Donald Trump Announcement: Trump October Surprise Fails To Deliver

Donald Trump has once again inserted himself in to the presidential race, this time to drop a faux bombshell about Barack Obama.

Solar Flares 2012: Sun Emits Gigantic Fiery Blast

The sun has emitted some massive solar flares. Should you be concerned?

Donald Trump Surprise: Financial Pundit Claims Trump Has Obama Divorce Papers

Donald Trump plans to reveal a big surprise concerning President Obama on Wednesday. The blogosphere has been up in arms over what it could be, but should we even care?

Taylor Swift Red Album Review: The Album That Made Me Appreciate Swift as an Artist

Although previously skeptical of Taylor Swift's brand of music, her latest album, Red, has changed my views on her considerably.

Pride and Prejudice: The Classic Jane Austen Novel is Not Just for Girls

The common fallacy of Jane Austen novels is that they're girly. I believed that as well, until I picked up a copy of "Pride and Prejudice" and realized how important the book is for all genders.

Romney Loves Teachers: What Teacher Evaluations and Tests Really Mean for American Teachers

While America's teachers got a big shout-out from both Romney and Bob Schieffer during Monday night's debate, the truth is that teachers across the nation have not felt loved for a long time.

What It Means to Feel Foreign

In today's age of globalism and interconnectedness, is the idea of "being a foreigner" even relevant anymore?

Jim Kim, World Bank Chief and Former Dartmouth President, Wants to Cut Global Education Funding

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has been a champion for the world's poor throughout his career, which is why it would be so catastrophic to see the World Bank diminish its support for education

Obama College Transcripts: How Donald Trump Continues To Waste Our Time

If you wanted to hear big election news you should look anywhere but near Donald Trump, who on Wednesday dropped a dud of an announcement pertaining to Barack Obama.

Obama Jay Leno Interview: President Makes Fifth Tonight Show Appearance

This time around we can look forward to Barack Obama making quite a few jokes at Mitt Romney's expense on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Who Won the Third Party Presidential Debate: The Clear Winner is the American Public

Tonight we witnessed a candid discussion of critical issues on domestic and foreign policy in the Third Party Presidential Debate.

Presidential Polls 2012: Snap Polls Are Not the Way to Win the Presidency

Polling is not predictive and debates are not decisive … so, how is one to make up one’s so-called mind when choosing who to vote for?

Tom Stemberg Divorce: Unsealing of Records Could Imperil Romney Campaign

A possible lifted gag order the ex-wife of Staples founder Tom Stemberg could spell trouble for Mitt Romney's campaign.

Man of Steel: Superman Leaves Old Journalism for Drudge Report Style New Media

In the recent instalment of Superman comics, the Man of Steel's alter ego Clark Kent quits his job at the Daily Planet in a move that encapsulates modern journalist in the internet age.

Halloween Costume Ideas: 13 Ways You Can Dress Like the Most Powerful Person in the World

Barack Obama – Put on a pair of big rubber ears. When your friends complain about the party being lame, remind them that they could be at a much, much worse party.

Facebook (FB) Stock Boost: Earnings Report Gives Hope For Its Mobile Business

FB’s problem, along with other Internet companies, is that the small screen of a cellphone “poses design challenges” for where and how to place ads. Are they turning a corner?

The Biggest Foreign Policy Threats to the United States Are the People Who Do Not Understand Foreign Policy

Pundit Kristian Bailey says American foreign policy is colonialist. That's not entirely true, and here's why.

Third Party Debate Winners: First Place: the People; Tied for second, Stein and Anderson

Jill Stein VS Gary Johnson, Whom Will You Vote For??? Please see my Top Issues for ideas to add to yours: Democracy of the people; Dumb Terror Wars; Jobs; Healthcare; Global Warming

Fisher v University of Texas: The Economics of Race Based Affirmative Action

Maintaining current race-based affirmative action programs in U.S. higher-level education will help dissipate the current racial wealth divide in the long term.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Congress Needs To Act Before We All Fall Off

As the economy finally shows signs of an upward swing, I join the Federal Reserve, the IMF and even Wall Street in exhorting Congress to steer the nation away from the cliff.

Lance Armstrong Doping: Americans Will Always Remember Who Won 7 Tours de France

Lance Armstrong will remain more important to us fans than the sport in which he was one of many cheaters.

Gary Johnson Win the Third Party Presidential Debate, Policies of Virgil Goode the Least Popular

For anyone who watched it, Gary Johnson won the third party presidential debate although this will have little bearing on the election.

Lincoln Assassination Witness: Coincidence and the Human Experience

Randomness and free will seem to govern our lives. But like ants, if we pull back and take a look at human motion; we are not as random as we appear.

Log Cabin Endorses Romney: How the LGBT GOP Group Has Abandoned Gay Rights

On Tuesday, the Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBTQ group in the GOP, officially endorsed Mitt Romney's campaign, but a Romney presidency will work against everything the group has been fighting for.

Register To Vote: How To Vote On Election Day 2012

PolicyMic has your how-to guide on how to register to vote and where to go on election day.

Who Won the Third Party Debate? Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson Win, But Americans Are the Biggest Winners

A complete score card for the third part presidential debate.

Ron Paul Is Right: Legalize Marijuana Now

Marijuana has become far too expensive both in financial terms and in the cost to humanity.

Fiscal Cliff, What Fiscal Cliff? The Hot Button Issue Obama and Romney Refuse to Touch in Election 2012

At the debates, both presidential candidates seemed to have more or less passed over the most serious issue facing the US economy: the fiscal cliff.

Ai Weiwei and Pussy Riot: Are These Really the 100 Most Influential People in Art

ArtReview's Power 100 should be seen for what it is: a gossip report that repeats what we already knew.

Bob Kerrey Abortion: Susan B Anthony List Ads and Other Anti Choice Efforts in Nebraska

Last week, the Susan B. Anthony List announced that Bob Kerrey's views on abortion were too extreme, but do Kerrey's views really affect abortion legislation in Nebraska?

Obama vs Romney: On China, Both Candidates Fall Woefully Short

During the third presidential debate, it became clear that neither Obama nor Romney has a solid, distinct China policy.

Happy Endings TV Show: Season 3 Premiere Upstaged by Heavy, Pre Show Publicity

Expectations ran high for Tuesday night's premiere of ABC's hit comedy, but following more than six months of press and social media buzz, we were thrown little to no curveballs.

Google Threatens to Ban French Media if Government Taxes the Search Engine Giant

Refusing to be taxed for linking news content, Google threatens to withdraw French newspapers from its search engine if such tax measure are adopted.

George McGovern Legacy Will Not Die: McGovern Bucked the Establishment to Bring Americans Home

Senator McGovern never stopped the fight to end the war in Vietnam. A fight that eventually got him kicked out of all White House events.

Housing Crisis Turnaround in Sight: The Return of the Housing Market

The recent housing bubble collapse has taken quite a toll on the American economy. With experts predicting return in the very near future, this is exactly the spark the economy needs.

Planned Parenthood Funding: Circuit Court Blocks Defunding of Planned Parenthood in Indiana

On Tuesday, an appellate court in Indiana prevented the state from withdrawing Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood. Arizona courts made a similar decision last week.