Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Spoilers and Rumors: Benedict Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchell

Trekkies and Sci-Fi fans around the world unite! The upcoming Star Trek movie just got even cooler with information on just who the new villain will be!

Who Won the Jon Stewart vs Bill OReilly The Rumble 2012 Debate: Complete Video

Sandwiched between the "Denver Massacre" and the upcoming VP debate, Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly squared off at "The Rumble 2012." Watch the full debate here.

Who Won the Jon Stewart Bill OReilly Debate: Livestream and Results

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, from "The O'Reilly Factor" will debate on October 6. Here's how and where you can live stream it.

Venezuela Election Results 2012: Hugo Chavez Wins Reelection in Venezuela

According to the CNE, Chavez beat Capriles, 54% to 44%, to win another 6-year term and "deepen" his socialist Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and beyond.

Twenty20 Final Cricket Free Live Streaming: ICC World Final is Between Sri Lanka and the West Indies

With the final of the ICC World Twenty20 2012 looming, here is a preview for all fans and non-fans alike.

Private Prisons: A Criminal Injustice

We need to shut down private prisons because they are not producing the promised cost-savings, have limited accountability, and are run by corporate officials with conflicting motives.

Presidential Polls: Romney Surge is Nonsense, Obama is Still on Top and Will Win in November

Despite the close national polling numbers, the electoral college tells a different story: Obama will clearly win.

Why Cover? French Rapper Converts to Islam, Defends Hijab on National TV

If a woman is caught wearing a niqab in public, the offense could cost her a year in prison or a €15,000 ($19,000) fine.

Climate Change and Global Warming: New Report Proves That Old Habits Die Hard and Immediate Action is Needed

From denial to anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Are we finally ready to accept uncertainty and take climate action?

Stem Cell Research Sees Major Breakthrough, New Hope For Fertility and Organ Regeneration

Such progress, however, is frustratingly halted by the ethical debate over stem cell manipulation.

The Casual Vacancy Book Review: The JK Rowling Book That Harry Potter Fans Will Hate

J.K.’s latest tome is grim and it lacks that one piece of the puzzle, the special sauce, that made Harry Potter so irresistible: hope.

Voter Suppression Laws Overturned in Battleground States: a Win for the American People, and Obama

Ohio joins Wisconsin, Florida, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania as states that turned back restrictions on voter access and limitations on voter participation. This is a win for Democrats.

Real Unemployment Rate: 5.5 Million Young People Are Out of Work, in a Major Crisis For the US

There’s still a bevy of young adults sitting in their childhood bedrooms wondering how they’re ever going to repay their student loans, buy a house, or have kids.

Venezuela Election Results: Danny Glover, Rigoberta Menchu Back Hugo Chavez

Actor Danny Glover and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchu are in Venezuela today to back Hugo Chavez's presidential campaign against Henrique Capriles.

Obama vs Romney Debate: Big Bird is Rich Like Romney, so Stop the Big Bird Rap

Big Bird and the Sesame Street franchise are extraordinarily profitable. They earned $211 million between 2003 and 2006.

Rick Scott of Florida and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana Wrongly Opt Out Of Medicaid Expansion

Although many states' governors oppose the ACA, opting out of the Medicaid expansion provision will only lead to negative consequences.

Euro Zone Crisis: Austerity Fails as Spain, Italy and Greece Millennials Are Still Jobless and Angry

While the crisis in Europe becomes deeper and the Commission's evaluations continue to be disparaging, European society is still where it was a couple of years ago: on the chopping bloc.