reno: Obama Crowds Dwindle in Battleground States

Women's reproductive rights advocate Sandra Fluke has been on the campaign trail since the DNC, but crowds are shrinking. Saturday she spoke to a crowd of 10 at a North Reno, NV supermarket.

Dark Knight Rises Cinematographer Calls The Avengers an Appalling Movie: He is Wrong

Wally Pfister, the Oscar-winning cinematographer behind "Inception" and the "Dark Knight" trilogy, has heavily criticized Marvel's biggest movie, attacking its photography and storytelling.

Chuck Thompson in Better Off Without Em: Book is a Lazy and Cynical Story About the South

After two years travelling the American South, the best thing liberal writer Chuck Thompson could come up with is a snide, 258-page diatribe on why the Southerners should secede and drop dead.

Meteor Shower 2012: Saturday Night Meteor Shower Lights Up the Sky

The Orionid meteor shower this Saturday night is the best, and easiest way to watch exploding comet dust. You should go outside and look up between midnight and dawn Sunday morning.

Manufactured Obama "Not Optimal" Gaffe Distracts From Escalating Drone War

The question of whether the president is callous about human lives should center on drone warfare, not Benghazi.

Orinoid Meteor Shower 2012: When and Where to Watch

The Orionid Meteor shower will be making an appearance early Sunday morning. Viewable to the naked eye, NASA considers it among the most beautiful of meteor showers.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney Ahead in Florida on Eve of Final Presidential Debate

Romney leads Obama by 4 percentage points in The Sunshine State, according to multiple polls reported by FiveThirtyEight.

David Axelrod Meet the Press Interview: We Always Said It Was Going to Be a Close Race

The senior Obama advisor sat with David Gregory on Meet the Press to highlight the president's supposed advantage on early voting, and dismiss the latest polls that show a Romney surge.

George McGovern Dead: How a Humble South Dakotan Sparked the Vietnam War Pacifist Movement

George McGovern, the Democrat who lost to President Richard Nixon in 1972 in a historic landslide, has died Sunday morning at the age of 90.

George McGovern Dead: Presidential Nominee in 1972 Was Staunch Opponent of Vietnam War

George McGovern was a presidential candidate with the guts to run against the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, America wasn't ready for him.

Syria Civil War: The Beirut Bombing and What It Means for the Region and America

Friday's bombing in Beirut reveals old power struggles that have implications far beyond Lebanon and Syria.

Presidential Debate Predictions: What to Watch For During the Foreign Policy Debate

Finally, the third and final installment of the presidential debates will commence in Boca Raton, Florida on Monday. So what should we expect to get out of the debate, other than a bad hangover?

Kickstarter and Indiegogo Crowd Source Investment and Profit But Also Risk

With a rise in crowd funded projects, we must ask ourselves whether it is a wise move or not to finance something that big companies didn't.

FARC and the Peace Process in Colombia: Lets Try This Again

In peace negotiations this week, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos must not concede to drug-trafficking terrorist organization FARC; he must concede to the rule of law.

Marco Rubio Meet the Press Interview: Obama Lacks an Agenda for the Next 4 Years

The Florida senator sat with David Gregory on NBC's Meet the Press and said America has gotten to see the real Mitt Romney (and she likes him).

Real Unemployment: Jobs and Economic Growth For 2013 Will Be Tepid

A repeat of Black Monday was avoided. But 3rd quarter earnings continue to disappoint, unemployment remains discouraging and we sit on a fiscal cliff which could lead back into recession.

Debate Time Tonight: 9PM, and Key Quick Facts

Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Bin Laden, Big Bird, we've heard it all before. The candidates may not have anything new to say at the foreign policy debate, but tune in live at 9:00 pm to watch.