MTA and New Jersey Transit Hurricane Sandy Update: When Will Subway and Train System Reopen

Hurricane Sandy has shut down all of the New York and New Jersey transit systems.

Hurricane Sandy Jokes: 20 Jokes to Get You Through the Storm

For all of those stuck waiting the storm out, here are the top 20 Sandy jokes and one-liners that will hopefully lighten this dark day.

Latest Presidential Polls: Ohio Polls Show Possible Lead For Obama Over Romney

Looking at recent polls and taking a holistic analysis of the voters in Ohio, it looks as if Obama still holds a lead over Romney, however slight.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Set For Slim Win in Ohio As Romney Struggles on the Ground

Although President Obama and former Governor Romney are neck and neck in the national polls, Obama leads in the swing-state polls and has the ground game needed to secure victory.

Gary Johnson For President: This is What America Would Look Like if He Were Elected President

Gary Johnson's presidential platform includes eliminating the Department of Education, auditing the Federal Reserve, and repealing Obamacare. But what would he actually do if elected?

Ron Paul as President: What a Ron Paul Presidency Would Really Look Like

Even facing significant opposition, a considerably smaller federal government would likely result. Also, Paul's views on Israel and social policies are more complex than often suggested.

Confessions of an Arab-American Woman

I am a "Star Wars" nerd, and a rock climber, I have a Korean-American boyfriend. But, it took me years to come to terms with one of the biggest parts of my identity; I am an Arab-American woman.

Hurricane Sandy Path: Eye of Hurricane Sandy Heading Straight For Atlantic City and Philadelphia

With winds whistling outside, the events of Hurricane Sandy are a good time to review the politics of Obama and Romney in election 2012.

National Hurricane Center: Sandy Could Flood Millions of Homes

Brace for impact: Hurricane Sandy has already claimed at least 67 lives, and it's ready to rip through the Northeastern United States.

Monday Night TV Cancelled Due to Hurricane Sandy: Dancing with the Stars, Revolution Are Still All New

CBS and the CW are canceling Monday night TV due to Hurricane Sandy. "How I Met Your Father," "Gossip Girl," and many others will be reruns. "Revolution" and "Dancing with the Stars" are all new.

Hurricane Sandy Path: How to Track and Prepare For the Epic Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy preparation, tracking, and government announcements. How to ride out the "Frankenstorm," safely.

Katy Perry Endorses Obama and Nicki Minaj Endorses Romney: Celebrities Get Political

It is a war between endorsers in this 2012 presidential election. But who knew it would be between celebrity musicians?

Best Twitter Reactions to Hurricane Sandy: Funny Tweets about the Menacing Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy is too big to be considered normal weather small talk. Here's how some people on Twitter are making light of a big storm.

Obama Children of the Future Ad Blames Mom and Dad For Not Voting the Right Way

If you ever wondered how the Zombie Apocalypse started, the Children of the Future have the answer: failing to vote Obama 2012.

If Joss Whedon Wants a Zombie Apocalypse, He Should Endorse Barack Obama

Joss Whedon thinks Mitt Romney will bring about a zombie apocalypse. But Barack Obama's already got that covered.

Hurricane Sandy Path and Latest Updates: Monster Storm Shuts Down New York City

Nothing says Zombie Apocalypse in New York City like live images of the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and Grand Central Station deserted on a Monday morning.

Economic War With China: Obama and Romney Openly Discuss a China Trade War

In the last presidential debate, Mitt Romney discussed the possibility of a trade war with China. But a close up review of the facts show that the U.S. has no interest in fighting a trade war.

War on Women and Islam: Are Women Really Oppressed in Muslim Countries

While patriarchy and access to education remain contentious issues in the Muslim majority countries, it is not all black and white.

Hurricane Sandy Path Shows Need For Major New York City Infrastructure Improvements

Hurricane Sandy is yet another call for New York to reevaluate and improve its infrastructure to take on the negative effects that storm flooding has on our water supply, farms and highways.

Obama vs Romney Presidential Election: 10 Things You Should Look For From the Next President

When Americans head to the polls next Tuesday, they should keep in mind these 10 important features of any successful government.

Homeland Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Q and A Brings Carrie and Brody Together Again

This week's episode of "Homeland" is the best the season's had to offer so far, showcasing the electric relationship between its protagonists.

Presidential Polls 2012: More Voters Trust Obama On Critical Energy Issues Facing the US

A new poll from the University of Texas, Austin, shows an increase in pro-environmental sentiment across the nation.

Why Obama Should Win: Based on His Record, Obama Deserves a Second Term in Office

Obama deserves a second term in office because of his substantial accomplishments as president despite the unyielding opposition of Republicans.

What to Do Inside During a Hurricane: 7 Rainy Day Movies to Watch While You Weather Hurricane Sandy

The weather outside is frightful ... but movies inside are delightful. (As long as the power doesn't blow.) Here are 7 movies what to watch while Hurricane Sandy rages outside.

Obama Holds Press Conference on Hurricane Sandy: Here is What He Said

President Obama delivered some remarks from the White House on Monday morning about the government's preparations for Hurricane Sandy.

Mitt Romney Twitter Death Threats: Why America Looks Like It Is Starting to Fall Apart

Death threats against Mitt Romney have been pouring in over Twitter. We should be alarmed: we're now one step closer to the debt- and violence-ridden European Union.

Presidential Polls 2012: With Obama and Romney Tied at 47, Must Do 5 Critical Things to Win

As the election draws closer, here are the top five things that President Obama must do if he hopes to win a second term against Republican challenger Mitt Romney on November 6.

Hurricane Sandy Path Also Puts Election 2012 Off Course

President Obama and Mitt Romney have rescheduled some of their campaign events because of the approaching mega storm Sandy (a.k.a. Frankenstorm).

Clapper v. Amnesty International USA: SCOTUS Hears This Case Despite Hurricane Sandy

While everything from the subway to Smithsonian museums are closed in Washington D.C. today, the Supreme Court will stay open to hear oral arguments in a case regarding government surveillance.

Shepard Fairey Judges National Art Contest to Get Big Money Out of Presidential Elections

The 2012 presidential election will be remembered for the powerful influence that money had in politics. Join the art drop, and spread the new viral image to keep money out of politics.

Cynthia Dill in Maine Senate Race: The Peculiar Reasons The Democratic Party is Ignoring Her

When it comes to the Maine Senate race, there is a storm brewing between now and Election Day (and I am not talking about Hurricane Sandy).

Caitlin Moran Lena Dunham Interview: What Debates about Feminism Tell Us About the World

In order to continue to be relevant, feminism has to have a conversation with itself about its relationship with society, both domestically and internationally.

Abortion Laws: In Wyoming, Government Takes a Libertarian and Hands Off Approach

While there's been a lot of public debate and demonstration about abortion in Wyoming in the past few years, the state's legislature tends to avoid governmental intervention.

Romnesia and Binders Full of Women: How Political Memes Distract Us From the Issues

Memes can be useful and fun, but we need to work harder than ever to understand not only positions we agree with, but also those we don't.

Angel Haze is a Mix Between Eminem, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu

Angel Haze has skills beyond Nicki Minaj. She's the real thing.

Hurricane Sandy Path: As Storm Hits East Coast, Top 5 Ways Swing States Could Be Affected

Hurricane Sandy will have a profound impact on the lives of voters, which could change the dynamics of the race. Here are the top five ways that Sandy could impact the presidential election.

Dear Hurricane Sandy, Get it Together

Hurricane Sandy, we have a few things to get off our chest. And just in case you didn't know, the pen is mightier than the storm.

Seal Team Six: Why the Bin Lade Movie Will Not Help Obama Win Reelection

The movie that will air two days before the election on National Geographic is politically motivated, but it hardly matters.

Hurricane Sandy, FEMA, and Mitt Romney: GOP Nominee Would Radically Overhaul Federal Agency

Mitt Romney has said he favors drastically overhauling the Federal Emergency Management Agency in favor of a states-based approach.

Viral Tragedy: What Does it Mean to Like (or mic) God's More Questionable Gifts?

Very personal issues and decisions become global fodder in a matter of minutes. Is it any wonder that politicians wind up stepping in piles of complexity?

Hurricane Sandy Playlist: 9 Tracks to Get You Through the Wind and the Rain

Sandy is making landfall in a few short hours. It's time for a hurricane party! Here is your ultimate playlist for your virtual hurricane party.

Obama vs. Romney: When It Comes to Feminist Issues, Both Candidates Lose

As the election nears, feminists must reflect on the issues which remain outside of the discourse of the presidential debates and ways to make politicians and the media alike address such issues.

Hurricane Sandy Path Updates: Twitter Helps People Dodge the Dangers of the Super Storm

Social media is helping people get out of the way as Hurricane Sandy has progressed. Real updates in real time are helping New Yorkers weather the storm.

Rules of Cricket: Your Comprehensive How to Play Cricket Guide

If cricket is to find a home in America, and it certainly should, there must be a guide to ease amateurs into the sport. Look no further.

How to Fix the Economy: The Economic Case for Stronger Traditional Families

The breakdown of the family unit is a problem that affects the economic situation of our society. Here's how to fix it.

Brown Warren Debate: Citing Hurricane Sandy, Scott Brown Withdraws From Debate against Elizabeth Warren

If the Warren/Brown debate Tuesday night is rescheduled as result of Hurricane Sandy it is likely there will be repercussions at the polls on the following Tuesday.