Youth Vote 2012: 5 Millennials Explain Why Young People Will Not Vote in Election 2012

Some young adults don't see the value in voting during elections. They're frustrated and it's not their civic duty to vote.

Ohio Polls: Obama Will Win Ohio, But Here is How Romney Could Still Win the Presidency

Willard Mitt Romney could make history by becoming the first Republican presidential candidate to win the election without carrying Ohio in over four decades.

Presidential Polls: Romney and Obama Tied, Here is the One Factor That Could Decide the Race

Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama was thought to be a non-event. But Powell’s endorsement did make news because it is being argued in conservative circles that it is based on race, not issues.

Donald Trump Offers Obama a 5 Million Dollar Halloween Deal, Here is How the President Should Respond

Donald Trump has once again embarrassed himself this week as his 'deal' to Obama is ridiculed.

Ohio Presidential Polls: Obama and Romney Even at 48, But This Group Could Break the Tie

Rasmussen says Obama and Romney are tied at 48% in Ohio, but the 3% of the Buckeye State's undecided voters could sway the state (and the election) one way or another.

Latest Presidential Polls: Obama and Romney Tied in Key State That Could Decide Election

While everyone looks at Ohio, Wisconsin is quietly setting itself up to be the deciding factor in Election 2012.

Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Dominates Millennial Vote, But This Factor Could Diminish His Chances

In a poll on the youth vote, the Harvard Institute of Politics found that 48% of respondents would vote for Barack Obama and only 26% would vote for Romney. However, turnout will be key.

Hurricane Sandy Path: LIVE Track Frankenstorm As it Makes Landfall

Hurricane Sandy could cause quite a lot of damage in the northeastern United States before Halloween.

Latest Polls: These Senate Races Will Make Republicans Bang Their Heads on November 6

Why Democrats in the Senate should send Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock flowers.

Equal Pay for Equal Work: Why the Gender Pay Gap is Alive and Well in America

An America Association of University Women study shows women's salaries are lower just one year out of college. Discrimination, not just career and family choices, is the culprit.

How the Liberal Media Twisted Richard Mourdock's Words

Marginalizing beliefs like Richard Mourdock's is both profoundly bad theology and a huge strategic mistake.

Gary Johnson, Jill Stein Are Only the Candidates You Should Vote for in Election 2012

Who to vote for is a looming question for those disappointed by Obama but turned off by Romney (or vice versa). Luckily, there are alternatives who will put our country back on track.

Lena Dunham Obama Ad Could Dramatically Backfire on President Obama

The Obama campaign's newest ad targets millennial women, the demographic of Lena Dunham's show Girls, but will it ultimately cost the president votes?

Cloud Atlas Director Lana Wachowski Opens Up on Being Transgender in Hollywood

This weekend, Cloud Atlas, the much anticipated science fiction movie based on the 2004 book of the same name, is set to be released. Less is known about the film's transgender director.

Presidential Polls Map Will Become a Nightmare if Neither Candidate Reaches 270 Electoral Votes

A tight race, such as the Obama vs. Romney match, offers the possibility for crazy scenarios.

How Women Can Silence Todd Akin: Get Out the Vote in Election 2012

When representatives like Todd Akin, Joe Walsh, and Roscoe Bartlett run for political office, voters should keep in mind that they will be legislating based on their personal views.

This Week, Recapped in 8 Feminist GIFs

This week, Richard Mourdock established his credits as Akin 2.0, the gap between conservatives and liberals widened as the race got closer, and a few voices spoke out to tell their own stories.

Voter Fraud: Texas AG Threatens Election 2012 International Observers

Texas Attorney General Abbott, supported by Gov. Rick Perry, warns against international observers interference with Texas elections.

Berlusconi Jail Time: Former Italian PM Sentenced to Four Years for Tax Fraud

Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to four years for tax fraud, but he will likely never see the inside of a cell.

Forget the Economy, Here is the Unexpected Issue Which Could Doom Either Obama or Romney

After all the campaign promises and vicious attacks, the political future of America can be distilled down to one important issue: partisanship.