Latest Presidential Polls: Real Clear Politics Ohio Polls Show Possible Path to Romney Win Without Ohio

All eyes are on Ohio, but if Romney doesn't pull off a win there, Wisconsin may be enough to make up for it while polls show it's just as close in the Badger State as it is in the Buckeye State.

Presidential Polls 2012: New Numbers Show Romney Losing Momentum, Obama Gaining

Obama's debate performance appears to have stopped Romney's momentum and his approval rating is trending above 50%. That and Colin Powell's endorsement should secure the Electoral College.

Presidential Polls 2012 Ohio: Romney Opens 15 Point Lead Among Independents

A new Time magazine poll found Obama and Romney tied at 45% in crucial Ohio. The president holds a big lead among early voters, while the governor dominates among independents.

Mumford and Sons Babel: The Religious Beginnings of the Most Popular Folk Rock Band in the World

Mumford & Sons is arguably the world's most popular folk rock band, but their sound is strikingly similar the Christian music played at churches across the English countryside.

Brown Warren Polls: Mass Senate Polls Show Elizabeth Warren Pulling Away From Scott Brown

Polls in the Massachusetts senate race show a troubling trend for incumbent Scott Brown in his race against Elizabeth Warren.

Iron Man 3 Movie: Tony Stark May Be the First Super Hero Republican, And Here is Why

Over the years, superheroes have been vessels for the American spirit. Each one, from Superman to Iron Man, says a lot about who we are and our greatest hopes and fears.

Gary Johnson Polls: Johnson Runs First TV Ad as Polls Show Libertarian Trouble For Romney

Gary Johnson's campaign runs its first television ad in several states, including the swing state of Colorado. Will Johnson spoil the party for Mitt Romney?

McDonalds Admits Health and Nutrition is Not a Factor In Their Business Model

McDonald's is ready to answer any question about their food, but 1,000-plus calorie meals speak for themselves.

Obama Rolling Stone Interview: Ayn Rand is for Misunderstood Teenagers

In a new Rolling Stone interview, in which he also calls Romney a "bullshitter," Obama says that Ayn Rand is for "misunderstood teenagers."

Latest Presidential Polls: Gallup Says Romney is Up by 3, as He Casts Himself as the Candidate of Change

Gallup's national tracking poll shows Romney leading Obama 50% to 47%, as the Republican candidate tries to convey a sense of momentum by telling crowds he is the candidate of change.

Superman 13: Man of Steel Demonstrates a Loss of Faith in Media and Society

Superman quitting his job as a reporter reflects America's disillusionment with the media and is part of a larger trend of us losing faith in social institutions.

Romney Flip Flop: Mitt is the Most Two Faced Presidential Candidate in History

During the Obama-Romney foreign policy debate, Romney once again displayed his skill in political bamboozlement and obfuscation.

Mitt Romney Tax Returns: Why Barack Obama and Progressives Hate Private Charities

Barack Obama keeps criticizing Mitt Romney's tax returns. But his real criticism -- that private charity is somehow wrong -- is truly disturbing.

Presidential Polls 2012: As Gender Gap Closes, Candidates Struggle to Learn What Women Want

The newest poll from AP-GfK shows that Mitt Romney may be erasing Barack Obama's lead with women, even as Obama gains with men. Here's what to make of this "churning gender gap."

Obama Passport and College Transcripts: Donald Trumps October Surprise Contained No Trick or Treat

The Donald’s announcement is the latest evidence of a celebrity using his brand to influence politics and using social media to communicate that message.

GOProud and Gay Republicans: Bruce Carroll Wants to Change the Notion that There Are No Gay Conservatives

Bruce Carroll, one of the most influential gay conservative activists in America today, discusses same-sex marriage, bigotry and the 2012 election.

Swing State Polls: In Key States, Gender Differences in Polls May Affect Election

We all know that polls shape elections, swing states shape elections, and women's votes shape elections. So what do polls of women in swing states tell us about the shape of this election?

Student with 4.95 GPA Denied High School Diploma Will Now Get High School Diploma

A school district in Nevada denies a diploma to a student who drops out to attend Georgia Tech.

Jill Stein for President: Why Obama Has Not Fought for the 99 Percent

While Obama supporters argue that the president has done the best he can for the 99%, there are two key instances in which the president failed to use his office to advocate for us.

Mitt Romney Obamacare: Why Emergency Rooms Cannot Be Substituted for Primary Care

Despite what Mitt Romney has said, relying on emergency rooms to treat patients is not a sustainable approach to health care, or for hospitals, for those who do not have insurance.