Latest Presidential Polls: Even Rasmussen Says Obama Retains National Lead Despite Debate

However, the situation in swing states seems to be shifting as Ohio inches away from Democrats and back into battleground status.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Emma Watson Will Not Be Cast As Anastasia Steele

Sorry, boys, your fantasies of seeing Hermione Granger do BDSM will not be coming true in this lifetime.

French GMO Research Finds Monsanto Corn Causes Cancer: America Should Pay Attention

Research in France reveals that GMOs have devastating health effects and can lead to cancer. Prop. 37, California's GMO labeling bill, is an opportunity that should not be wasted.

Who Won the Stewart vs OReilly Debate: Winner of the The Rumble 2012

The Jon Stewart – Bill O’Reilly debate will grab headlines and generate laughs, but more importantly it will inform. In true Michael Buffer fashion, “Lets get ready to rumble!"

Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Schedule and Preview: Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Face Off in One and Only VP Debate

With the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan less than a week away, the candidates are preparing to shake up this tight race.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: A Food to Completely Avoid to Stay Healthy

The FDA and the USDA claim to have our best intentions in mind, but they lack in fully educating people about the foods that they should and should not be eating.

Who Won the Jon Stewart and Bill OReilly Debate: Results of The Rumble 2012

"The Rumble 2012," John Stewart and Bill O'Reilly's, debate this Saturday at 8:00 p.m is the perfect hangover cure for the train wreck that was the Romney vs. Obama debate.

Last Night's Presidential Debate Winner: Mitt Romney Wins, But Big Bird Loses Bigtime

Follow along live for the latest updates at the presidential debate.

Samantha Pawlucy, a Philadelphia Student, is Bullied by Her High School Math Teacher For Wearing a Romney Ryan Shirt

16-year old Samantha Pawlucy's math teacher ejected her from class and ridiculed her for wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt ... the teacher is still on the job, but should at a minimum be disciplined.

U6 Unemployment Rate Remains Above 14 Percent as More Job Seekers Sadly Give Up Looking for Work

After a record 43-month stretch of unemployment above 8%, the September unemployment rate fell to 7.8%. A closer look at the numbers reveals why.

Presidential Polls After Debate: Mitt Romney Closes the Gap in Florida and Ohio

Romney's assertive performance in the first presidential debate shifted the 2012 election back to horse race status. Will it remain close after the new job numbers?

Vice Presidential Debate Schedule and Prediction: Paul Ryan Will Likely Lie His Way to a Potential Victory

Biden, an experienced, tell-it-like-it-is liberal, and Ryan, a young, appealing conservative, will go head-to-head on Thursday in what is sure to be an entertaining debate.

Ron Paul Supporters Are Critical For Romney to Win the Election, But Do Not Expect Them to Vote For Romney

Ron Paul supporters could swing the election, but most are voting for third party candidates.

Who Won the Bill OReilly Jon Stewart Debate: Recap of the Rumble 2012

We're all getting ready for Saturday's "Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium." As a little teaser Bill O'Reilly joined Jon Stewart for a Thursday night interview on "The Daily Show."

Who Won the Jon Stewart Bill OReilly Debate: Livestream and Results

The debate is for a good cause and could have some hidden gems.

Ai Weiwei Exhibition: Most Powerful Artist in the World Banned from Attending Own US Show

Ai Weiwei's show, "Ai Weiwei: According to What?" will open this Sunday in the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum. The kicker is that he will not be able to attend.

Obama vs Romney: Unemployment Drop and Strong Fundraising Numbers Cushion Obama After Debate Fail

Barack Obama gets a comeback, if you can say he needed one, with the job numbers and his fundraising

Obama vs Romney: Why Snoop Lion Will Not Vote for Mitt Romney

In an election where race has been conspicuously absent from the discussion, Mitt Romney has become synonymous with a very specific kind of whiteness.

Romney Won the Presidential Debate, But He is Going to Need More Than That to Turn Things Around

Just because someone thinks you won a debate it doesn’t mean you won his or her vote.

Taken 2 Movie Review and Trailer: Liam Neeson is an Idiot for Bringing His Daugther to Istanbul

"Taken 2" is the second installment in the "Taken" series about an ex-CIA guy (Liam Neeson) who gets involved in several kidnappey situations in exotic places.

Obama Comes Back Roaring in Wisconsin After Losing Debate to Lying Mitt Romney

One day after a less-than-stellar performance in the first Presidential Debate, President Obama sought to rally a major base of support in a pivotal swing state.

Real Unemployment Rate: GE CEO Jack Welch is Wrong About Jobsgate, Obama Did Not Cook the Numbers

Welcome to what the conspiracy wing of America contends could be this generation's Watergate.

For Profit Colleges Raise Tuitions, But That Does Not Mean You Will Find a Job

For-profit colleges are charging students higher prices and providing them with with lesser outcomes, all while receiving 90% of revenues from taxpayers. This needs to change.

Outdated GI Bill Cheats our Veterans From College Education, The Sequel

In March, I reported on the failures of the Department of Veterans Affairs in paying out education benefits to student veterans in a timely fashion. Here is an update.

World of Warcraft Players Everywhere Are Dissed By the Maine Republican Party

Trashing WoW players to score political points is not clever if you are trying to attract young(er) voters.

Obama vs Romney: 10 Pressing Questions the Candidates Must Address in the Upcoming Debates

10 significant dangers and landmines on the horizon that may very well disrupt our lives in the coming days and months.

Real Unemployment Rate Fell Below 8 Percent Which is Good News for Obama After Debate

In this whirlwind election season, the modest but OK labor report will temporarily serve as a counter weight in the news cycle to Obama’s poor performance at Wednesday’s debate.