India Economic Growth: Once a Shining Economy, India is in Danger of Running Out of Gas

“India Shining” has been the unofficial slogan for India since the turn of the 21st century, but today, the Indian economy is like a car sputtering forward and now slowly running out of fuel.

Presidential Polls 2012 Show Gary Johnson With 10 Percent of Vote in Ohio, Time for GOP to Take Him Seriously

Gary Johnson is polling over 10% in Ohio, which could take votes away from Romney in the crucial battleground state.

Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Now Beats Obama in Favorability According to Pew Poll

Romney's debate win improved his standing in the race against Obama. The former governor now bests the president "on most personal dimensions and on most issues."

Latest Presidential Polls: What Obama Should Do About the Romney Post Debate Bounce

Obama should listen to Mark Hamill. After a poor showing in the first presidential debate, Obama will have to directly challenge Mitt Romney and call his plans exactly what they are.

Vice Presidential Debate 2012: VP Debate Schedule and Analysis of Biden vs Ryan

With polls now showing that Romney received a decent bump from the first debate, it is up to Vice President Joe Biden to stop the bleeding within his party when he debates Congressman Paul Ryan.

iPad Mini Release Date: Apple Tries to Restore Swag After iPhone 5 Problems

Apple will announce on October 17 when their first estimated 10 million iPad Minis will go on sale, though it's expected they'll debut right on time for the holidays.

Obama vs Romney Debate: Top 5 Liberal Excuses For Obamas Poor Debate Performance

From blaming the altitude in Denver, to claiming the mainstream media is now pro-Romney, liberals are now scrambling to come up with any reason they can for why Obama lost the first debate.

Presidential Debates 2012: Romney May Have Won on Word Count, But Left a Web of Lies Behind

Obama's performance at the presidential debate 2012 gave me hope that America may one day be a country that can disagree, compromise, reach consensus, and grow together.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast, Star Trek Into Darkness, and the Top Culture Stories This Week

The top PolicyMic culture stories from this week. Ben Affleck's Oscar buzz, "Star Trek Into Darkness" and Pussy Riot finally has a hearing.

Homeland Season 2 Review: Episode 2 Beirut is Back Ends with an Explosive Game Changer

A slightly weaker second episode of "Homeland" is saved in the home stretch by a stunning plot twist that promises to upend the coming season.

Presidential Debates 2012: Who Won Should Be Irrelevant

The media is quick to frame the 2012 presidential debates in terms of Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama, who won and who lost, but that only fuels are political dysfunction.

Presidential Debates 2012: Obama May Have Lost, But Women are the Biggest Loser

It's unbelievable that women, half of the population, weren't mentioned once during the presidential debate.

Real Unemployment Rate Numbers Tell Only Half the Story

New statistics released by BLS show that unemployment figures have dropped to 7.8%, but that doesn't mean that all jobs are created equally.

Real Clear Politics Polls: Rasmussen, Gallup Polls Show Obama and Romney Tied

The latest Rasmussen poll has Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied at 48%, but what do the polls look like in the swing states like Ohio, Virginia, and Florida?

Obamacare Bill: Oklahoma Files Another Lawsuit Saying ACA is Unconstitutional

Oklahoma filed a suit against the ACA in September and headlines hint that the suit is challenging the legality of the employer-mandate, similar to the lawsuit in June. However, this is not true.

Romney for President 2012: How Mitt Was Influenced to Run By His Mother Lenore

Mitt Romney's mother Lenore left a lasting mark on the candidate and on the country when she ran for the U.S. Senate in Michigan in 1970.

Daniel Craig SNL Youtube: Daniel Craig Promotes James Bond Skyfall on Saturday Night Live

The next Bond movie will determine if they are going to continue to be a spy-action franchise, or merely an action franchise.

Venezuela Election Results: What the Hugo Chavez Election Victory Means For the US

Socialist President Hugo Chavez has defeated former governor Henrique Capriles Radonski to add an additional six years to his 14-year rule of Venezuela.

As Romney Surges in Latest Presidential Polls, He Blunders By Calling For More of the Obama Failed Foreign Policy

In a critical foreign policy speech today in Virginia, Romney tried to differentiate himself from Obama. But it is clear he would really only end up continuing his rival's failed efforts.

Obama vs Romney Debate: The Economic Debate They Do Not Want to Have

How America should learn from Europe’s mistakes, or more specifically, Greece’s. Immediate cuts in spending and state employment while concurrently raising taxes is a dangerous combination.

Meningitis Outbreak Could Become National Epidemic, Says CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the number of cases of a rare and deadly form of meningitis in the U.S. has risen to 47.

Romney Foreign Policy Speech and Full Transcript: Latest Polls Show Obama and Romney Tied as Romney Gives Foreign Policy Speech

Live coverage of Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech in Lexington, Virginia.

US Relations with Armenia: In Facing Middle East Adversaries, America Has a Secret Weapon

Armenia is a landlocked country with only 3 million people. But in America's eyes, it might be in the most important position of any U.S. ally to advance President Obama's foreign policy agenda.

Fall Drinks: Pumpkin Beers Enjoy Comeback Thanks to Founding Fathers and Micro Breweries

If you are what you eat, then I’m a stein of pumpkin ale.

War with Iran: Inflation Will Not Stop the Iran Nuclear Program

Electricity exports are worth billions and Iran is a net exporter. With a potentially self-sufficient nuclear program, we have to re-think diplomacy by sanctions.

Planned Parenthood Clinic Denied License By Alabama, Showing Why the State is Anti Abortion

The same clinic was bombed by an anti-abortion radical protester in 1998.

Romney Foreign Policy Speech: Latest Presidential Polls Show Dead Heat as Romney Delivers Foreign Policy Address

Mitt Romney hits Obama on Iran and Libya, and makes a suspect comment on the president's record on free trade.

Gandhi Quote Reminds Us Peace Can Be Achieved Anywhere in the World Today

The International Day of Non-Violence is held on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence.

What the Hebrew Bible Tells Us About Individualism, Community, and Moral Obligation

The Hebrew Scriptures, read as a work of political theory, offer egalitarian, communitarian, and individualistic themes; two recent books incompletely capture the presence of all three.

Adidas Shoes: Cornell University Cuts Ties With Company Over Sweat Shops in Indonesia

Cornell has cut its business ties with Adidas because of workers' rights violations by the company.

Liberal Democracy Yields Public Stupidity: Defending Politics Book Review

In "Defending Politics," Matthew Flinders makes the case for preserving liberal democracy, an imperfect system that is otherwise best at defending rights and providing for the general welfare.

Romney Foreign Policy Speech Transcript and Analysis: 6 Areas the Republican Candidate Needed to Cover to Hit a Home Run

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is set to outline his view on American foreign policy … one of a handful of actual policy areas where the president has direct control.

War in Afghanistan Turns 11: Americans Lack Cultural Understanding Needed to Succeed

Americans are dangerously unaware of the cultures they deal with when it comes for foreign policy, which is an enormous impediment to progress in wars and diplomacy.

Ryder Cup 2012: The Golf Tournament Predicts How Mitt Romney Will Perform in Election 2012

Here's how the U.S. team effort vs. the Europeans at this year's Ryder Cup may closely resemble Mitt Romney's performance vs. President Obama in election 2012.