Presidential Debate Transcript: Romney Wins First Presidential Debate

Analysis and full transcript of Wednesday night's first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Real Unemployment Rate: U6 Rate Stays at 14.7 Percent, as U3 Falls to 7.8 Percent

On Friday morning, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will released its monthly jobs report, which indicated the unemployment rate had fallen to 7.8%.

Presidential Polls 2012: After Debate, Polls Show Romney Gaining in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia

Mitt Romney's debate performance is paying off. Despite a drop in the unemployment rate, Romney is now within striking distance of these valuable swing states.

10 Legit Ways to Travel the World With $0 in the Bank

It is possible for the savvy traveller to see the world with $0 in the bank. Here are 10 ways to do so.

Presidential Polls 2012: Real Clear Politics Says Obama Can Win Despite Economy

If Obama sweeps the southern battleground states not only will he win the election, he will seriously damage the Republican Party's presidential strategy.

How Many People Watched the Presidential Debate: Mediocre TV Ratings, But New Records on Twitter

Preliminary results show that last night’s presidential debate was the highest rated debate of the election so far, with a 19% increase in viewers over 2008.

Presidential Debate Transcript: Text of First Presidential Debate

Analysis and full transcript of Wednesday night's first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

October Surprise: Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.8 Percent Could Shake Up Polls in a Big Way

BOOM! That is the sound of the announcement that unemployment is now at 7.8%, which is lower than the level of unemployment when President Obama took office. Will this change the dynamics?

Latest Presidential Polls Show 1 in 6 Americans Think Abortion is Important in Election 2012

While the economy is issue number one for most voters, a recent Gallup poll reminds us that other issues aren't off the table yet, including controversial issues like abortion rights.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: FB COO Says Company Has Moved on From Failed IPO, But Investors Have Not

The response to COO Sandberg was tepid as the stock was unchanged in after-hour trading. The stock closed Tuesday at $22, down from the $38 offering price.

Romney Defeats Obama (in Word Count): Highlights and Analysis of Obama vs Romney Debate

ERMAGHERD! Barack Obama is coming to UW-Madison tomorrow! On Bascom Hill! Tonight, your friendly cheesehead (transplant) live blogs the debate from the foot of the hill at UW's Memorial Union.

Presidential Polls 2012: As Obama and Romney Clash, Less Than 30 Percent of Millennials Feel Like They Count

Though the question of our government’s future is being described as the "fight of a generation," our voice is the one that is woefully absent from the conversation.

iPhone 5 Problems: Patent Wars, Not iOS Maps, is Apple Biggest Problem

Apple’s decision to not include Google Maps in its iPhone 5 is a power play on the part of both companies trying to expand their market share in an increasingly competitive market.

James Bond Day and Skyfall Movie Trailer: Why Agent 007 Deserves His Own Holiday

At long last, Agent 007 gets his own holiday.

First Presidential Debate: Romney Will Cut PBS and Jim Lehrer, Big Bird to Collect Welfare

The drastic consequences of a Mitt Romney presidency on the residents of Sesame Street and you.

Obama vs Romney: The Government Legitimacy and Power Comes From the People, Not From Politicians

Anarcho-capitalism is the only sustainable structure of governance, because it is the only pure system of voluntary cooperation that does not grant illegitimate power to a political class.

Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.8 Percent as 350,000 More Americans Quit: How This Relates to the 2008 Election

America has now added 200,000 net new jobs the past two months and lost 700,000 Americans from the roles of job seekers which caused our unemployment rate to drop from 8.3% in July to 7.8% today.

Unemployment Rate Drops: BLS Numbers Are Imprecise and Do Not Reflect Real Picture

Measuring big things and big ideas is difficult. The government tries to get a feel for national unemployment, but every attempt is imprecise and reveals government's basic lack of knowledge.

Student Loan Defaults Could Drag Down the Economy

The last time this many Americans had massive debt they couldn’t handle, the housing market collapsed, dragging down the rest of the economy with it, first locally and then internationally.

Jersey Shore Episode: What Snooki and JWoww Revealed in the Premiere

It's Jerzday and season 6 of "Jersey Shore" is finally here. Here's what to expect from Snooki, JWoww, The Situation and the whole Jersey Shore crew. Final season premiere airs Oct. 4 on MTV.

What Kurt Vonnegut Would Say About Obama vs Romney in Election 2012

Part long-overdue homage, part collection of pertinent quotes from some of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut books. A light-hearted "interview" with the late author and humanist.

World of Warcraft Gaming Makes People Unfit for Public Office: So Says Maine Republicans

Maine Republicans have created a website dedicated to Colleen Lachowicz who is running for the state senate. It claims Lachowicz is unfit to run for office because she plays World of Warcraft.

Ai Weiwei Exhibition 2012: Chinese Dissident Opens First US Show in Washington DC

Ai Weiwei cannot be at his first U.S. show (Chinese authorities have his passport), but you should go; even if only to see the art which caused the Chinese government to bulldoze his studio.

Adele, Laura Marling and the Relevance of Love Songs in the Age of Hipsterism

British "nu-folk" singer and critical darling Laura Marling helps continue the rich and troubling tradition of torch-singing as she embarks on her U.S. tour this month.

Latest Presidential Polls on Abortion: Tennessee Cares About Pro Life Attitudes Too

Abortion is as much an issue in the upcoming elections as it's ever been. But in the past four years, legislators in states like Tennessee have already been making their stances clear.

Guantanamo Bay Still Open, But Release of Youngest Detainee by Obama is a Step in the Right Direction

The release of Omar Khadr, the youngest prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, is a positive step forward and evidence of the Obama administration's continued efforts to close the infamous detention center.

Hamas in Gaza: Abuse and Torture Accusations Plague Hamas

Human Rights Watch alleges widespread use of torture and abuse in Gaza by Hamas. The government in Gaza is accused of arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detention, torture, and unfair trials.

Xbox Live Election 2012 Hub: Mitt Romney Wins, as Presidential Debate Watched on Xbox Live

According to a Microsoft representative, Mitt Romney has won the first presidential debate when it streamed on Xbox Live.

SpaceX to Send First Commercial Resupply Mission to Space

Elon Musk's company will send its SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft with 1,000 pounds of supplies for new scientific investigations.

Friday Jobs Report: Could Add More Pain to Obama After His Presidential Debate Defeat

The fallout from the first debate will be compounded by the September labor report. Obama will have to scramble to mount an effective counter-attack.

Carly Rae Jepsen This Kiss New Song Review: Because Hipster is Too Mainstream

It's October, which means the death of summery good times and fun. Thankfully, the gods have granted us two bits of respite from the chilly months ahead: the season of fall and great music.

30 Rock Premiere: Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, and Final Season Spoilers

"30 Rock" returns to NBC for its final season. Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and Tracy Morgan prove smart comedy can be popular, and politics are just as hilarious as everyone thought.

Presidential Polls May Not Matter to Voters like Homer Simpson

After the first presidential debate, Americans theoretically have more information to go on in making their choice on November 6th. But are they really paying attention? Just ask Homer Simpson.

Obama vs Romney: Both Candidates Continue to Fail to Address the Needs of Young Voters

Despite the so called "wonkiness" of the first presidential debate, neither candidate offered any actual plans for protecting the future for young people.

Venezeula Elections 2012: Chavez vs Capriles Election Will Likely Be Marred by Vote Fraud

Sunday's Venezuelan presidential election between Hugo Chavez and Henrique Capriles Radonsky is not likely to be free or fair.

NYC Culture Events: Where to Meet Carla Hall, Susanna Moore, and RL Stine

Three individual events, open to the public, allow fans a chance to meet with three celebrated authors and purchase their latest works.

Jay Z Livestream Concert at Barclays Center: King of Rap Takes His Kingdom to YouTube

Did you miss out on tickets to Jay-Z's Brooklyn concert series? Well, his final concert in the eight-concert series will be livestreamed Saturday night. Let's chat.

Vice Presidential Debate: Paul Ryan Budget Has an Arithmetic Problem

Bill Clinton prepared us for Paul Ryan trying to sell a tax plan without giving any numbers beyond chanting "revenue-neutral". Voters should wait for the "arithmetic!"

Jay Z and the Barclays Center Do Not Truly Represent Hip Hop: Underground Star Jon Murdock Does

While canned "hip hop" productions have kept rapping about money, girls and car rims since 1999, some choose to make actual music.