Ron Paul Warned Us: United States, Not China, Is Biggest Currency Manipulator

Romney's harsh criticisms of China during the debates and on the campaign trail ignore the real currency manipulators in Washington.

Latest Presidential Polls: Mitt Romney is Leading in Ohio, Oversampling Explained

Three automated polls were released this week in Ohio. They show a tie, Obama +1 and Obama +4. But, these polls are wrong, and this article explains why Romney is really leading in all three.

When Will the Subways Be Running: Mayor Bloomberg Updates NYC After Sandy

According to Mayor Bloomberg, subways are projected to remain closed for at least three days, but buses will run on a Sunday schedule beginning at 5 p.m. today.

Assassins Creed 3 Review: Everything You Need to Know About the New Game

As one of the most hyped games of the year, "Assassin's Creed III" has seen a lot of coverage and bears the burden of fan expectation like few other franchises.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney Leading Nationally As the Media Begins Supporting the GOP Candidate

Poll watchers have been driven nuts over the past few weeks, but the theory of an undertow election could mean that Romney's going to shred all over Obama like Kelly Slater.

Hurricane Sandy Could Cost US 50 Billion Dollars in Damages

Hurricane Sandy wrecked the NYC area and New Jersey. Millions are affected byt power outages, subway systems are crippled, and flooding is extensive. This will be a mess to clean up.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Will Likely Win Nevada By 3 Points, a Critical Swing State Victory

Nevada is a presidential swing state, but also has heated battles for the Senate and House. Obama will win the state, but Republicans punch back with down ticket victories.

Mayan Calendar: What the Modern Mayans of Guatemala Are Expecting, and Dreading on December 21

The direct descendants of the Mayans are said to foretell the end of the world in December ask the rest of us, if we can't understand, at least to respect what it means to them.

Millennial Sex is Defined by the Hook Up Culture, and College Campuses Are Taking Note

Nearly half of reported sexually transmitted infections occur in people from ages 15-24. To help lower these numbers, colleges across the country are promoting safe sex practices and education.

Best Twitter Reactions to Hurricane Sandy: 10 Best Twitter Jokes About the Storm

As Sandy rips full force through the East Coast, the Twitter nation takes full advantage of the natural disaster.

Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth Review: Great Characters but the Game is an Epical Fail

Given the past history of its developer and the pathetic gameplay videos, it is safe to say that this is a team best left disassembled.

Hurricane Sandy 2012: Was the New York Hurricane Overhyped

The problem wasn't that Hurricane Sandy was over-hyped. The problem is that we are so prone to news sensationalism, that we ignored the dangers.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: New Jersey Power Outages and Flooding Updates at Christie Press Conference

Thousands of residents of New Jersey are stranded in their homes and without power after last night’s storm surge broke levees, raised sea levels, and destroyed much of the state’s coastal area.

FEMA Hurricane Sandy Aid: Mitt Romney Anti FEMA Remarks Are Not Totally Wrong

As Paul Ryan wryly noted in the last debate, politicans don't always say what they mean. Although Romney displays this foible more often than most, he isn't totally wrong.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why American Austerity is Not the Answer To US Fiscal Woes

U.S. policymakers are gearing up for the fast approaching “fiscal cliff.” But one wrong move, and we're all going to fall off.

Post Tropical Storm Sandy: Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Limited Thanks To Public Safety Networks

Now a post-tropical storm, Hurricane Sandy reminded us of the importance of having a robust public safety network to avert even bigger catastrophes.

Gary Johnson Jill Stein Presidential Debate: Third Party Debate Moved to November 5th

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will participate in a foreign policy debate on November 5th. Stay tuned to PolicyMic for Live Coverage.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Review: New Car Racing Game Sure to be a Joyride

Considering the golden run of its developer and the stellar features in place, the latest "Need for Speed" game is certainly going to be one of the best.

Food Stamp Eligibility: SNAP Program Should Require Nutrition Education For Recipients

While many argue for stricter regulations on food purchases of SNAP participants, a more feasible option may be to enact mandatory nutrition courses.

Richard Mourdock Pro Life: In Cases of Rape, Should We Really be Punishing the Unborn and Innocent

Mourdock expressed his belief that the value of a life is not determined by the circumstances of their conception. In rape, should we really be punishing the innocent?

Presidential Election 2012: Obama Outrageously Asks For Millennials To Vote For Him

President Obama will probably get millennials' votes, but he has no right to ask for it.

Best Movies to Watch During a Storm: Hurricane Sandy Cabin Fever, Take Shelter and Watch These Halloween Movies

It`s not as good as trick-or-treating, but watching a good scary movie can at least keep some of the spirit of Halloween in your hearts.

Hurricane Sandy 2012: Hurricane Puts President Obamas Strengths on Display

As Obama retreats to Washington to monitor Hurricane Sandy, he projects compassion and authority. Meanwhile, Romney is being attacked for his anti-FEMA statements.

Halloween Candy 2012: Health Food Needs to Get the Helloween Out of Here

In defense of eating a whole bunch of candy on Halloween.

Obama Hurricane Sandy: Governors Praise President Response to Hurricane Sandy

Republican and Democratic governors express gratitude for a “great” response to Hurricane Sandy by Obama and the federal government.

US China Relations Could Get Complicated With New Australian Foreign Policy

After decades of successive government foreign and trade policy, Australia still does not have any embedded position within the Asian region.

Hurricane Sandy: Add Storm to a Growing List of Voter Suppression Efforts in Pennsylvania

Hurricane Sandy has already had an overt impact on voters in Pennsylvania: the VOTESPA hotline says its office is closed. But that's far from all when it comes to voter suppression in the state.

John Farrell in Boston: Why the New Red Sox Manager Can Turn the Team Around

John Farrell has the potential to turn around the Boston Red Sox, but he'll have to start with the worst Sox team in at least 10 years.

How to Find Success: To Succeed, You Must First Fail

Everyone fails. It is how people respond to failure, and what they learn from it, that allows them to become successful and even great.

Hurricane Sandy and Big Government: Forget Ayn Rand, Collectivism Is Keeping New York Prepared

Despite conservative talking points to the contrary, New York's preparation for Hurricane Sandy shows government can be effective in ensuring the public's welfare.

Hurricane Sandy Presidential Election Impact: States Have the Power to Postpone Federal Elections

Hurricane Sandy has come ashore and some cities are preparing for extended power outages. Here are three scenarios that could play out if power outages affect Election Day.

Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 Recap: James Van Der Beek Has No Idea What Girls Eat

"Don't Trust The B_In Apartment 23" is back for season two. What should we expect? More James Van Der Beek and Chloe antics that's for sure.

Movies to Watch During a Storm: 7 Classic Movies to Get You Through Hurricane Sandy

Bored at home waiting out Hurricane Sandy? Here are 7 movies to watch in your spare time.

Finding Peace in the Storm's Wake

We woke up this morning to a landscape ravaged by Sandy, and now we are waiting. Waiting for power, for subways, to get moving again. But there is something beautiful in the stopping.