Halloween History: 13 Strange Facts On Why We Celebrate Halloween

Thirteen strange, unusual, and fascinating facts about Halloween.

Presidential Polls 2012: Gallup Puts Romney Ahead Nationally, in Swing States, and With Early Voters

It’s now apparent that President Obama did not get a surge out of the last two presidential debates, and that Governor Romney is clearly in the lead

Presidential Polls 2012: Latest CBS NYT Quinnipiac Poll Shamelessly Skews for Obama

True to form, CBS, The New York Times and Quinnipiac pull out all the stops to make it look like Obama is doing better than he actually is.

Latest Presidential Polls: Romney is Ahead Today, But Odds Show That Obama Will Win in 7 Days

Romney's narrow lead in the national polls has not convinced the Vegas odds makers to bet on red. Odds makers believe Obama will win the electoral college vote and be re-elected.

Lena Dunham Racism: How Caitlin Moran Exemplifies the Problem of Feminist Privilege

Author Caitlin Moran's book How To Be a Woman has been hailed as a feminist masterpiece, but as her comments on Lena Dunham show, she fails to realize that intersectionality is key to feminism.

Justin Bieber Fever In Reverse: Why All the Bieber Hate Is Completely Irrational

In these days of YouTube and Pandora, you really have to go out of your way to listen to stuff you don't like. There's no valid reason for so much hate on Justin Bieber.

MTA and New Jersey Transit Flooding Update: When Will Subway, Train System Reopen After Historic Storm

MTA Chairman Chris Lhota released a statement early Tuesday morning calling Hurricane Sandy the worst disaster in the 108 year history of the system. Subway service will be suspended all day.

Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Holds a 2 Point Lead, But Sandy Has Distorted Many Polls

The latest presidential polls show Romney ahead with less than one week left until the general election.

NYC Power Outage Updates, When Will The Subways Reopen

New York subways will be down for at least three days but buses are running. No public transit at all in New Jersey. Power is still out in lower Manhattan, boroughs, and much of NJ.

Latest Presidential Polls: 52 Percent of Women Support Obama, a Key Group Romney is Trying to Steal Away

President Obama and former Governor Romney must think strategically in what messages to convey in the final days before the election and to whom.

Latest Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Leads Romney in the Only Poll That Matters

With the election less than a week away, most electoral vote projections indicate that Obama has the advantage, while national polls continue to suggest a race that's too close to call.

Latest Virginia Polls: Real Clear Politics Polls Show Romney Leading Obama By Half Point

Presidential polls put Romney slightly ahead in Virginia. Momentum is on Romney's side, but that won't be enough to pick up a needed Senate seat in Virginia.

Chipotle Boorito: How Communities Across America are Celebrating Halloween

It's Halloween time again! Across the country, many communities are doing their best to make sure that families have a safe and fun Halloween night.

Michael Moore Obama Ad Makes Lena Dunham First Time Ad Look Oscar Worthy

Lena Dunham's Obama ad last week looks Academy Award-worthy compared to Michael Moore's horrific elder-ploitation ad guaranteed to drive people away from Obama.

Gary Johnson as President: How Election 2012 Could Pave the Way for Third Parties

Mitt Romney represents the last chance to retain the current political landscape.

Women Are Only 17 Percent of Congress: Why Gender Equality Should Be Domestic Policy

Romney and Obama mentioned gender equality as part of foreign policy in the final debate, but since women make up only 17% of the U.S. legislature, both should be focusing on it domestically.

Obama Drone Strikes: UN Will Launch Investigations into Obama Terror War

Whichever candidate is elected president next week already has his work cut out for him. He will have to answer to UN investigations into civilian deaths caused by U.S. drone attacks.

Halloween 2012: How To Celebrate Halloween If You're a Single Guy

The most scantily clad holiday of the year is upon us. Keep it safe, keep it sexy. Depending on your situation in life, here's what a man should focus on.

Presidential Polls 2012: The Race is Tilting Towards Romney, As Obama Loses Major Ground

The latest presidential polls show Romney is definitely ahead in the popular vote according to every pollster, although his lead is usually within the margin of error.

Latest Election Polls Show Republicans Can Win the Senate If They Win 4 Out of 8 Toss Up States to Lock A Majority

Analyzing the lessons from the 2010 Senate elections, polls show that the GOP could have easily locked a Senate majority in 2012. But their chances now rest with how many states Romney carries.

Obama Accounting Error: Why Taxing the Rich Will Not Solve Our Fiscal Crisis

Fact: taking all of the 1%'s money wouldn't even pay for our yearly deficits. Yet liberals continue to savage the rich. When will they add up the numbers?

Friend Zone: University of Wisconsin Study Claims It Is Impossible For Men and Women To Be Just Friends

Just because there’s physical attraction between two people doesn’t mean there can’t be friendship. And that’s what this study seems to claim.

Halloween 2012: 13 Scary Stories From William Shakespeare to Neil Gaiman

With Halloween coming up, here are 13 scary stories for your reading pleasure.

Star Wars Episode 7: Disney Will Change the George Lucas Franchise for the Better

Some "Star Wars" fans are upset that Disney has purchased Lucasfilms and taken control of the franchise. With George Lucas out of the picture, "Star Wars" can only improve.

Sexy Halloween Costumes: Why Women Cannot Win, Even on Halloween

For women, Halloween highlights that while we’re being pushed more and more into narrowly-defined over-sexualized expressions of ourselves, we are, at the same time, being shamed for them.

Romney FEMA Flap: Hurricane Sandy Backs Romney Into a Corner On Federal Disaster Relief

During the GOP Primaries, Romney stated that he would consider shutting down FEMA. With Hurricane Sandy ravaging the east coast, Obama could use the statements against him.

Horror Movies and the Zeitgeist: Why Seeing Horror Movies in the Theater is Worth Your Money

Horror movies are one of the last bastions of humble budget, low-profile films, and they paint gruesome pictures of America that other genres are scared to approach.

Election 2012 Voting: 5 Reasons Why You Should Vote On Election Day November 6

Less than a week away from the election, here are five reasons you should go to the polls.

Halloween Movies: Hocus Pocus, Paranormal Activity and the 13 Best Horror Movies Ever Made

Treat yourself to 13 of most awesome horror films ever made by anyone, in existence, ever. Trick your more spineless friends into watching them with you.

Happy Halloween: But Why Do We Celebrate This Holiday

This year, the untimely arrival of Hurricane Sandy coincides with Halloween. Kids and adults will try to salvage what they can of the holiday, but questions about its origins are sure to emerge.

Romney China Policy: Why China Wants a Mitt Romney Victory

With such a tough and critical stance on China, it is surprising that many within China's central government are privately hoping that Romney does win the election.

The Scariest Thing This Halloween: The Tea Party Launches a "News" Network

On Halloween evening, news is out that the Tea Party has launched a new media network. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Star Wars Episode 7: Disney Buys Lucasfilm Says They Have 3 New Star Wars Movies in the Pipeline

Star Wars fans benefit from Disney acquiring Lucasfilm. And Disney benefits from the resources of Skywalker Sound and Industrial Light & Magic as well as the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy.

Madonna MDNA Tour: Singer Booed After Telling Crowd To Vote Obama

Do celebrities have a place endorsing political candidates, given the backlash we've seen recently? Of course they do, as long as they use their power responsibly.

Latest Presidential Polls: Florida Too Close To Call As Romney Campaigns in Florida and Obama Tours Hurricane Sandy Damage

With Barack Obama in a virtual tie with Mitt Romney, the president will join Chris Christie in New Jersey today to survey the damage left by Hurricane Sandy while Romney campaigns in Florida.

Halloween Music: Every Song You Need to Celebrate Halloween Tonight

For those that are plan on celebrating Halloween, here are some of the most common themes of Halloween including parties, candy, superstitions, and music.

Jan Brewer Abortion Ban: Extreme Anti Choice Legislation in Arizona and Utah

In the Four Corners area, Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer has redefined pregnancy and Utah has banned sex-selective abortions, while New Mexico remains focused on its budget over abortion rights.

Election 2012: How Hurricane Sandy May Be the Biggest Factor for Obama and Romney

When it comes to the presidential election, Hurricane Sandy is a mixed bag for both candidates, as even in the aftermath of the storm makes its presence felt in early voting and in the media.

Hurricane Sandy Relief: GOP Congressman Steve King Wants Strict Conditions On It

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King's position is unrealistic and political.

Zombie Apocalypse: Hollywood Predicts a Romney Win Means the Apocalypse, But No One is Listening

Joss Whedon's anti-Romney ad is the latest in Hollywood's scare tactics to get people to vote for Obama. But even the threat of a zombie apocalypse won't win the cause for them.

Hurricane Sandy Damages: Why Funding for Public Services Matters More Than Ever

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, most Americans would likely agree that well-funded public services are critical to keeping our communities, local economies, and environment safe.

Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Promises Star Wars Episode 7

Disney has purchased Lucasfilm from filmmaker George Lucas for $4.05 billion and has promised to relaunch the blockbuster franchise with Star Wars: Episode 7 in 2015.

The Positive Side of Hurricane Sandy: Written from My iPhone in the New Jersey Blackout

As a New Jersey resident, we've been without power for days and it could be days more. The positive side of all of this? It has brought my family closer together.

Halloween 2012 Costumes: 10 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

The ultimate dilemma for a girl on Halloween: should you wear a slutty costume? Below, a pro/con list to guide you through the decision making process.