Artificial Sweeteners: Why You Should Completely Avoid Them to Stay Healthy

The FDA and the USDA claim to have our best intentions in mind, but they lack in fully educating people about the foods that they should and should not be eating.

Latest Presidential Polls Show Election 2012 Slipping Away From Obama

When you analyze everything from voter turnout predictions, GOP voter enthusiasm, swing state poll tracking and independent leanings, it's evident why 2012 won't look anything like 2008.

Latest Presidential Polls Predict the End of the Romney Surge

Recent polls suggest that while Romney has closed the gap with President Obama, he seems to have reached his ceiling. The question is, will Obama take off?

Presidential Polls 2012: Why Virginia and Colorado Could Tip the Electoral College Map

Forget about Ohio. Virginia and Colorado may hold the key to the White House this November.

Latest Presidential Polls: In Battleground States Like Ohio, Polls Indicate a Close Race

With less than two weeks left before the election, President Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will focus the rest of their campaigns on the battleground swing states.

Latest Presidential Polls: Ohio Up For Grabs as Romney Camp Disputes Time Magazine Obama Lead

The Romney campaign has issued a memo disputing the Time magazine poll that shows Obama ahead by 5 points in the crucial battleground state of Ohio.

Facebook (FB) Stock: FB Employees Stand to Earn Over 5 Billion Dollars This Month, and Here is Why

Facebook (FB) employees holding 225 million shares of restricted stock will be $5.2 billion richer in a few days.

Benghazi Terror Attack: CIA Operatives Told Twice to Stand Down During Fight, Plot Thickens

Most Americans are unaware that the 9/11 Ansar al Sharia attacks on the US consulate and annex in Benghazi lasted more than 8 hours. CIA special ops disobeyed orders and saved lives.

Ron Paul in the White House: What a Ron Paul Presidency Would Look Like

Ron Paul is known for his libertarian views and multiple presidential runs, but what would a Ron Paul presidency actually look like?

Latest Polls: On Gay Marriage Question, Wide Division in Maine, Maryland, Washington, Minnesota

Polling results in four states voting on marriage equality this November demonstrate nationwide divisions on civil rights.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney and Obama Vie for Women Voters

From breast cancer bracelets to binders full of women, both presidential candidates seek to improve their standing with so-called "waitress moms" in an attempt to win over undecided women.

Who Won the Third Party Debate? Everyone that Watched - LIVE Coverage Tonight 9PM EST.

Follow along for live coverage of the third party presidential debate between Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama is Still the Favorite to Win Key Swing States, and the Presidential Race

Although Romney keeps portraying himself as the candidate who is poised to win the election, Obama still retains his lead in four key states ... more than enough to propel him to a second term.

Tina Fey Rape Rant: Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler, and Other Celebs Speak Up

Tina Fey is about to lose her mind, Amy Poehler is drawing the line, you don't own Lesley Gore, and Lena Dunham wants you to vote: why celebrities are speaking up about women's rights.

Mitt Romney Economic Plan Would Put America on the Road to Greece

Romney says we're spending our way to disaster, but he has it backwards. It's his policies that would take us down "the road to Greece."

Ron Paul for President: Why Democrats Should Consider Paul as a Progressive Choice

Does believing in civil liberties come down to voting for a guy who opposed the Civil Rights Act instead of the guy with the Nobel Peace Prize?

Latest Presidential Polls: Swing State Polls Indicate Possible Election Night Mess

Ohio, Florida, and Virginia are the three most closely watched states in the presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. But for Romney, Ohio may be the most important of all.

Lena Dunham Ad: New Obama Video Says All the Wrong Things

Barack Obama's latest ad claims that voting for him is like using your virginity. Is this what American politics has come to?

Mitt Romney Loves Teachers, But What About Teachers Unions?

It is no secret that American public education is failing our young people, but to put complete blame on teachers’ unions is wrong. We must also look at poverty and other debilitating factors.

Abortion: Why South Dakota Has One of Worst Pro Choice Records in America

Since 2005, the majority of anti-abortion legislation proposed in South Dakota has passed, creating major changes over the last decade when it comes to abortion rights in the state.

Lena Dunham Obama Ad: This Video Makes Me Want to Vote For Romney

In what could be the worst campaign ad ever, Lena Dunham takes a page from Vladimir Putin and gives Romney an unexpected assist with her ad comparing voting for Obama to first-time sex.

Donald Trump Should Be Ashamed of Himself for Bogus Announcement

Celebrities have been exploiting the election for their personal gain for some time now, and the American public needs to discourage it by not paying attention to it.

Obama vs Romney Foreign Policy: Both Candidates Completely Miss the Mark on Africa Policy

Regardless of who wins in November, Africa can expect US policy over the next four years to be marked by indifference and continuity. Obama has the edge in this area but only slightly.

Ohio Polls: Romney Tied, Just Like Chris Christie Predicted

Days before the first presidential debate, Christie was mocked for predicting that Romney's debate performance would be a game-changer. Who's laughing now?

World Bank Should Be Blamed for Land Grabs in Africa

The narrative challenging the global land grab focuses on corporate hegemony. But the actual dynamic to blame, after all, may be a bias favoring the urban folk at the expense of rural people.

Obama vs Romney: When It Comes to Women Voters, All Campaigns Offer Is Talk

Women’s rights issues have been slowly eroding away, and we have yet to see either campaign propose anything concrete to fight it.

Cloud Atlas Review: This is the Must See Movie of the Decade, But Not in IMAX

Lana and Andy Wachowski craft the best film in years, with spectacular performances from Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Doona Bee.

Obesity Crisis: Childhood Obesity Rate Rises, US Companies Partly to Blame

Two of the largest cereal brands in the world aren't really concerned with our children's health. Their pledge to cut salt and sugar from their cereals, but not in the U.S., is a ploy.

Diabetes Cure Yet to Be Found, But Death Rate Drops 44 Percent

According to the CDC and NIH, excess death rates from diabetes fell by 44% in a decade. With 26 million diabetics in America, that adds up to a lot.

Facebook Stock: 20 Percent Growth Fueled by Mobile Success

The social network seems to have figured out how to make money out its mobile business model.

Foreign Policy Obama vs Romney: Both Have Poor Middle East Policy

Obama emphasized the importance of equality and democratic ideals in new Middle Eastern governments in Monday's debate. His administration's policies tell a different story.

Forward, the New Obama Video: A Final Push for Undecided Voters by Ne Yo

Few things can persuade undecided voters this late in the race. But this video by Ne-Yo and Natasha Bedingfield, among others, will make you reelect President Obama.

Popular Blogs: Emerging Writer Heather Davis Joins the Popular Trend of TMI

In this age of blogging, e-books and online journalism, writers are working harder than ever to stand out. Heather Davis is one of those emerging writers.

Seal Team Six: Documentary is a Flop, Not an October Surprise

Seal Team Six, regardless of claims by Harvey Weinstein, is a piece of political theatre. However, Conservatives should take comfort in the fact that it won't matter much in the election.

Cloud Atlas Movie Review: Wachowski Siblings New Movie Never Finds Its Way

"Cloud Atlas" spans hundreds of years, six plot lines, and three directors. With Halle Berry and Tom Hanks at the helm of this sinking ship, there are flashes of greatness muddled by confusion.

Obama MTV Interview Live: Watch the President Speak to Millennial Voters

At 5 pm Friday, President Obama will speak to millennial voters live on MTV. Watch here as the president answers questions that apply directly to us.

Syrian Civil War: Why the Assassination of Al Hassan Will Not Spill Over into Lebanon

After the explosion and Major General Wissam Al-Hassan's assassination, Lebanon will have to worry about long-term security effects, but those don't include civil war spilling over from Syria.

Rick Berg Anti Abortion Bill: In North Dakota, Anti Choice Legislation is the Norm

Former State Representative Rick Berg, currently running for Senate in North Dakota, voted for a bill that would have made abortion akin to homicide. Berg currently leads in the race.